mercedes 250se


1965 Mercedes-Benz 250SE (W111).

It is soothing to see a speculator’s dream where it really belongs: out on the street on a sunny weekend afternoon and not in a millionaire showroom. As always on those special occasions, here are the geeky bits:

• note the rich blue, colour code DB 904, which looks black depending on the angle
• note the speedometer wood framing, later replaced with a leather finish
• note the two-piece wheel caps, only correct on the 250
• note the original convertible leather hood cover: so thick it’s gonna resist rain, pigeon dirt – and even careless cyclists
• note the Becker Mexiko TR tuner with original tape extension
• note the Germany-only „Kathedralen“ headlights, standard until the sealed-beam export version became optional
• note the VDO Kienzle clock with round edges, only to be found in the 6.3 (W109) and W111 convertibles
• note the M129 engine that some wiseasses still discredit as not highspeed-proof – which is pointless today since nobody’s gonna put a vintage 150k Euro convertible through its paces in 2016