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  • Mephisto worries for a moment but then tells himself that you’ll be fine
  • unless something does go wrong
  • you’ve been asking for him to take you to Gehenna for a while now and he finally takes you there
  • and then you get separated
  • when he finally finds you, he tells you not to run off without letting him know

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  • Amaimon probably doesn’t notice that you’re gone right away
  • “oh, (s)he’s gone.”
  • talks to himself about how much trouble you’re in without him
  • most likely thinks you’re dead but he still goes off to look at you
  • “you shouldn’t run off you might get killed next time” - when he finally finds you
  • Lucifer notices right away that you’re gone
  • he panics for a brief moment until he calms himself down
  • doesn’t jump to conclusions but hopes that you’re not in any danger
  • when he finally finds you, he tells you he’s glad you’re safe
  • “please don’t run off without me, Y/N”

Katou-sensei visited the AoEx collaboration at Cafe Honpo and drew a sketch for them. She also visited the AoEx collaboration with Karaoke no Tetsujin at the Ikebukuro East Exit No.2 store and drew Rin singing on the wall. (Sensei uses the rabbit to represent herself if anyone was wondering…)

Source: Sensei’s Twitter

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  • Yukio gets furious and starts yelling
  • he already has to deal with Rin and Bon fighting constantly, so you think he would be used to it
  • but no, he yells at the students and tells them to grow up
  • probably gives the entire class extra homework

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  • Shura thinks it’s funny at first
  • if she has to keep repeating herself to stop, she’ll get angry
  • will get in the middle of the fight herself and break it up
  • “why are you guys so childish get your shit together”
  • Lewin thinks it’s hilarious - he doesn’t break it up at all
  • he’s that person that points out everything that’s wrong in the argument
  • would probably treat it like a movie and eat while watching it
  • eventually he’ll break it up so he can end class

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  • Shiro rolls his eyes at the whole thing
  • “can you guys stop? I’m too old for this”
  • probably separates the students or sends them to Mephisto so he can take care of them
  • unlike Yukio, he probably only gives extra homework out to the troublemakers

“He who fights monsters must take care, lest he himself become a monster in the process. For when you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.” -Mephisto 💜