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✨New Slipshine showcase comic PI: Pretty Intimate


Slipshine is a subscription comic erotica site with lots of queer, women focused content from creators.

This comic is brought to you by RED and GUMKISS. It’s a queer lesbian comic set in the late 50s, featuring Private Investigator Mercedes “Meche” Gallo.

New subscribers who sign up in the first 24hrs to read the comic will be entered into a raffle for stickers and a sexy cover print!

How to enter:

Be a new subscriber of Slipshine within the first 24hs once the comic is released, today Saturday April 16th 12 am CDT

Send a screenshot of your Slipshine member page to:

⭐We’ll only be able to do the raffle if at least 10 people participate, so be sure to share with your friends!

We’ll randomly pick 2 winners and send the prizes. If more than 10 people enter, we’ll add more prizes to the raffle!

With your support, we can make more positive and fun sexy comics to share with you 💕