meowrail headcanons

Submitted by Anonymous.

“There are poloyamorus moirailegiances, with three, four, or even more trolls in the quadrant together. They’ll have huge piles, all snuggling and purring, and calm each other. Sometimes, all the trolls in the relationship will gang up on the angry one and bring him down with shoosh-papping galore. Other days, they’ll all cuddle on a couch and watch movies and pap each other and talk and make hot cocoa and eat ice cream. Eq, Nep, and Tav were dangerously close to a three way moirailegenence.”

my meowrails headcanons are….. wholesome

nepeta’s whole cat thing is based off of big cats like panthers so she’s super tall and graceful and like 99% lean muscle. girl could be cirque acrobat.

meanwhile equius’ whole horse thing is based off of smaller equine like highland ponies so he’s short, bulky w/ muscle and has that Pony Temperament™ while still being the haughty equius we all love and appreciate