500 kilometers per day. For 25 years.

Mohamed El Bacha is a taxi driver in Essaouira, Morocco. His trusty companion: a Mercedes-Benz 240 D which is over 40 years old and, despite covering millions of kilometers, is still in service.

The Signs as Characters from Glee

Aries: Noah Puckerman
Taurus: Mercedes Jones
Gemini: Quinn Fabray
Cancer: Kurt Hummel
Leo: Rachel Berry
Virgo: Emma Pillsbury
Libra: Blaine Anderson
Scorpio: Santana Lopez
Sagittarius: Finn Hudson
Capricorn: Will Schuester
Aquarius: Brittany S. Pierce
Pisces: Tina Cohen-Chang

Nico: *notices Sebastian passing by* omg. Sebastian! You look so fetch in the Ferrari suit!

Sebastian: really? You think so? It’s actually kimi’s but we fit into the same suits! *twirls around like a fashionista*

Nico: *smiles cheekily and whispers in hamilton’s ear* that’s the ugliest effing suit I have ever seen!

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