The Electric Tale of Pikachu is a (very) loose manga adaptation of the Indigo League, and usually it’s just kind of weird and quirky and Rule-of-Funny-driven, but somehow it managed to make Meowth’s backstory even sadder than canon.

So in this version of events, Meowth’s feeling for Meowzie weren’t completely unrequited. He actually dated her for a while, but then she dumped him when he learned to talk.

Some time later, he returns to his old hometown to discover that the city has been devastated by a flood.

After wandering through the ruins, he stumbles across a tiny Meowth kitten…a kitten that looks just like Meowzie.

The kitten explains that it got seperated from its mother during the flood (it’s implied that she drowned trying to save it).

Just as Meowth is processing all that (and probably starting to wonder if he could be the father)…this happens.

He runs off in tears, the plot moves on without him, and we don’t see him again until this final panel:

…And that’s the story of how The Electric Tale of Pikachu stomped on my heart.

Character for Another Day 2: Meowzie/Blissey/Growly

Just wanted to draw the Pokemon from the Team Rocket Trio’s past. I mean, Blissey counts for sure as a character of a day (at least to me). The other two I don’t know if they do or not. Definitely not Growly.

It’s almost midnight but I managed to pump another out! Meowzie is the whole reason this took much longer to finish… Cats. 😐

I’m just going to stop blathering and go to bed. 😪

Training Daze theory

okay, I seem to have notice that not only Jessie and James use to be different back then….

But Meowth seems to be more child-like and less responsible when he joined the team. Not sure if he was still pretty young during this event, but it appears Meowth use to rely more about caring more about himself by eating food all the time and relax rather than focus on helping out and being there for his team during a mission. 

Which would make sense because he has never experience being on a team. Especially with humans. And since this must be shortly after the event of being dumped by Meowzie, I’m certain he was still learning more about of how complex it is to live and experience like a human. Note that the only things he would do in his past is scavenge for food, learn to walk and talk, and always run away from danger, mostly fighting to survive. He had to depend on his life more than finding anyone to befriend (because almost everyone around him were freaking jerks). 

Because its his first experience in working with Team Rocket, he was mostly like the youngest and most inexperienced in the group, which makes Jessie and James have to do more of the hard work than him. Not only that, but they would aid him by always sharing his food and even carry him around whenever they cross a dangerous situation. Heck, James nearly sacrificed his life for him.

Then we see Meowth’s reaction towards it:

He begins to realize that he becomes so focused on himself that it caused one of his teammates to get badly injured, making him feel really guilty about it. They care about him no matter how lazy or annoying he can be and this is probably the first time he experienced somebody care about him enough to risk their lives for him. At this moments, he begins to realize how having a team means sticking together and looking out for another. Almost like having a family. 

And afterwards, when James recover and they go on their final mission…

he starts developing the knowledge and selflessness of being in a team. Although he isn’t yet bossy and handling much with technology, he is beginning to learn basic steps on taking the lead, using a simple device, and even takes the risk on saving his own teammate. 

This is such a huge step for him. Even in the present, he do some stuff that might relate to what he use to always do, but you can see how far he has come since then. Despite not getting a girl of his dream, atleast he got friends of his dream. 

So as a thank you for reading my theory, here. Have a picture of these new happy family.

anonymous asked:

How do kid Jessie and James meet Meowth?

They find him when he is younger as well (before he meets Meowzie). They’re considerably older at this point since I’m thinking Meowth is much younger than they are. His motive for being able to talk is different and I have yet to figure out what I want that to be.