Who you're attracted to
  • Mars in Aries/1st house: Need a guy who's straightforward and headstrong
  • Mars in Taurus/2nd house: Need a guy who's traditionally masculine
  • Mars in Gemini/3rd house: Need a guy who can mentally simulate them
  • Mars in cancer/4th house: Need a guy who seems tough but is sensitive underneath
  • Mars in Leo/5th house: Need a guy who's bold, who can sweep you off your feet
  • Mars in Virgo/6th house: Need a simple guy with his shit together
  • Mars in Libra/7th house: Need a guy who's charming and aims to please
  • Mars in Scorpio/8th house: Need a guy with depth and is passionate
  • Mars in Sagittarius/9th house: Need a guy who can show you a good time
  • Mars in Capricorn/10th house: Need a guy who makes you feel secure
  • Mars in Aquarius/11th house: Need a guy who's different but never boring
  • Mars in Pisces/12th house: Need a guy who's compassionate with many layers
  • *for straight girls and (maybe) gay guys*

Ruff Life! (2017)

A movie written and designed by me (joshnewberry), as well as tumblr user kludges and kittybf! All three of us participated in the creation of this, working together on the characters, summary, concept art, and then finalized CGI designs. I hope you don’t mind that we’re entering together!

Our Characters, from right to left!


  • Our hero, Dan the dancing pooch!
  • Voiced by Dan Avidan in his first ever motion picture!
  • Cool pup of an ambiguous breed, not a mutt though
  • Super pawesome dancer, expert at dabbing!
  • Flirts with all the ladies
  • Loves living the good life and tanning by the pool
  • Pizza is his favorite food, dog food is for CHUMPS


  • Dan’s hilarious buddy and next door neighbor, Pugly the Pug!
  • Voiced by A Well Known Fat Comedian
  • Asthmatic overweight pug who can’t dance
  • He’s ugly and a pug HAHAHAHAHAHAHhahkdjkSKHFHjdshfkjfh
  • He thinks he’s actually a super buff and hot Great Dane!
  • Tries to be smooth and flirt with the ladies like Dan but they all think he’s gross
  • Completely 100% loyal to Dan


  • Princess, queen of the streets and Dan’s love interest
  • Voiced by whichever popular female actress we could get
  • Sexy pink poodle
  • She’s sassy, egotistical, and she loooooves Snapchat filters!
  • She doesn’t like Dan at first because she thinks she’s too good for him
  • But then………. he teachers her how to dab!!
  • She gets kidnapped by the villain and Dan saves her
  • Pugly tries to flirt with her too but he’s gross so she rejects him

Lord Meowington:

  • The evil Lord Meowington!
  • Voiced by Eric Idle
  • Fancy posh black cat
  • Wants to be the ruler of New York City
  • Hates dancing, dogs, and is allergic to pizza!!!
  • Hates Dan because he’s jealous of his dance moves and he hates dogs
  • Has no personality other than being evil and getting in Dan’s way
  • Y’know, because he’s evil


In the hilarious new animated movie “Ruff Life!”, Dan the dancing pooch is living the good life in a fancy mansion where his rich owner spoils him with everything he could ever want, and all the pizza he could ever eat! But one day, he and his best friend and neighbor, Pugly, sneak out to chase the pizza delivery guy and get kidnapped by the dog catcher! They escape, but find themselves in an alleyway in New York, far from the luxurious life they used to live. Spoiled Dan has never been outside of his house before and must enlist the help of the beautiful Princess to find his way back home….. but she isn’t too keen on helping, until he teaches her, and the rest of New York City, how to dance like a PRO! Along the way the gang encounter a hilarious group of singing pigeons, and must face the evil Lord Meowington, a black cat with a knack for causing bad luck, who’s just waiting for the purrrrrfect time to strike and destroy Dan forever!