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when you get this, you must publicly post something nice about at least 5 different people you follow, then copy and paste this in each of their ask boxes. check my blog to see my comment about you ❤

Goodness this is incredibly difficult because I feel like I have so much to say about all of the glorious people I have met on this site.

meraydoe Ellie, I swear, could be my sister. We are so similar in so many ways and although we haven’t spoken as much recently I really wish that I hadn’t been so absent. I have watched you flourish into somebody who is so much more confident in themselves and their life. You seem so much more happy and your relationship with Hayden I must admit makes me a little jealous but I’m so glad you see you happier!

sleep-ingsick-ness Liv seriously makes me want to go out and explore this world, she makes me want to live my life like I don’t care what anybody else thinks, she makes me want to be strong and stand up for myself. Briefly meeting Liv just over 3 years ago even before finding her here I knew how much drive and passion she had for being able to truly live. You have come so far and even though you still have more tough times to go through you will get there.

a-life-with-hope Megan is so strong, and even though she can’t always see it her strength to continue to keep moving forward is incredible. Megan is extremely intelligent and I know that she will make the most incredibly doctor when she achieves her goal, your understanding and lived experience will make you the most amazing doctor.

ahboncourage Annie, I really am praying that you are ok, I miss your presence on here. You have been though so much and surprise me every day with how much drive you have to kick your demons out of your life.

@amelia-the-vampire-slayer I know that we haven’t talked in ages and I don’t follow you anymore but you are the one person that has actually been honest enough and had the guts to tell me that I keep going through the same cycle, that I need to move forward, that I’m stuck and that I need to make changes. Thank you for telling me and although it was really hard to hear and I resented you for it thank you so much. 

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congratulations on the marathon.. I only just found your blog, and I am looking forward to following and (re visiting) your journey! well done

Thanks! Glad you found me – there’s plenty more to come.

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Hey Morgan. You don't have to check out my blog, its only newish. But I was just wondering how you would go about training for a half marathon? also what does it mean by clean eating for 12/17 days? sooo good you haven't b/p for over a year and a half!!! Wow I wonder if i;ll ever be able to do that, I need to stop restricting first! xxx

Hey! New blogs are always fun, I followed you :). I’m not exactly sure how to train for a marathon, as I have never run one myself, but you need to build endurance. Go for as long of a run as you can and then add a little more distance each time! Doing sprints will also help your endurance, start with a minuet break in between sprints and then cut down on the break time such as 45 sec, 30 sec ect. When I say clean eating 12/17 days it means that I have eating 100% healthy foods for 12 days and have one little indulgent snack for 5 days :) and you are strong enough to stop restricting, you can do this! <3

Name: Hayden

Birth Place: Australia.

Where I Live: NSW, Austraila.

Hair Colour:  Radient Blonde.

Eye Colour: Wisdom Blue 

Birthday: 1994
Gender: Male
Single or Taken? Taken 


Are you in love?: undoubtedly 

Do you believe in love at first sight?: Not unless you see Nutella on sale then yes.
Who ended your last relationship?: Mutual ceasefire agreement

Have you ever broken someone else heart?: probably
Are you afraid of commitment?: not anymore. 
Have you hugged someone within the last week?: yep

Have you ever had a secret admirer?: Always
Have you ever broken your own heart?: yes but i kept the warrant information so all good.

Did you spend valentines day alone?: with a bottle of pepsi and reruns of friends. not crying, NOT CRYING !!!!!!


Love or Lust?: Love
Lemonade or Iced tea?: Iced tea w/ lemonade
Cats or Dogs?: Dogs
A few best friends or many best friends?: a small crew of close homies is preferred 
Tv or internet?: our dear lord internet
Pepsi or Coke?: dont tempt me
Day or Night?: Dawn
Text or call?: Smoke signals 
Make-up or natural?: styling paste


Ever been caught making out?: yes but the royal commission was dropped

Fallen down or up the stairs?: up
Wanted something/someone so badly it hurt?: always
Prank called a store?: yes apple product care about how i was unable to play minesweeper on a PC.
Skipped school?: nearly killed myself jumping the fence
Wanted to disappear?: na witness protection is expensive
Spent all your money?: Close too it

Met a celebrity?: err time i look in that mirror

Been really ill?:  the illest

Gotten high?: I’ve been in a plane a few times yes, thank you for asking


Smile or eyes?: when eyes smile, you know 
Light or dark hair?: brunette
Shorter or taller?: slightly shorter
Hook up or relationship?: Relationship
Funny and poor or rich and serious?: seriously rich and poorly funny
Mac or PC? Mac. 
City or country? coastal city 


Last phone call?: My Ellie
Last song you listened to?: tennis courts - lorde - flume remix

Last thing you drank?: H20 
Last place you were?: BEHIND A COFFEE MACHINE LIVING THE DREAM BABY WHOOOOOOO. Sorry for shouting.
Last kiss?: yesterday night

Last picture you took?: latte art i poured on a coffee.

