Phantom of the Opera + Pokémon

(The mystery of lumiose’s city’s phantom?)

Here comes the walloftexty explanation, brace yourselves.

Erik, the Phantom: His signature pokémon is, of course, a ghost-type shaped like a candelabra, Chandelure. Like, who didn’t see this one coming. This pokémon is a shiny and was rejected by his peers because of his inusual coloration. Erik has had it since both of them were kids. Second, another shiny, a masked pokémon with a thing for roses, Roserade. Both him and his Cubone (another masked pokémon) have been with him since the days when he lived in Persia. The hauntingly beautiful Milotic, a reference to the Siren/Mermaid thing he pulls in the novel, lives in the Opera’s subterranean lake and it’s not much of a battler. Exploud and Chimecho just… started hanging around him because, apparently, they liked his music. They are loud and obnoxious, and he has to keep them in their pokéballs when he is trying to write music. Poor, poor Erik.

Christine: When she fist arrived to Lumiose, she only had a (very weak) Swablu, caught by her father, and no interest whatsoever in battling. Thus her team mirrors Erik’s. Her Litwick, Whismur and Chingling were bred and given to her by his mentor. Whismur has a sister, but she has given her egg away to her childhood friend Raoul. The other three pokémon represent her wishes and aspirations: Gothitelle, to be a prima donna, Chatot, to be able to express herself with music, and her Swablu, now evolved in Altaria, represents both the memories of her father and the wish to be free.

Raoul: Contest champion extraordinaire. He is a rich kid and, of course, he can afford buying shiny pokémon. His Altaria he bought from Mr. Daaé (violin maker and famous singing swablu breeder) and his Sylveon has a pedigree of about ten generations of contest winners. Lapras he found when looking for the scarf of a certain young girl, and he caught it mostly because it was shiny. We could say, however, that the Lapras let herself be caught because she liked that brave little kid. Gallade and Gardevoir are the frenchiest pokémon ever Pokémon that are fierce protectors and symbols of his romantic love for Christine. Finally, Exploud… Truth be told, he used to have a shiny Meowstik as his sixth Pokémon, but that damn thing was Christine’s gift, for Christ’s sake. He didn’t plan on evolving it, but it evolved anyway. It’s loud, it’s annoying, and it won’t go away. Christine finds this extremely amusing.

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