Satan’s sons as Johnny Depp’s characters

Rin Okumura

Inspector Fredrick “From Hell”

Yukio Okumura

Ichabod Crane “Sleepy Hollow”

Mephisto Pheles

Mad Hatter “Alice in Wonderland”

Also Mephisto

Willy Wonka “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory”


Jack Sparrow “Pirates of the Caribbeans”


Barnabas Collins “Dark Shadows”

So I have some theory and if anyone is interested here it is:

I know that lot of people are wondering (and I was too) why order hadn’t been more suspicious about Yukio,considering he is probaly son of satan too (i mean-it seems no one or almost no one is sure about that)while treating Rin with such distrust just because of him being son of satan. But when I think more about it-it was probably better for Rin. And for order,too. Mostly for Mephisto.

What I mean is- I don’t think Rin would react calmly if someone was accusing Yukio of something, much less if someone was torturing him. I mean he was able to put up with bad things being done to him and not to attack members of order-but I think if someone would try to do something to Yukio he would do that and order would probably kill him instantly. 

Also: I think Mephisto perfectly knew that, since he was probably kind of watching them all their lives. So I think Mephisto inclinded Shiro to make Yukio exorcist that young so order would be used to him and trust him, so Rin could be allowed to learn to control flames. 

But no, I don’t think Mephisto did this because he cares for them- I think he just really wanted to make Rin perfect weapon-and now, when Rin is almost perfectly controlling his flames,Mephisto probably need to make sure he will listen to him (which probably mean that Mephisto has some other plans than protecting humanity,though that doesn’t necceseary mean he doesn’t want to that too).And since Yukio shot Mephisto/everyone think he does he would be probably treated like a traitor. But Mephisto is kind of leader of order,or at least one of leaders and he was the one who was being shoted so he would probably be able to stop this . And he will promise Rin that he will stop this if Rin will do what he wants, That might be little harder if Yukio choose to go to Illuminati-but still can work.

So…I think Mephisto kind of managed twins lives in a way that would make Rin his perfect weapon. 


“He who fights monsters must take care, lest he himself become a monster in the process. For when you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.” -Mephisto 💜