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Hi, Unfriendly Fucking Reminder That Deadpool Would Never Date Underaged Peter Parker and If You Think He Would Then You Don’t Know Jack Shit About His Character. *TW: sexual assualt/abuse*:

Other than the fucking obvious reason: ITS PEDOPHILIA, Wade would never (knowingly) be with anyone underaged or take advantage of anyone because he himself has been taken advantage of several times (especially as a young person). Many of us are in the know about how poorly Wade’s father treated him, abusing/beating him so badly he was even hospitalized sometimes. But the parental abuse doesn’t stop there. In comic series Deadpool MAX, we learn that Wade’s mother is sexually abusive of Wade from a very young age (I’d say 6-8 years old)

In these panels you can see that Wade’s mother bribed him into doing sexual favors for her and instead of being a good parent for once, Wade’s father responded to his molestation with more abuse directed at both Wade’s mom but mostly Wade. His father beat him so badly he was hospitalized. After this, this happened:

Now I can’t find the panel in which this abuse occurred but if anyone finds it then feel free to add it. Other than these two cases there aren’t any other confirmed times that Wade was molested, but he does hint at a man sexually abusing him as a teen which could have been a joke. Sadly, there is even more abuse in Wade’s adult life when he is raped by enemy Typhoid Mary. Mary disguises herself as a friend and romantic interest of Wade’s named Syrin and with this disguise, gets Wade to sleep with her all the while he thinks he is sleeping with Syrin. He consented to sleeping with Syrin, NOT Mary. When morning comes Wade wakes up next to Mary and realizes that he was straight up raped by this evil bitch and he is heartbroken and confused and scared. This panel always hurts to look at

So yeah, Deadpool is a survivor of damn near every type of abuse and if you think that Wade would ever take advantage of Peter Parker or any other character, underaged or not then fuck off because even without an abuse-riddled past, Wade would never ever be that fucked up. He is a good person at his core. People who ship him with any underaged characters or people who don’t like him because of the young characters some weirdos ship him with don’t know what kind of character Wade is. He is a survivor. He is a victim. He is not a creep or a pedophile. If you think that then you can fuck off. The only time Wade was ever with someone underaged, HE DID NOT KNOW. And the second he found out, he ended the relationship even though it hurt him. Wade Wilson would never fucking take advantage of anyone ESPECIALLY because of what he’s been through. Also if anyone has any other points to add or any panels please feel free to add them.


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Blush - Wade Wilson x Reader

I wanted to put one of him with his scarred face but I couldn’t find one that was cute enough. Because it had to be pretty cute…

“Wade?” You called, walking into the living room of your apartment. You found him spread across the couch, his mask coming off half his face and large slash masks across the chest area of his suit.

A smile pulled at the corners of your lips as you watched his chest rise and fall gently. When he was asleep you could almost forget that he was a ruthless assassin.

Walking over to your boyfriend, you leant over the arm of the couch where his head lay. You gently pulled his mask up so you could kiss him on the forehead. Pressing his lips to his scarred skin, you closed your eyes.

Next thing you knew, strong hands had grabbed your waist and flipped you over onto the couch. When you opened your eyes and gained your bearings again, you realised that you were now somehow on the couch with Wade leaning above you. His hands were on either side of the couch by your head.

“Wade…” You said slowly.

“Yes, (Y/n)?” He smiled innocently.

“What was that for?”

“What was what for?” He grinned.

“Why have you trapped me on the couch.”

“Because I like you underneath me.” Wade winked at you and you rolled your eyes.

“That’s not a good enough reason to nearly break my neck.”

“I think it is.” Wade smirked, leaning down to kiss you. He bit your lip before pulling away.

“I hate you.”

“You love me.” He said, leaning down again to kiss you gently on the forehead.

You felt yourself blush slightly.

“Ah! See, I got the colour in your cheeks!” Wade said, triumphant.

“Oh shut up.” You placed your hands on either side of his face, pulling him down to you. You leaned up to kiss him but Deadpool put his hand between your two lips.

“Wait, wait.” He said.

“You really don’t want me to kiss you?” You said, eyebrow raised.

“No, no.” He removed the hand and pressed his lips to yours in a passionate kiss which lasted only a few seconds.

“Am I the only one who gets that colour in your cheeks?” He asked.

“Oh no, I have like twenty other boyfriends who get me to blush by saying cute things.” You rolled your eyes.

“Hey, don’t get sarcastic with me, Missy.” Wade tapped your nose with a finger.

“But seriously, am I the only-” You cut him off by pulling his lips back to yours, shifting so that you were lying side by side on the couch, and then so you were lying on him.

“You’re the only one, Wade. And you were right, I do love you.”

“Good.” He smiled, “Because you should know that if someone else ever does try to get you to blush like I do, I would like to invite them round for tea.”

You frown, tilting your head.

Wade smirked up at you, “And then kill them.”