Kent names Kitt Purrson’s kittens Wayne Purrsky and Mario Lemew and Purrtrick Roy and Gordie Meow and Vladislav Treticat and Mike Purruzione and just for fucking shits and giggles he names three Marc Andre Furry and Sidney Clawsby and Evgeni Meowkin and they know about this and approve and have selfies with these kittens and there is no proof he promised that the next batch of kittens would include a Cory Clawford and Alexander Ovechkitten and Catrick Kane and Zach Purrise and Zedeno Clawra and Jonathan Moews (pronounced meows, duh) absolutely no proof at all (Kent deleted the texts he swears to god) and tbh you will have to pry this headcannon from my cold dead hands before I stop believing it.

Ty for ur time