Last outfit?:  birthday suit
Last purchase?: coffee from a coffee place, or petrol


meraydoe replied to your post:I have a good friend who is suffering from an ED. She is at quite a low weight but is always making comments about how fat she feels and showing off her skinny arms/legs/stomach. I find this to be EXTREMELY detrimental to my own mindset and hang ups about my own body which is nowhere near as lean as hers. How can I respond to this and support her without damaging my own mental health?

I completely stopped seeing a good friend with an ed, as it negatively influencing me & my progress. My best friend & I however recovered together. Some relationships can be toxic, others extremely life saving

I agree: it very much depends on the friendship and the scenario. Some of my friends couldn’t stay friends with me when i was sick. I respect that decision. At the end of the day you need to take care of yourself.

I was tagged a couple of days ago by Annie (ahboncourage) who is absolutely magical.

1. What is your greatest weakness? My biggest would be that my mind hates me and is constantly at war with itself.

2. What is your greatest strength? I don’t know, maybe my ability to 

3. Favourite sweet treat? Everything else aside I used to love sour lollies!

4. The last compliment you received? I can’t remember. My manager at work asked me if I was sporty the other day and I honestly don’t know if it was a compliment or not (any insight would be fantastic). Maybe he said it because he though my legs were bulky or maybe he was just making conversation. I don’t think however he said it because I look toned or athletic or anything because then he would have said “You’re sporty aren’t you?”

5. Your nickname? Boring and predictable but Mell. My dad called me Dot though.

6. Something you hope to accomplish by the end of 2014? My university degreeeeee

7. Favourite vegetable? Zucchini!!!

8. If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, who would you visit today? I know this is probably bad but nobody. I wouldn’t want others to think that I loved that person more or people to get upset that I didn’t choose them. To be honest if I was going to die tomorrow I wouldn’t tell a soul, I just just go to bed ensuring that I was a peace with everybody and tell everybody I love them.

9. Favourite summer time activity? Anything that doesn’t involve a bikini, shorts, short sleeves, summer clothing etc. Probably camping or kayaking.

10. A nice comment about someone who recently appeared on your dash? I’m choosing Megan who’s primary blog is down-the-yellow-brick-road because she just sent me an incredibly supportive message. I seriously can’t tell you how fantastic Megan and how strong willed she is. She has such incredible intelligence and is going to be an amazing doctor. Megan much love and hugs xxx

Now for my questions:

  1. What device are you posting this from? (If it’s a phone I commend you)
  2. What’s the first thing you remember saving up for and buying yourself?
  3. Do you have any birthmarks?
  4. What colour do you wear the most?
  5. If there were no limitations on travel and you could live where ever you currently are, where would you attend uni/school? (ie. I could in Australia and attend UBC)
  6. What’s your favourite fruit?
  7. Which website do you visit most frequently?
  8. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of words you hate? (For me it’s #moist *shudders*)
  9. What are you wearing on your feet?
  10. If you were a mythical creature what would you be? (Ps. Don’t say mermaid because they are real!)

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In love with your blog- I honestly could reblog everything. You're from Texas right? I am Ellie from Australia. I went in Texas in July . Xo have a wonderful day

Oh my goodness you’re so sweet <3 haha yes I’m from Texas. Australia sounds so cool. I’ve never been there. I’d like to go. Where in Texas did you go?

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hellooooo. lovely blog... 10/10!!! I saw that you are friend with Ammyy bee :) I can't wait to meet her at Kripalu. Are you from MA? X

aw thanks! yours is quite lovely too. I know Amy from years and years ago, growing up in michigan. she moved to the east coast when we were in fourth grade, but we’ve kept in touch and visited over the years and I still love her dearly. having these blogs has actually really helped that whole keeping in touch thing - it’s easier to just scroll through one another’s page and send quick notes than waiting on snail mail of course. 

you’re going to kripalu as well? that’s so exciting! that will be an absolutely incredible spiritual and wholesome journey. you’ll have to tell me all about it! 

