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Weather its real or not, who cares. We got to see something that we’ve only witnessed in fanarts, or fanfics, enjoy this, I know I am.


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  • PAIRING: Fred Weasley x Slytherin!Reader
  • SUMMARY: In which a Gryffindor is in love with a Slytherin, and after suffering from an awkward situation, the Gryffindor confesses. Yet, the Slytherin can only wonder how.
  • WORDS: 820

He was a brave Gryffindor, she was a cunning Slytherin. He stares at her from across the room when she isn’t looking, daydreaming of the world where only him and she could be in. Currently, they were sat in the Great Hall during dinner. Students conversing with their peers, while simultaneously eating. There were twinkling stars that blanketed over the sapphire sky as he looked up at the ceiling of the dining hall that mirrored the sky outside. 

The students finished eating, exiting the Grand Hall to go to their dormitories. Fred wasn’t in a rush as he strolled down the hall, stuffing his hand in the front pockets of his jeans. Several minutes following of contemplating whether the ginger should go back to his dormitory or not, that was when he realized the pin dropping silence in the very halls of Hogwarts. Shrugging to himself, he continues to stroll down the halls, wondering if his twin brother George went back to their shared dorm room or not.

Hearing the echo of footsteps was what made his mind shift to the situation he’s in. He’s walking through the halls past curfew, where prefects patrol during this hour, and professors. Fred and his twin George are all about taking risks and living in the moment, but he cannot have points taken away from his house, especially since every one of his house mates will loathe him for it.

The ginger was just about to hide when the footsteps began to get closer, making it easier to hear. When he saw it was just Y/N he relaxed. “Y/L/N, oh it’s you. I thought you were Filtch.”

The girl let out a chuckle, the heavenly sound feeling like music in the boy’s ears. “Is little Weasley scared?” Y/N remarked playfully. 

“Of Filtch? Isn’t it obvious?” He made a funny face, which made the Y/H/C girl let out a laugh of delight.

“Eh, I wouldn’t blame you.” She sent a lopsided grin his way, only to be returned by a smirk. The cockiness was gone and was now followed by a nervous hand running through the nape of his neck. 

He tried to emerge a conversation between the two of them, “So… what brings you he-” His sentence was interrupted by a shush coming from the girl, then the sound of footsteps once again, but this time it was followed by the meow of a cat. The pair turned to each other, “Filtch.” They whispered simultaneously to one another. 

She grabbed his hand, butterflies erupting the both of their stomach’s, ignoring the feeling of bliss she murmured a “hide.” Running through the dimly lit hall, Fred caught sight of a closet which made him tug at her small hand. The moment he opened the door of the closet, the both of them noticed how small it was. The Slytherin muttered in his ear, her warm breath sending shivers down his spine, “I don’t think we’re going to be able to fit in here.”

A quick idea popped into the ginger’s head. He brought his 6-foot figure into the closet, crouching to fit in it. “Get in.” He uttered as a command after hearing Flitch’s footsteps coming closer. 

She had no choice but to obey, holding onto Fred’s large hand and pushing herself into the miniature closet, only to seat herself on the boy’s lap, closing the door. Her cheeks flushed crimson when the boy put his hands on her waist, the ginger let out a gulp because of the bold move. The pair squinted their eyes through the peek of the closet door. 

They caught sight of Filtch with Mrs. Norris in his arms, looking around the hall like a hawk. Fred could feel Y/N breathing heavily which made him cover her mouth with his colossal hand. 

Filtch finally walked the opposite direction, the girl let out a sigh, subconsciously leaning back. Fred extracted his hand from the girl’s soft face, “He’s gone.” She spoke with a normal voice. 

“You know what, I can’t take this anymore,” Fred announced, as she felt the vibration on her back from Fred speaking. 

“What?” She turned her body near him. Their position made the girl blush again, her legs were now enveloped around his waist, their face inches apart. 

“I like you, so much, that I think I’m slowly going crazy.” The boy confessed, leaving the girl speechless, which was rare. 

“B-But how?”

His brows furrowed, “Come again?” [the gif]

“I-I mean, I’m me. I’m in Slytherin, you’re in Gryffindor.”

He got closer to her face, her breathing uneven. “I don’t care, you’re perfect.” That was all her brain could process before her mind ran fuzzy when he enclosed her lips with his in a passionate kiss. She didn’t kiss back for a second, suffering from shock, a feeling of regret settling in his chest. But when she kissed back, tugging on his hair, that feeling vanished as he wrapped his arms around her waist. Not wanting to let go at all.

