mephilez said: What class is it? Is it the workload or teachers that are bringing you down? I have a teacher in one of my classes telling us that we can’t make it out there in the industry and laugh when we tell him our dream jobs.

Lol I’ve had teachers like that. For my sophomore art review, I had one guy give me bad markings because I didn’t want to be some kind of abstract gallery artist. When I showed him my digital work, he asked me if I had any ‘real’ art, and as he exited, told me I should go into animation because, and I quote, “you’re capable of pushing a button.” He also lied to my advisor and said that I had only put in digital work to my review, when at least half of it was traditional work.

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mephilez said: I think you should report the teacher. That is wrong teaching and if she truly isn’t helping you, you have the evidence and right to report her to the dean. She shouldn’t be teaching if she can’t handle beginners, especially if its a beginner class.

It’s not a beginner class, it’s actually one of the last ones. But I have all the prerequisites the class lists, and I feel like that should be enough to understand each class. If I needed to know more, it would’ve been nice if they’d mentioned that in the course description before requiring and allowing me to take it.

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mephilez said: Ooh you caught up too? I was watching it out of curiosity (and partial boredom). How do you feel about it personally? I didn’t know it was still running an just ended. Its sad I have to wait for episode 24.

Well, I’m up to 22. I gotta wait for 23 and 24 on crunchyroll. 

I have weird feelings about it. Like, I tried a couple times to get into it because of how much attention it was getting, but the pervy jokes just really made me uncomfortable and turned me off to it. Just this past week or so I wanted to give it another try to see if I could force my way through a few more episodes and ended up watching the whole season.

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mephilez said: Depends on what you want to read. I have read some good ones in the past..

Honestly, I’m happy with anything. I like all kinds, of all ratings, as long as it’s written well and the characters stay in character.