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Beach Vocabulary

 I spent the last two days at the beach (the one in the picture above), so I conjured up a list of vocab pertaining to everyone’s favorite place, THE BEACH! (la plage)

sea- la mer

water- l’eau

sand- la sable

sea breeze- brise de mer

seashells- les coquillages

crabs- le crabe

sandcastle- une chateau de sable

sunscreen- écran de soleil

beach volleyball- beach-volley

beach ball- ballon de plage

to swim- nager

to dive- se plonger

swimsuit- maillot de bain

to have fun- s’amuser

For practice, here’s a paragraph with all the vocabulary in use:

 Aujourd’hui j’étais a la plage. la mer etait tres joli et j’étais excité aller dans l’eau. Apres je nagé pour un moment, Je joué en la sable et fais une chateau de sable. quand j’étais fini, il y avait la sable dans mon maillot de bain haha. je suis revenu dans l’eau et j’ai plonge. Sous l’eau, j’ai vu un coquillage et deux crabs petits! Ma mere m’donne écran de soleil et un ballon de plague a jouer beach-volley avec mes amies. j’avais beaucoup plaiser et je vais manquer la brise de mer surtout parce que ma maison est tres chaud lol 

<okay that took me a while lmao. Please reply any corrections because I really am just learning!>


“Many Romani from across Europe made pilgrimage to Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer in Camargue, France on 24th May to honour Sara e Kali, the Romani patron saint.

Sara’s statue is taken from the church crypt and processioned to the shore of the Mediterranean in a reenactment of her arrival in France with the ‘Maries’, the mothers of the Apostles. The town plays host to music, dancing, feasting and ritual bathing as Roma celebrate their patroness’ day.”

isaakthesnail  asked:

What are your headcanons for sea boyfriends?

I’m still working on this AU but This is what I’ve got worked out so far:

-Jesse had a pretty big reputation, and by which he is either known as “Captain McCree”, “Deadeye McCree” or just “Deadeye”
-he has an eyepatch, hence the ‘Deadeye’ thing
-He was born a bastard son to an unmarried woman who died in a shipcrash and was stranded at sea until he was picked up by Captain Gabriel Reyes, who at the time was working as a Captain of the Royal Navy before he eventually goes rogue
-But before that he takes Jesse in and trains him to be a sailor on his ship, ‘Black Watch’
-He loses his hand in a battle with some pirates in his mid twenties and Reyes buys him the mechanical one
-After losing his arm, Jesse leaves Reyes and his crew behind when he gets older to captain his own ship ‘The Dead Lock’ and becomes a Pirate master in order to seek revenge on the ones that took his arm
-he only steals from royalty and other pirates, not civilians
-How he lost his eye is a mystery, and people say he can see your soul through his dead eye

-he’s extremely ancient and came to the warmer Caribbean ocean because his species was being hunted out in his native lands
-Is a special kind of Mermaid called a Sea Dragon that are the most powerful
-Got in a giant power struggle with his brother for territory when they were a lot younger and fucked him up, ripping out part of his tail
-They make up because Genji acknowledges Hanzo as the alpha but still gives him a lot of shit and pesters him now that they’re older
-he has magical abilities (though I won’t say what yet)
-he’s highly intelligent and can imitate any voice he hears
-also speaks a bunch of languages cuz he’s old as fuck
-he’s a siren so he’ll sing to you about what you want most
-can actually kind of see into your soul
-crazy long hair
-also claws
-Is attracted to shiny things and likes collecting whatever he finds that catches his eye, and is extremely possessive over said things
-which may or may not include Jesse McCree

-Gabriel Reyes was once part of the royal guard as a Captain, but now is a mercenary who will work for either the Crown or the Pirate Cause on a whim
-Got hung for treason by the crown but was revived by black magic
-Kind of a zombie/undead
-Also there are lots of other sirens
-James Morrison is the king
-there’s different kinds of magic
-It’s gonna be a cool AU


In honour of the 155th year since the last portion of Les Miserables was released on June 30th 1862, Google has dedicated a doodle to Victor Hugo.

