mercedes benz fashion week spring 2013


Decked-Out  in Dunaway 

Rachel Zoe Spring 2013 RTW

Faye Dunaway was a master of  feminine intrigue and hats.Yes hats; berets, fedoras, floppy hats, chapeaus, panamas. Her iconic roles in Chinatown and Bonnie & Clyde solidified her as a legendary femme fatale of the silver screen. Dunaway’s smart-alecky, cool chick is always impeccably dressed, ciggy in hand, her hat tipped at just the right angle, the brim framing her cool steely gaze. 

Rachel Zoe’s spring collection echoes Dunaway’s iconic polished style, a dead ringer  for Dunaways high-waisted, flowy trousers, slouchy bags and silk blouses and with the models blonde teased locks and lanky figures it’s almost as if Faye herself sashayed down the runway; a paragon of effortless chic.