I noticed that, when it comes to Mercedes, she’s the only one of the playable cast who cries frequently during her storyline. She cries when her mother dies, she cries when Odin insults her mother’s name before their fight, she cries when she discovers Ingway’s corpse and when she declares that she’s going to continue being queen until the end, and she cries when she’s dying on the ground following her battle with Onyx.

For some, this comes off as somewhat weaker than Gwendolyn and Velvet since we never see Velvet cry and the only time Gwendolyn cries is when she’s holding Griselda’s body as she dies. To me though, it shows that Mercedes is considerably more emotional than the rest of the cast.

I mean granted, this is partially because she was raised in a sheltered in environment and that she’s younger, but I also think it’s because she was quite possibly told by her mother that it’s okay to cry. Gwendolyn was raised to become a Valkyrie with little room to be sentimental over death while Velvet had to remain firm in order to avoid suffering worse punishment under her grandfather. Those two weren’t raised with the wiggle room to cry whenever they’re sad or upset. Mercedes, meanwhile, has this liberty to cry when she feels the need to because, to her, it’s okay.

It kind of shows how much of a privilege Mercedes has, since the only other character I can think immediately who lived a similar life prior to his story was Cornelius.