my pokemon sm team so far:

lvl 17 Brionne - Selchie (nature: lonely - noooooooo, characteristic: nods off a lot)

lvl 11 Meowth - Meowsworth (nature: calm, characteristic: proud of its owner, yay someone’s proud of me!)

lvl 12 Pikipek - (didn’t name it) - (impish, somewhat vain)

lvl 12 Grubbin - (didn’t name it) - (timid, nods off a lot)

lvl 12 Muchlax - Munchie (gentle, often lost in thought)

lvl 12 Grimer - Grimetime (bold, strong willed)


It was time for The Meowsworths to have their second ever baths. Porkchop was first in - you can see what how he behaved above.

Sesame was next. She’s always fascinated by bathroom activity, but it turns out she really, really doesn’t like to get wet. So much that it was impossible to film what happened. It was a bit like that scene in Congo.


Porkchop is secretly evil!