5 things Learnt

Today Aug 24th is my Birthday and I’m just going to reflect on 5 things that I have learnt I the past year of being 20

#1 Do Not Settle

This past year has led me to living a block away from the ocean with my lovely girlfriend working as a barista in a cafe with amazing people learning a new skill and still being able to record an EP and play lots of gigs.

I attribute quite a bit of that personal success to never settling for something sub par of me. Occasionally I can rest on my laurels (as I’m sure most of us do time to time). But I’ve never accepted a job (cafe work) that did not have good people and a good environment as if I’m going to be working from 7:30 am - that afternoon I’d better like being there or I’ll be miserable so as of January 2015 I’ve been employed by 8 businesses 3 of third being lovely work places but having to move on for different reasons. As for the others they have shown me what not to do when owning a business and what a huge responsibility it is to run a business.

So never settle.

#2 follow them dreams fool.

At the start of 2014 I had just left behind a Batchelor of advertising because quite simply I didn’t love it after 2 weeks and it wasn’t music what I love.

After falling into cafe work and ending up liking it I just slowly and surely kept working toward the goal of moving to Sydney and chasing after the dream of being a singer / Songwriter.

After working all 2014 I was blessed with meeting my lovely meraydoe and gaining some incredible friends through theatre (how we met).

Now after that year of perseverance and chasing this dream I was fortunate enough to one day make a coffee for Sean Carey the Guitarist for band Thirsty Merc he is now a producer and good friends with my then boss.

Last week sean and I finished recording my debut EP in his lounge styled studio in Camperdown “Church St Studios” the songs are to be pitched to A&R people and publishing companies record labels and something amazing may happen in the future.

Looking back on my decision to leave advertising degree back in early 2014 to chase after this was by far one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

So follow your dreams.

#3 winners don’t hang around losers.

My dad always had a saying “hang around turkeys and you learn to gobble, hang around eagles and you lear to soar”

I found that after high school everyone keeps in relative contact with one another but their are those you will find that quite simply don’t move forward as much as you want you to move forward. And hanging around them slows down your hustle.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve become quite good at blocking out and simply not engaging with negative people (the turkeys) and as a result my circle of friends (the Eagles) is full of people who challenge me to do better or can inspire me to do great things by their support in what I do and by hearing what wonderful things they are up to and we all build eachother.

So who do you hang around ?

#4 money gives freedoms not happiness

Starting out on my own has been one of the scariest and most rewarding g things I e ever done. I’m not lucky enough to have financial help from my parents of a trust of anything lovely like that so what I have is my and was earned by me and that’s really fulfilling.

But in the not too recent past I had a job where I was working roughly 40hrs a week and we’ll kinda rolling in it a bit. I had strong financial freedom (I had money) but kinda pissed it away doing things like buying coffee every morning or yes I do need a new wardrobe or I’ll just buy the whole album. And after that job cut my hours black I had to reevaluate what my spending had to be. What did I need to make rent, phone bill, Internet, food, transport all had to be factored in.

I though these things would make me happy and it was also the first time I’d ever really had money freely available to me. But I think that having the relaxing feeling of knowing the money was their if needed made me far happier that the things I purchased with it.

Sometimes less is more.

#5 the world is a free university

I got really into reading in 6th grade like really into it. Then as soon as high school hit the social suicide of being into reading outweighed the joy of reading and I forgot how great it really is.

Only in 2015 have I revived this love of reading.
So far I’ve read

•Steve Jobs -Autobiography
•The Richest Man In Babylon
•Rich Dad Poor Dad
•Countless Articles

And it has seriously opens up my mind to some wonderful things and perspectives.

Other than reading people are great teachers and if you don’t settle for bad company you will learn all kinds of things from those you come across in life.

Skills are everywhere I’m a pretty competent barista now after 1yr of work experience there is still a mountain of information I can learn and there really is no such thing as perfect but I could now with this skill travel the world and work in cafes internationally.

My girlfriend has an interest in clean eating and sourcing your foods locally. (Being a farm girl) and I now have a love and basic knowledge of what it is that I’m actually eating. And that’s kinda important because there is a lot of crap you can put in your body out there.

You can use the world around you as a gigantic open university and learn the things you want to.

There are plenty more that I can talk about but for now I’ll just say that 2015 has been a fucking great year.

And I can’t wait to see what comes around in the year ahead.

If you’ve read this far I hope this inspired. A little something inside of you.

Thanks & Later Days
Hayden Buchanan.

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Hi lovely Amy!!! Once you get this you must post 5 facts about yourself and send this to your 10 favourite followers :) xxx love xxx

Thanks El!!

