The Electric Tale of Pikachu is a (very) loose manga adaptation of the Indigo League, and usually it’s just kind of weird and quirky and Rule-of-Funny-driven, but somehow it managed to make Meowth’s backstory even sadder than canon.

So in this version of events, Meowth’s feeling for Meowzie weren’t completely unrequited. He actually dated her for a while, but then she dumped him when he learned to talk.

Some time later, he returns to his old hometown to discover that the city has been devastated by a flood.

After wandering through the ruins, he stumbles across a tiny Meowth kitten…a kitten that looks just like Meowzie.

The kitten explains that it got seperated from its mother during the flood (it’s implied that she drowned trying to save it).

Just as Meowth is processing all that (and probably starting to wonder if he could be the father)…this happens.

He runs off in tears, the plot moves on without him, and we don’t see him again until this final panel:

…And that’s the story of how The Electric Tale of Pikachu stomped on my heart.


A feather fascinator with three long pheasant tail feathers (about seven inches at its longest point), and softer plumes on top. Resting on that are an antiqued circular pendant (not antique, just made to look that way) with a small design around the edge, and a square brad in its center, and a metal flower with a pearlesque middle.

All of it rests on a sturdy metal hairclip.

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 A small pillbox hat, made of black felt, with three black feathers on the back, and a bejeweled silver spider pendant sitting on top of it that has clear and black rhinestones. It also has some black mesh, creating a ‘veil’ effect. 

It stays on with a long alligator clip secured to its underside. Works best on up-do’s, but can also stay on loose hair. 

Great for burlesque and retro outfits, or for just dressing up and going out on the town.

For sale on my etsy: Meowzy