meowrail headcanons

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“There are poloyamorus moirailegiances, with three, four, or even more trolls in the quadrant together. They’ll have huge piles, all snuggling and purring, and calm each other. Sometimes, all the trolls in the relationship will gang up on the angry one and bring him down with shoosh-papping galore. Other days, they’ll all cuddle on a couch and watch movies and pap each other and talk and make hot cocoa and eat ice cream. Eq, Nep, and Tav were dangerously close to a three way moirailegenence.”

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“Moirails arent exactly kind to each other - they are equalizers. A moirallegiance can sometimes look a lot like a kismesis, because they pick on each other a little. This was the case with Nepeta and Equius, and also Gamzee and Karkat. The objective of the moirail is to make sure their friend doesn’t do something incredibly reckless or damaging to themselves. A moiraillegiance can also be a sort of healthy rivalry.”

random bloodswap of the meowrails!

I gave nepeta long hair because I can’t help but think that having long hair is a highblood thing? because technically the only lowblood with long hair was Aradia. And then every other highblood had long hair for the most part, i mean just look at darkleer, hic, and the ghb. idk, hemospectrum headcanons.

Species swap discussion inspired doodles GO!

Okay, so what if moirails translated to siblings/relatives in humanstuck? On one hand that would make EriFef about 200% more disturbing, but on the other - big brother Equius!! Or big sister Nepeta, that’s adorable too x3 Anyway, I tried to design them as humans with family resemblance in mind

Okay, next is troll!John. I have some tentative headcanons for the guy, like him being able to commune with the dead like Aradia. I’m not sure what his allegiances would be. He hates Betty Crocker (= )(IC) and clowns (= subjugglators), so if taken like that it would make him quite a rebel. But the idea of him aspiring to become a laughassassin (my headcanon is that this branch of military is all about killing your opponents in the most hilariously slapsticky way and you cannot convince me otherwise) in the Imperial Fleet is also tempting. Maybe they can be reconciled somehow…

Anyway, on to the matter of troll!John’s appearance! I have several variations of horn design and I don’t know which fits him best. Sometimes I imagine him with Generic Protagonist Horns ™

sometimes with horns that are reminiscent of his Breath symbol

and sometimes with dumb shit like this

(^ text colour is blue here for recognizability, but i could see John as a midblood as well)

That’s about it for now, but I might post some more trolls-as-humans or humans-as-trolls doodles later

Meowrails: Height Headcanon

So I was thinking of some height headcanons for the homestuck characters and I would always see people think of nepeta as the shortest of them all but to me, Nepeta would actually be one of the most tallest troll, like the 4th tallest (Like the tallest would be Gamzee, then Vriska, then Kanaya and then it would be Nepeta being 4th). It’s interesting to see Equius being shorter than Nepeta for once, so this would be my height headcanon between these two.

Nepeta headcanons:

She is obviously a master of quadrants, and she knows them like the back of her paw.  This is why she gets along with Karkat.  They can have in-depth conversations about the pros and cons of quadrant life.  She and Equius have cultivated the perfect moirailegance; their balance is often viewed by others with envy because of how well they complement one another.

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Anonymous asked yourheadcanon: ok idk if you’ll draw this like you did with the other one BUUUUUUUUT i have a meowrails headcanon where nepeta had long hair (just like meulin and the disciple) but she has kanaya cut it so she’ll look more like terezi so karkat will notice her. later she regrets cutting her hair and gets sad and cries with equius, so equius grows out his hair to let nepeta play with it and braid. yep cute meowrail headcanons are cute! uvu (sorry this wAS SO LO N G)

haha this would take way too long to make into a comic (maybe a fic though??? someone should write this) but i had to draw something because its super cute