  1. My dream job would be as a mental health specialist for refugees and asylum seekers.
  2. I can speak Japanese.
  3. I love cooking, especially with lentils and/or eggplant.
  4. The last movie I saw at the cinemas was “The Book Thief” with my Mum, and we both thoroughly enjoyed it.
  5. I can’t whistle or blow up a balloon.
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1 - Who is your best friend? To be honest it is probably my dogs or my Mum, that’s a hard choice. I don’t really have any best friends in the true sense.

2 - What are you currently wearing? A floral print dress in pinking oranges and yellows with a black background, with a long black cardi that goes below my bottom to mid thigh, 200 denier black stockings and my lace up black boots that go up to just below my knees.

3 - Who was the last person you spoke to? My room mate, she is sitting in the Lounge room with me.

4 - Do you have any allergies? I'm coeliac, although that actually isn’t an allergy its an auto-immune disorder. I do have other allergies though, I had a reaction the other day that I actually wrote about on my blog but I don’t know what it is. Speaking to my parents we suspect it might be peanuts as I used to be anaphylactic to eggs, wheat, potato, peanuts and dairy. 

5 - Who would you dress up as for Halloween? I’m actually going Halloween shopping this afternoon so I guess we will see.

6 - Do you prefer bare feet or shoes? I can’t stand bare feet because to me it feels dirty. I like to wear just socks though with no shoes.

7 - Describe the room you are sitting in? I’m in the lounge room of the apartment. I can see out the window and as we are on the 7th Floor I can faintly see the ocean however its hard today due to the fog. There are three window panes plus the full glass door of the balcony which is letting in a fair amount of light. There is a long black lounge that I’m sitting on, a red leather chair and three regular chairs with a fabric coating on the seat. I can also see the kitchen with its two fridges, sink, microwave, coffee maker and kettle.

8 - What would be your ideal birthday cake? I have no clue at all, I honestly can’t remember the last time that I had a birthday cake. I’m not a big cake fan.

9 - Would you prefer to have a boy or girl if you only had one child? I don’t mind, honestly I don’t care what gender my children would be.

10 - Tea or coffee? Depends on the time of the day. Morning I always wake up with a coffee (even though majority of the time it’s decaf) and then I generally have a tea during the day and then at night either another tea or coffee.

My Questions:

  1. What was your childhood dream job when you were in Kindergarten?
  2. What’s the craziest thing you have done?
  3. Do you have any party tricks?
  4. Did you have an imaginary friends as a child?
  5. Is your current hair colour your natural hair colour?
  6. Do you keep a dairy or a journal, if so what does the cover look like?
  7. What is your ideal day?
  8. If you could be anywhere right now where would it be?
  9. Do you believe in love at first sight?
  10. What is your favourite sport to watch?
I have just planned all my meal and snacks for ….  meraydoe said:

so have i and i never do it. i think planning is good if its enough food and you aren’t depriving yourself. can u eat intuitively?

flowing-liquid-diamonds said:

i don’t think planning meals is inherently good or bad… it’s more the thought behind that planning - what’s driving this & how will it impact your thoughts this wk. and of course whether you’ve planned to meet your nutritional needs or not.

kelliesdeliciouslife said:

bad, for me i think it feels better to evaluate what you want to eat when the time comes. what do you feel like? not, what does the meal plan say?

me-you-everyoneweknow said:

if it helps you stay on track it is very good and very 

Everybody thank you so so so much for the replies because I have really been worrying about this. After looking at the plan I had devised myself this morning and having a headache all day I realised how truly restrictive and unrealistic the plan was and that the motive behind the plan was probably a damaging one. I have changed it up a little bit and have set myself a calorie level to work from which I think should be better. I know that counting can be counter productive (no pun intended) but I think hopefully it will be good for me. I’m hoping this will allow me to be less restricted in a way because I won’t have to do exactly what the meal plan says.

I need as quickly decide what I’m going to do and at the moment I’m thinking the best thing is staying till the end of term because going home will mean I have lost a lot that I have invested both in the traditional momentary sense and also uni wise. The way that you put it really makes me think and realise that I need to actually focus on actively being here instead of continuing in this lifeless state of living. Thank you El xxx

Everybody go and wish El (meraydoe) a massive birthday wish!!!

Not only is it her birthday but she is having to do a uni exam today as well!

She is so so fabulous and is such am amazing woman! She is going to be fully recovered one day and is going to live a wonderfully successful life! She also lives on a beautiful farm which you can see on her blog (honestly I’m so jealous of how picturesque it is!!!) Happy birthday El!!!

