Pet names


  • won’t call you any pet names you will understand
  • but if you mean a lot to him, he will talk to you in his own tongue


  • also names in his own tongue
  • baby
  • love (of mine)


  • daddy’s girl
  • pet
  • sweetheart


  • if he starts calling you by pet names, then you can be sure he’s in for the real deal
  • babe
  • sweetheart
  • darling
  • love of my life
Please, don’t leave me

  • his partner would have their dream wedding
  • and the best honey moon ever
  • everything to make sure that they will stay with him afterwards
  • he knows he’s not the best possible option for his partner, but damn he sure won’t let them go ever again
  • his partner would know enough to know why they are attacked but not enough to spill anything and hinder his plans
  • he will be gone most of the time but whenever he comes back they’ll be wooed like they aren’t already his
  • never leaving the house without some kind of protection; be it him, one of his familiars, Amaimon or one of Amaimon’s familiars