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When they reached his home among the caves Sherlock couldn’t understand why John wasn’t responding. He said he liked Sherlock, even though he couldn’t come onto the beach and walk with John, even though Sherlock would be hurt by the sun.
So he thought John could come with him, John could stay in his home and they would be happy there. Sherlock grabbed him while he came to swim with him. Pressing a kiss to his lips and he pulled him down, taking him home, John would be so excited to stay with Sherlock but now he wasn’t moving. His mouth had stopped making those little bubbles they made when he went under the water and he was just floating there. 

I saw this thing around tumblr a while back, saying that maybe mermaids didn’t realize humans couldn’t live underwater like them so I drew a thing. (And finally coloured it, I posted the outline a while back)

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