I was tagged by the beautiful El (meraydoe) if you don’t know her go right now and check out her blog, this is not an option but an order!!!


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  1. What is on your bedspread/doona? It’s grey, black and white with a city skyline and buildings
  2. How many different houses have you lived in? I’ve lived in 6 different houses plus 2 boarding houses that I lived in when I was a boarder for years 8 and 9 at school.
  3. Favourite flower/plant/tree? My favourite flower are calla lilies which as also called Lily of the valley. I want them in my wedding bouquet if I ever get married but my grandma tells me they are the flower of death but I love them as they are so classically elegant though.
  4. Song lyrics you can relate to ’O'sister’ by City and Colour or ‘Nighminds’ by Missy Higgins
  5. Tea/coffee drinker? How do you have it? This is difficult because I’m probably 50/50. If it’s tea it’s generally herbal so just how it comes but if it’s coffee I will either have it black with stevia or I will have some frothed almond milk to make a cappichino.
  6. Best description of the view outside your bedroom window. I look straight out onto the bush and it’s absolutely glorious
  7. What did you have/are you having for dinner? Probably not enough
  8. Can you sing? I love to sing, it’s something that my anorexia has taken from be but before it really took grip I was in heaps of musicals and plays in lead roles. I still sing occasionally but only to myself in my bedroom with my keyboard or Guitar as I’m so scared for others to hear.
  9. Are you left (logical, analytical, objective) or right brained (intuitive, thoughtful, subjective)? Most definitely left brained without a doubt.
  10. What does your tumblr url mean? To be honest I changed it about a week ago, and this url is fairly indicative of my current state, I’m broken and feel so desolate about life at the moment. I paired it with mermaid because well, to be honest, who doesn’t love mermaids? I’m obsessed!
  11. Do you ever wear matching undies/bra? Yes indeed I do. Not every day but I have a couple of sets that match and I must say that sometimes all it takes to feel a little more confident is a matching undies and bra set.

My Questions

  1. Who was the last person that you texted and why?
  2. Do you have any siblings?
  3. Would you rather go without your sight or your hearing for a year?
  4. Have you ever met anybody famous? If so who was is and if not who would you like to meet?
  5. If you were the Prime Minister/President for a day what would be the first change that you would make to improve the current state of your country?
  6. Do you think that Climate change and global warming are actually happening?
  7. What is your favourite movie?
  8. Did you have an imaginary friend as a child and what was your favourite childhood game?
  9. Do you want to have children?
  10. What would you do if you found out right now that you had just won $1 000 000?
  11. If you could have any animal as a pet and domesticate it what would it be?

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  1. What is on your bedspread/doona? Black background with large maroon and dusky pink roses.
  2. How many different houses have you lived in? 2 - I lived in my parents house until I was 18 and then left home and moved to the house that I currently live in.
  3. Favourite flower/plant/tree? I love sunflowers.
  4. Song lyrics you can relate to It’s actually the entire first verse from ‘The Sea is Rising’ by Bliss n Eso

    'Why are they refusing to listen, why are these troops on a mission
    Why are they shooting these victims, over their view of religion
    Yet why do we all search for love like we got cupid’s addiction
    Why with politicians, you can’t tell the truth from the fiction
    Why do we pollute where were living, why are these youth put at risk and why has this ruling dominion kept us consumed in this prison’
  5. Tea/coffee drinker? How do you have it? Everyone who knows me knows me as a huge coffee drinker. If I’m ordering, I get the largest size possible, soy latte with an extra shot (I think it ends up being 3). At home, I have an extra large mug, two decent teaspoons of Moccona coffee and a splash of soy milk.
  6. Best description of the view outside your bedroom window I live in a block of flats and my place is about half way down the driveway, so I’m just looking at the flat opposite mine.
  7. What did you have/are you having for dinner? It was a toss up between ordering in pad thai or having a delicious soup I made - corn and zucchini. I checked my bank account and went for the soup :P
  8. Can you sing? HAHAHA, I wish! I am shocking.
  9. Are you left (logical, analytical, objective) or right brained (intuitive, thoughtful, subjective)? Absolutely left brained, there is no question about it.
  10. What does your tumblr url mean? I guess it just refers to the fact that there are many facets of health, and each is so highly detailed and is both influenced and controlled by a number of factors, hence it is intricate.
  11. Do you ever wear matching undies/bra? I don’t actually own a matching set, though I often wear black bra and undies so does that count?