Google says the following:

Today we celebrate world-renowned poet, statesman, and human rights activist Victor Hugo. The final chapter of his epic novel Les Misérables was published on this date in 1862. 

Before he turned 30, Hugo was already an established poet, dramatist, artist, and novelist. Today’s Doodle depicts some of his best-known works, includingNotre Dame de Paris (The Hunchback of Notre-Dame) (1831) and the poetry collection Les Contemplations (1856). Between those milestones, Hugo began his legendary novel Les Misérables, about social injustice, redemption, and revolution.

By the time Les Misérables was published in 1862, Hugo had been exiled almost 10 years for his political views. During that time, he produced three poetry collections, plus numerous books about social and economic disparity, including Les Travailleurs de la Mer (Toilers of the Sea) and L’Homme Qui Rit (The Man Who Laughs). Hugo later founded the Association Litteraire et Artistique Internationale to support artists’ rights.

Hugo appeared on a French banknote and is honored with streets, parks, hiking trails, and statues in most large French cities, as well as in Guernsey, where he lived in exile. Today’s Doodle is a fitting addition to the long list of tributes to the venerable Victor Hugo.

excentricanthropologist  asked:

Sea dragn Hanzo saving pirate McCree from a shipwreck and adding him to his hoard :)))))

When he awoke, all he could taste was salt and blood.

Jesse coughed hard, curling on his side as sea water poured from his lips, gagging hard as he struggled for air. His body burned and ached all over as he sucked in breaths, mind shaking and numb as it struggled to come to its senses. All he could register was the cold and the pain, until slowly the ringing in his ears faded as his lungs began to work again. He continued to breath hard, though he tried to take in his surroundings and remember his situation.

What had happened? He tried piecing together the night before until suddenly it all came back to him, jerking upright. Captain Reyes, that son of a bitch. He was McCree’s number one enemy on the seas, a sea bandit hired by the Crown to put an end to the piracy problem that was running rampant in His majesty’s oceans. The mother fucker had smashed into Jesse’s ship and set the thing on fire, leaving her to sink beneath the waves with Jesse stranded along with it. He had barely been able to leap overboard in time before the whole thing exploded and disrespected into the dark water, the Deadlock forever gone to the sea. He remembered floating for hours, calling to his men who never appeared, in the blackness that was the open ocean at night, before giving into exhausting and embracing death.

Though death had never come, it seemed. Where he was now was a mystery, and how he got there even more of one. The pirate rose to his feet wearily, his long coat and clothes still soaked, and did an inventory check. He still had his Peacekeeper, but his hat was missing, which made him curse in annoyance. His jewelry, the heavy gold rings he had a habit of wearing on each finger, were gone as well. When had that happened, he wondered as he checked his surroundings. He appeared to be in a cave of some sort, on a rocky outcropping in the center of sea water. Only a few tiny streams of light shone down from above, breaking through the rocky ceiling in thin beams that made the whole room glow gold. The golden glow made him raise an eyebrow, and as he ventured to the edge of the rock on which he stood, he saw its cause and nearly fell into the water from shock.

The entire sea floor of the cave was coated in gold; gold coins, gold statues, chests over flowing with jewelry and goblets and gems that shined through the crystal clear water. McCree could make out suits of armor, gloves, rolls of tapestries, all growing lichens and mollusk, but still shining brightly beneath the waves. It was almost too much for the Pirate to take in; in all his years and all his adventures, Captain McCree had never seen this much gold. He had just a mind to strip off his clothes and dive in, until he heard the splash from behind him.

He spun around in an instant, drawing Peacekeeper and firing without a second thought. Yet the weapon only gave a resounding thud as the hammer fell on wet gun powder. Jesse was glad it had. For before him, peaking out from the water, he could see two dark glowing eyes. A pool of long dark hair flowed around them, hindering his view of what was beneath it, but he didn’t have to see to know. He’d been a sailor long enough to know eyes like that; eyes with slits for pupils that glowed like the moon.



Whatdo you think y'all? Should I keep going?