Holy shit yo you’re 17. What the actual hell… I remember it was just yesterday when I hit you in the head with a really heavy Ganesh Ji and cracked you’re head open and now you’re applying to college. Damn, time passes by so fast. Now I’m gonna start by talking crap about you. You suck at spelling. You talk in your sleep and annoy me SOO much. You make weird Chinese sounds and take the remote every time we’re watching tv. You have so many nice clothes yet you never wear them (well neither do I but, whatever this is about you). You get pissed off easily and yell like a dinosaur. But honestly, I LOVE YOU LIKE, MORE THAN FOOD YO. AND THATS PRETTY BIG. And now you’re like old and going to college and doing all this old people stuff and honestly I just wanna say that no matter what happens, you’re still gonna be an amazing, stupid, funny, ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS young lady and I’m proud to say that you’re my sistaaa. Mah nigga if it wasn’t for you, I would be some weird antisocial nerd who has no sense of style and likes to eat a lot (oh wait I already am but too late lmao). Nigga we’ve been through hell and back and I can PROMISE YOU, that no matter what, I’m gonna be on yo ass all day long and you won’t ever be able to get rid of me. HAPPY BURDAY MY JAAN I BUV YOUUU. 💕🙈😘🎁🎊🎉🎂🍰. #pollaitsyoburday #meownigga (at Burday Land. )

Straight chillen’ with my new homie. 💜 Thank you @grandmasterwizard for finding her and thank you @basedphotos for taking care of her for me until she was big enough to come live with me. I am so happy to finally have a kitten after finally convincing my parents for years. Omg look at her she’s so precious I just can’t. 💖 :’) #mybaby #kitten #sofuckingcute #tiny #iloveher #meownigga 🐱🐈