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How would Ryuji, Renzo, Yukio and Mephisto react if they came back home after a long day to find their s/o asleep in their clothes? (Love your blog !)


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  • Isn’t mad
  • But confused
  • Blushes at the sight of you
  • Doesn’t wake you up
  • If you weren’t covered by a blanket he would put one over you
  • He would never admit it but would love you wearing his clothes
  • When you wake up he would tell you that you looked cute
  • He actually wanted to take several pictures and hold you tight
  • But he just silently admired you with his usual friendly smirk


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  • He’d walk in and be like “Arww, that’s cute, y/n-chan fell asleep, and cuter, she’s wearing my clothes.”
  • He’s too exhausted after a long day to notice
  • *Starts doing something else*
  • Does a double take
  • “Y/n-chan….is wearing….”
  • Instant nose bleed
  • He instantly wakes you up and screams 
  • “Im sorry, do you want me to take them off.”
  • “What!! No! You look AMAZING in those clothes, you can even keep them if you like!”
  • “Okay, thanks.”
  • “W-wait…you just said…‘do you want me to take them off’?
  • “Yeah.”
  • As much as he loves you and gets turned on by you wearing his clothes, he would much rather see you without wearing any at all


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  • Thinks of a billion reasons why you could be wearing his clothes
  • Goes with ‘you spilled juice on yours’
  • Won’t comment on it
  • Will say he doesn’t mind
  • If it’s a person he’s been with quite a while he may smile and say they look good on them
  • If it were someone he hadn’t known too long he would ask them not to do it again without permission or something
  • Maybe never speak of it again
  • If it were a longterm s/o who he deeply cared for, then he would be happy when they wear his clothes
  • As long as it’s just stuff like slouchy t-shirts and not his work or school uniform
  • He likes that everyone knows your his when you wear them


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  • Does that devilish, infamous smirk and puts a finger to his mouth
  • Huge turn on for him
  • He’d definitely take a few pictures
  • So he can forever cherish the sight of his s/o sprawled on the sofa wearing his oversized white doggoMepphy shirt and pink polka dot shorts whilst smuggling a Mepphy plush
  • Would instantly snap some comfier clothes on himself
  • Snuggle up right to you
  • Cover you both in a blanket
  • And roam his hands up the shirt
  • Gently stirring you from slumber
  • When you wake he kisses you softly and begins teasing you about wearing his clothing
  • Complimenting you telling you how great you look in his clothes

This was super fun to do, thank you for the request! I also need the outfit I described for Memphis s/o because how kawaii would Mephisto pyjamas be? Bonus: High-key imagine he has several clothing lines for men, women, children and pets, and ofc has a sleep range available . No one gives Daddy credit for his businessmen qualities, he’s so wealthy. He has a theme park, with his own march, his own hair care line (as seen in the movie), so no doubt he has other things as well. I might do some head cannons on Mepphy’s march and projects and shit.

  • Rin: Suguro,would you pass the salt over to me?
  • Suguro: *throws Izumo across the table*
  • Rin: Thanks.
How Yukio and Rin probably got their last name:
  • Shiro: Shit, I just realized that these kids don't have a last name.
  • Mephisto: Why don't you just use yours?
  • Shiro: You kidding? The Vatican does background checks, which also rules out Egin.
  • Mephisto: Hmmmm, how about you give them a last name that's a play-on-words for demon, like, y'know how Akuma is the word for demon? How about something like Okumura?
  • Shiro:
  • Mephisto:
  • Shiro:
  • Mephisto:

[ 1 / 28 ] HAPPY BIRTHDAY voice actor HIROSHI KAMIYA!

Thank you for bringing so much wonderful characters to life— especially my all time favorite: Izaya Orihara!

May you have more successful works and a long life!  (≧◡≦) ♡