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the strings that bind us

based off prompt by i-mthebadguy​: ‘There was a fic idea posted on here where pairs of Sky People are bonded to the extent of sharing injuries. The best part was the idea of the delinquents yelling at each other when their bonded partner injured themselves. Does that make sense? [terrible at explanations]’

written by guest writer mercuryslunacies​ from the Bellarke Fanfiction Net.

a/n: To be honest, this is the first time I’m hearing about that, so I took the liberty of spinning the idea however I saw fit. Sorry in advance if this is not what you were expecting as it is a bit different from your prompt. This is a canon au.
wc: 2142

The moment her head swung to the side as if hit by an invisible force, Clarke was angry beyond reason. The pain spread down her jawline, her shoulder throbbing as the needle slipped from between her fingers.

Correction, she wasn’t the one angry, but the cold rage was filling her chest nonetheless, and she knew that her bondmate had something to do with that.

Clarke rolled her shoulder, trying to chase away the phantom discomfort, and smiled tightly at Fox – the poor girl had frozen in shock the moment Clarke’s lip had started bleeding. When the next painful tingle came from Clarke’s elbow and then her hand, the blond haired girl gritted her teeth against the strain and wiped the blood from her chin with the back of her hand.

“I’ll be right back.” Fox nodded, at a loss for words when faced with Clarke’s grim expression.

There was only one reason why she felt like she was the punching bag in the middle of a fight – Bellamy; it absolutely sucked when your bondmate had a short temper.

Clarke knew about it from before, of course, about the bonds and the emotional links; her mother shared one with her father, after all.

The Ark might have had thick walls, but gossip like that was fast to spread. It wasn’t often and not every person felt it, but the connection was there no matter how hard the Council tried to deny it. It was a weak link and those who had experienced it used to describe it more as a fleeting awareness than a bond; it had only two extremes – happiness and calmness when the other was ecstatic, terror and pain when the other was dead. That was the extent of it (or so they thought).

But then Earth happened and everything turned around.

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Mercury in Capricorn - Curious Clockwork

“She hated being so clumsy with words, when words meant so much.“                                                                            The Spill, Give Me Your Heart (Joyce Carol Oates)

When I think of Mercury in Capricorn I think of a brilliant astrologer who has his natal Mercury in Capricorn, Steven Forrest’s style of writing - refined, methodically melodic and mature. The individual born with the goat flying high on messenger wings tends to rely on irrefutable evidence and draws conclusions with brilliant timing, intellect and logic. He excels in anything that requires deep thought, pragmatic timing and practical framework. His mind at its worst can play tricks on him through suspicion and paranoia, but he is also capable of an extensive understanding and awareness of God’s patterns and design. This is Steven Forrest’s ability to comprehend and understand astrology in such a sensible manner that it is conveyed with a fluidity that is easily understood by even the most novice astrology enthusiast.

The Mercury in Capricorn person has a crystallized perception and a file cabinet mind. He is capable of penetrating below the surface and into the intricate, underlying functions of all things. He is conscious of time management and feels every minute of the clock tick by. The individual is comfortable in routine and bound by time frames. Punctuality is highly valued, and he typically makes good use of planners and diaries to attenuate the prospect of chaos that throws them into mental chaos. He habitually measures the potential variables of every situation, takes risk assessments, and plans a resolution to emergency long before it actualizes. The individual will look to the past for historical guidance and hesitate throwing caution into the wind. He navigates through life by processing the world into compartments.

The person born with Mercury in Capricorn likes to keep mentally active and appreciates his quiet time. He expresses a dry, satirical and sarcastic sense of humor that only erupts in appropriate moments and tends to remain quite private and secretive. He uses his words sparingly and calculates the right moment for speech and the right moment for silence, fearing he will be humiliated or be seen as ignorant. While he may not be the most rapid learner, he retains knowledge for life and feels compelled to prove himself academically. Disciplined Capricorn holds the power to halt Mercury’s nerves and channel it into the realm of higher thought. He is the ultimate analyst, filing away pieces of information and insight, storing them into infinity and sharing them at only the most vital of moments.