What If...

What If this supposed Pokemon Sun and Moon isn’t for Gen 7.

Now I find it odd that someone leaked info about said titles. Seems to me like someone did it for the lulz, or maybe its a red herring strategically placed by the company. But let’s assume Pokemon Sun and Moon are real titles. Let’s assume, we’ve somehow have been given a minor break from agony, because we’re impatient and hungry bottoms who seek the next thrill.

But, what if Sun and Moon are not 3DS titles?

No, and I’m not asking if they’re titles for another Nintendo system.

From the very beginning, I found it a little odd that Pokemon GO, this game we’ve always wanted, always dreamed of, since our first taste of Pokemon, was for a platform so alien to Nintendo. 

Apps are the way of the future. And the devices of Apple and Android are what children in the 90s, kids who watched Zenon and Star Trek hoping to contact friends actively via a ZapPad. So why not move Pokemon to an industry that is clearly not leaving for at least another half century, assuming a crazy biologist doesn’t create actual Pokemon, or Arceus forbid, a Draco Meteor Shower destroying the human race?

But Pokemon has always announced new games, excluding sequels and side games, with a pair. Pokemon Red and Blue. Pokemon Silver and Gold. Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. And etc.

So why would Pokemon Go not have two sides to it?

In the preview, I saw two types of forts. Red and Blue. At first I though it was an homage to the original release. (Mind you I’m fully aware the first release was Red/Green, but that was the beta to Red/Blue.) But, Sun and Moon, have the same colors as Red and Blue. Somewhat a sunset sky and a sunrise sky.

Pokemon Go is interactive to the real world. We have night and day. So what would be better names for a dual title to Pokemon Go?? Not East and West. North and South. 

Pokemon brings people together. And what better way to remind us just how similar we are. I remember in Pokemon the First Movie, Meowth and Meowthtwo are talking about how similar they are. 

“We do have a lot in common.
The same air, the same Earth, the same sky.
Maybe if we started looking at
what’s the same instead of
always looking at what’s different,

…well, who knows?”

We share the same Moon and Sun. Its a little too romantic, and possibly a bit reaching. But if I’m right. Well, see you all under the same Moon trainers. Can’t wait to start meeting you all.