• chimese takeaway:bish are you fertile
  • chimese takeaway:ready for powing and
  • chimese takeaway:sowing
  • chimese takeaway:; )
  • bishbaby:;D ;D
  • bishbaby:better get me ready for harvest season baby
  • bishbaby:it's time to plant seed ;D
  • pearlgirl710:jFC
  • chimese takeaway:i wasn't born a virgo for nothin
  • chimese takeaway:what sort of field are we planting here
  • chimese takeaway:wheat corn bean?
  • bishbaby:every time someone says jfc i think kfc
  • bishbaby:hm hm
  • pearlgirl710:ME TOO
  • chimese takeaway:pfff
  • bishbaby:i kinda like rice though
  • bishbaby:rice needs a lot of
  • bishbaby:irrigation
  • bishbaby:i'll leave you to figure that one out
  • chimese takeaway:you're gonna be so
  • chimese takeaway:moist
  • chimese takeaway:i'm inexperienced with growing rice though
  • chimese takeaway:you're gonna have to teach me
  • chimese takeaway:all the right ways
  • pearlgirl710:THIS SOUNDS SO DIRTY
  • pearlgirl710:GUYS
  • bishbaby:help pearly it's so beautiful
  • chimese takeaway:quiet pearl i'm flirting with a wife
  • bishbaby:are you getting uncomfortably aroused pearly
  • chimese takeaway:ooh
  • pearlgirl710:yes
  • chimese takeaway:is pearl an extra hand
  • pearlgirl710:i'm a what
  • chimese takeaway:ready and willing to help in the fields
  • pearlgirl710:i literally thought you meant an extra hand
  • bishbaby:mm pearly could be an extra hand in the fields yes
  • chimese takeaway:ahahhaah
  • pearlgirl710:like one sprouting from your arm wtff
  • chimese takeaway:omfg
  • chimese takeaway:you are ruining this
  • pearlgirl710:YOU'RE WELCOME
  • chimese takeaway:you're fired
  • bishbaby:so unaroused right now
  • Sgt. Meow:I
  • bishbaby:pearly you meanie
  • Sgt. Meow:What.

sergeantmeow asked:

It's definitely not sunk. John is 14 years old. What he says does not equal what he's going to feel when he's 16 and meets Karkat for the first time. And there's plenty of evidence that supports Karkat's continued feelings for John, really, so I most certainly wouldn't count them out. People seem to forget how much Hussie loves screwing with us, and that there's still two years left in the intermission. And even if it gets sunk, so what?

Lol yup one of Hussie’s favorite pastimes is probably screwing around with his fans and honestly, who can blame him? It’s probably pretty fun because we overreact SO MUCH.

Yeah there’s plenty of evidence on both side of SOME sort of feelings, especially if you decide to construe them in a rather proactive manner hahaha.

But I guess if it got sunk in canon I’d still be kind of disappointed. =/ If the ending were open not so much but if John got paired canonically with someone else, I’d be kind of sad because that means that canonically he’s better suited for someone else, and vice versa. But yeah in the end it’s my otp and I’d go down with it no matter what.

meowmixiii replied to your post“JOHN HUMPED ON DAVE IN THE MID OF EVERYTHING??” Hmm, yes, quite possibly. But then Dave would be like “chill your tits babe while i take care of these bozos” And Bunbert, wide-eyed and squirming, would sit back on his knees and watch Dave demolish the competition. And then mad humping would ensue. Screw the whole “the female will at first reject the male” thing. Bunbert would be like “SEX. RITE NAO.” And then he would ching chong his wing wong.

De-anoning because that was a lot of fun. This is now also my new AU headcanon.

aksjdhcajsd THANK YOU FOR YOUR HEADCANON <3333333333333333 

meowmixiii replied to your post: Three words. Bacon. Covered. Butts.

Bacon covered Vantass?

Shhh don’t tell anyone or all the boys will want some of this milkshake :Uc

justaddrainbows replied to your post: justaddrainbows replied to your post: Three words….

8Ic insinuating bacon enhances the butttaste. With that logic in mind, bacon tastes like butts.

Bacon *enhances* the buttaste, but it does not *consist of* the buttaste. The same way a little bit of happiness sprinkled in a pit of despair makes the taste of sweet, sweet sorrow that much better.

sergeantmeow asked:

Out of all the artists I follow, I honestly think you have the best depictions of John and Karkat. Karkat, definitely. You draw him so cute, and yet really quite expressive. I'd normally anon this, but you just give me so many JohnKat feels that I feel like you deserve names to go with the compliments. Keep up the beautiful work!

Ahhh sdjhfsdkjh thank youu ;v; I am such a sucker for cute things so I’m glad it got through hahaha

sergeantmeow asked:

I totally get you. When the DaveKat stuff was happening, I was like "...Oh. Okay. Good for you!" But then Karkat explicitly stated that he didn't hate Dave like that and I was surprised by how relieved I was. Not because I dislike DaveKat, but because that would've lessened the chance for JohnKat.

Hahaha, yeah, that is basically me with every John/whoever or Karkat/whoever ship. I mean, I can actually kind of dig Karkat<3<Dave but it got to the point where there was just SO MUCH of it on my dash and I was like STOP I can’t take this any more because it’s making me miss Johnkat so much. =/

The flip side of course is that Davekat and John/whatever shippers would use the same friendzone’d logic on Johnkat so in the end we’re all back where we started only with 413% more chaos. It’s a shipper’s world out there~