Song As Old As Rhyme by jokerswild & thorinoakenshield

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“The brunet sighs long and loud through his gills, just enough for his Uncle to hear, and is met with a piercing glare from the other mer. Kíli motions for Thorin to hurry up but his Uncle simply ignores him and pops his head back above the water to keep talking to his human. After another few rounds under the boat, Kíli decides he’s had enough and swims up to the other side of the boat, fully intending on stealing something from Dwalin and making off with it.

He’s quick and quiet as he approaches the other side of the boat and just as he peeks over the side he sees that Dwalin isn’t alone in the boat. There’s a human with him, with blond hair and considerably younger than the other. A pair of blue eyes meet his and with one quick movement of his tail, Kíli is sinking back into the depths of the water, staring up at the surface.

Kíli’s gaze goes between the hand reaching for the water and Fíli’s blue eyes. They’re lighter than his Uncle’s and he has hair like the metal he finds sometimes in the sunken ships that he’s not supposed to go in. Suddenly the race of humans seems much more interesting than it had a few seconds ago.”

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