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chipmercury  asked:

Fandom meme: A, K, M

  • A - Your current OTP(s)/OT3(s)/OTX(s)

non-canon and oc-wise, literally all of my ships tbh are the OTPs. I don’t think I have any OT3s in that regard (but I am open to them!), and definitely no OTXs.

Canon-wise, though, my main OTPs, are mer/cykill, ge/ncy, and sym/mrat from Overwatch. Although imo all the ships from that game are so mind-numbingly cute so it’s really hard to choose. I can’t really think of any OT3s. And as for OTXs… definitely shimhadacest would be one of them, and I’m not really particular for ph/armer/cy. They’d make a cute couple but it’s mainly the bad apples of the fandom that turn me off, that and the lack of interaction between them in-game orz. And I know most of these are from overwatch but I think it’s just their abundance of characters to pick from. That, and I can’t really think of any ships in other games that I can truthfully get behind.

  • K -Say something nice about someone in any of your fandoms

How about a few people, from multiple fandoms? LOL

@kiyena and @tictoclullaby and @reborninlight you guys are essentially the lifeblood that’s kept me in the destiny fandom all this time, even though I don’t get a lot of activity on my rp blogs orz. between fantastic art and screaming about ships, y’all give me life. 

@battle-scarred-raven Do I really gotta say anything? My go-to partner for Kesan right now. You have single-handedly kept Kesan’s blog alive and if not for you I’d have probably deleted him by now. We both have an unhealthy obsession with our ship but I have no regrets and love every second of it.

@mage-of-markarth It’s been a while since we really spoke last and I’m sure you’ve been hella busy all this time but I’m glad you’re back. You are the main person that’s kept my skyrim blog alive lately. I’m so grateful for you and hopefully I can kick my ass into gear and reply to some of our stuff. If you ever get tired of waiting on me, just kick me or tag me or send me memes (you know I’m a meme whore ngl) I promise I won’t bite. If anything my mind isn’t working with me and I’d kill for some fresh stuff for Aelith and Murz.

  • M - Say something genuinely nice about a ship that you don’t ship (or its shippers, or anything related to you)

To go with the ph/armer/cy ship answer, you’re all really cool and amazing, at least those of you who get shit you don’t deserve because of the bad eggs in the fandom. I think it’s a great ship and needs more content. I hope the ship wars will die down eventually and we can all ship in peace. Godspeed to all of you <3

Jag önskar så att jag hade mer att ge. Att jag hade mer styrka, mer glädje att sprida. Så att jag kunde finnas där för alla. Alla de som behöver någon, alla de som jag behöver.
—  önskar så att jag räckte till