Original Merced Crit. 2013

It was a great course!

This is the first time I’ve rode this race before. It was a field of 30 riders so only the top six were a counted for.
It was another mixed field of strong and really strong riders. I had gone off for a lap with a Sierra Nevada rider but seeing our break wasn’t strong enough we both set back for the peloton. Prem lap was rung and I was inches from taking it. But MashSF rider Walton Brush Tsruda’d me!
The rest of the crit was just playing the field catching my breathe and also working with Team Sacramento rider Bob Lander and Squadra Rider Isaac Sparling attempted to plan out attack with bell lap. But due to sketchy riders ahead of us on the sprint lane flopping all over the course our plan had failed. I got 7th place just missed the window of getting a point. I feel like our strategy would of worked if we would have gone far left out of the way of the crazy 35+ dudes that NEEDed to get two races in a day. They lame.

Walton though stayed third or fourth the last three laps. But was pushing the limit being up front on bell lap and took his victory at the line.
Stoked for the dude! And I know he’ll be an awesome cat 2 before the middle of the season.
On my end I feel like I could’ve done more work. I wasn’t out of breath at the sprint. But I did learn a lot. So next weekend hopefully ill get a W under my belt.
Also Yung Marc Marino taking the win for the 4s was awesome! Can’t wait for him to move up and race together again.

I really did enjoy the course. And can’t wait to crush next time we meet Merced.

Thanks to all for the support.