memória  póstuma;

pode chorar. o quanto quiser.
só não pense que:
lavar a alma
é o mesmo que
se afogar.

You know that thing I’ve been working on for forever that I sometimes talk about on here?  It’s done, and you can download it for free on

“A kinetic novel-style illustration of a scene from J. W. Goethe’s Faust in which the characters happen to be women. An exercise in creating visual novel art assets more than anything. Text adapted from Martin Greenberg’s 1992 English translation.“


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Mephilia speed paint post. Watch in HD on YouTube!


Flashmob choir interrupts TTIP congress

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is a secret EU/US trade agreement that “puts the right to profit above all other rights,” in the words of one MEP.

Like its cousin, the Trans Pacific Partnership, TTIP is being negotiated by trade officials and industry reps, without any oversight from elected legislators and without any participation by citizens’ groups, environmental groups, or labor groups. And like TPP, it is expected to arrive with Investor State Dispute Settlement provisions that lets offshore corporations sue your government to overturn the democratically enacted environmental, labor and safety laws that undermine their profitability.

At a pro-TTIP congress where the Belgian Foreign Affairs Minister was promoting the treaty, a flashmob of attendees stood up singly and then in bunches, singing “Do You Hear the People Sing?” a rousing revolutionary song from Les Miserables, as the moderator sputtered with comic ineffectualness into the microphone. It’s a hell of a video.

At this point, you may be asking yourself, well, so what? It’s not like interrupting this one meeting will stop TTIP from grinding on.

You’re right. This won’t stop it.

The reason TTIP and TPP are steamrolling on is that, like all the most dangerous evils in the world, they are profoundly boring. It is virtually impossible to get anyone out there interested in them, and so there’s virtually no discussion of them, even though they will affect every bit of your life and your kids’ lives, in ways large and small, ranging from whether the water in your tap comes out literally on fire to whether you’re entitled to compensation when your employer’s negligence maims you for life.

Dullness is a huge fitness factor for bad stuff. And what these brave, singing people have done is make TTIP slightly less dull. They have created a video that you can show to your friends, which is intrinsically interesting, if only because it’s not every day you see high-level business meetings get disrupted by flashmobs with showtunes. And once you’ve got your friends watching this video, you can tell them about TTIP.

These folks have not ended TTIP. That’s up to us. They’ve given us one of the tools to do it.

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Circular economy: the importance of re-using products and materials

On Monday 6 July, MEPs debate a report that calls on the European Commission to put forward an ambitious proposal to facilitate a transition towards a circular economy, where products are designed in order to facilitate reuse.
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Watch the debate on Monday from 6pm CET

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Circular economy

Circular economy: the importance of re-using products and materials (article in 24 languages)
Moving towards a circular economy (briefing by the European Parliamentary Research Service)

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lembro como se fosse ontem, aquela vez em que passamos o dia na cama. eu acordei no meio da tarde, no exato momento em que o sol batia em tua face ligando os pontos das tuas sardas no formato longínquo da constelação de gêmeos. você acordou, e sorriu. eu sorri também, parecíamos estar fadado a mesma órbita. acredita que nesse infinito instante eu cogitei piamente que seriamos para sempre? me enganei.
não estamos.
não fomos.
nem somos.

(uma pena, eu diria. uma pena.)