The Complete Guide to all Merberrie Kristanna Classics

As many of you probably know, merida-straighthair and I have been roleplaying on Skype as Kristoff and Anna for over a year now. There’s been laughs, there’s been tears, but mostly, lots of feels, and ‘lil cutie picture-of-sophisticated-grace asked to see them all.

It took me 3 days to write this, but here is a complete summary of almost all the Kristanna Au’s we’ve ever done. Obviously, all the dialogue is missing, and I didn’t include every last little scene, but rather the overall stories, and the most important parts. We’ve got over 20 different stories, featuring spies, teachers, affairs, teenagers, and more! Smut, fluff, angst and drama galore! So if you’re looking for some inspiration, feels, or are even bold enough to read them all in one go, here it is. (If there’s spelling errors I really don’t care this thing is like 7,000+ words give me a break pls).

Sidenote: A lot of these are kind of nsfw, or have mentions of stuff in the like. Just a warning.

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