meph art


When an antagonist threatens to make your oc suffer, but that oc just so happens to be the character who has been tormented since the day you’ve made their backstory. //SHOT I’m not sure if that threat will be directed towards the custom hero or Sonic, but if it’s towards the custom hero Sardie will be incredibly insulted that he thinks she DOESN’T know about pain and fear.

I did something bad, maybe I was wrong
Sometimes people say that I’m a big time bomb
But I’m only a man
And I do what I can


Tfw you lose the only living creature that encouraged your own growth without some fucked up agenda



Frankly, I quite enjoy the idea of these two chillin’ in the endless void. Course they’d send home postcards to their smol, white, telekinetic buds

Goo and Gooier ༼ つ ◕V◕ ༽つ