mer the quality

Some more mer-person Bitty!

I don’t really have a story in mind, and I know this is HEAVILY inspired of the Little Mermaid, but I see this later in the story, after Jack (and crew) saved Bitty from the nets, after they fall in love, etc. This is why Bitty is panicking instead of just singing to him. 

(thanks for the ones who saw this on my stream!)


Greek Chorus strikes again!

Let’s just say that’s my version of how Wing gets to have that pretty shells craft on his head.

Ye, I just looove that piece of art full-autopsy made.

HEY, I DREW SOMETHING, finally! But sorry it’s so crapy… tried to make it as cute as possible; having doubts if succeeded. I TRIED. At least the whole idea is cute, OK? ok.


“Your neighbors seem nice!”