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:D Hi ! Could you do TFP Megatron,Starscream,Knock Out,Breakdown,and Soundwave being turned into a cat for a week and their human friend or s/o taking care of them (like petting,feeding,and playing with them) until they turn back,and their reactions once they turn back?

Hello~! :D Okay so this is really funny and I had a good time coming up with these reponses. I decided to do a human friend and instead of them turning into a cat  at separate times, they all turn at once because wouldn’t that be hilarious?

Poor human. :’))) Let’s assume they truly act like cats okay? I hope this makes you smile sugar~!


  • The snootiest cat the human has ever been around, probably one of those pure bred expensive cats. He flicks his tail at the human when he’s displeased with them and they swear he’s turning his nose up at them too?? Knockout cat is a very clean kitty, whether through grooming himself or demanding the human keep him clean. Which does mean he doesn’t get irritated when the human has to brush his fur and trim his nails so that’s nice. He’s also very particular about what the human feeds him and if he doesn’t like it, he’ll knock the bowl over or just refuse to eat.


  • So yeah, he’s spoiled rotten in his time being a cat because the human can’t deal with all the sass from these Deceptikitties. He ignores all the other cats (including Starscream who does NOT like being ignored) except for Breakdown cat, who Knockout cat is very affectionate with. These two are often seen playing together or sleeping together and the human can’t get over how damn adorable it is.


  • When he changes back, Knockout is equally relieved and disappointed. He’s glad to be big and not furry again but it was nice for a while to not have to be bossed around by Starscream or Megatron. The only things he had to worry about as a cat were the human not doing what he wanted. Still, behind closed doors he’s much more cuddly with Breakdown than he was before. As for the human, they’re a good friend now. :)


  • Breakdown kitty is the best behaved at least in terms of how he treats the human. He likes them a lot and is always begging for attention or curling up with them to take a cat nap. When he’s not with the human, he’s with his cat partner in crime, Knockout and the two have a lot of fun being goofballs. Breakdown cat sometimes like to mess with the other cats by jumping on them when they’re sleeping but it’s all in good fun. The kitty that eats the most and is always up for a treat!

  • He’s an adventurous kitty who will get himself stuck in the weirdest places and then meow loudly when he can’t get down. He also gets really excited for toys and can be entertained easily. He’s protective over the human and has bitten Starscream cat a few times for being rude to them. But he’s even more protective over Knockout cat and when they’re together, if anyone tries anything, he’ll get up and hiss at them with all his fur standing on end and will claw their face up. The other cats eventually stopped messing with the Knockout and Breakdown kitties.


  • When Breakdown turns back, he’s also disappointed. He thought being a cat was amusing and he enjoyed it a lot. He wants to go back to running around and just having a good time with Knockout! The two have grown even closer through this incident and Breakdown considers the human a close friend now too. He’s also the only one to actually thank the human for taking care of him.


  • The worst cat out of all of them. He’s one of those cats that is just out to get everyone and is a grumpy butthead but you can’t help loving him anyway? He’s rude though and doesn’t want anything to do with the human when he’s a kitty. He likes to knock over stuff simply for the sheer pleasure of seeing the human annoyed. But then when the human stops trying to pet him or play with him (because he’s being a jerk!) and move on to the other cats, he gets SUPER jealous and will attack the cats.


  • He will claw at the human anytime they do anything he doesn’t like, which can be as simple as walking by him. By the time he turns back, the human is Not Happy™ and covered in scratches. As a cat, Starscream is just as obsessed with Megatron cat and keeps trying to knock him off of perches. He’s the cat that will hide and then swipe out a claw or jump on Megatron, but Megatron cat always sees it coming.


  • When Starscream finally turns back, it takes him a little to get used to being back in his body, though he’s definitely glad for it. Being a cat was kind of fun but he was so small and squishy so he didn’t like it much. He probably tells off his human friend for giving the others too much attention. But a few weeks after the incident, the human notices that Starscream got a cat (that he keeps in his room) and the cat is just as rude as him. ;P


  • Megatron cat is pretty much the same as when he was a giant robot warlord. He rules over the kitties or at least he tries to, but when they’re all cats they’re not that scared of him. They’ll regret that when they turn back though. :/ He’s also a mean kitty who doesn’t tolerate the human at all and will scratch at them if they attempt to bother him. Just put food and water in his cat bowls, change his litter and leave him alone human! Unlike Starscream though, he doesn’t go out of his way to annoy or hurt them because he can’t be bothered. He only lets them pet him when he’s tired and falling asleep.


  • When  Starscream cat tries to fuck with Megatron cat, he gets annoyed and is always one step ahead. The human thinks it’s hilarious to watch Starscream try to scare or claw Megatron and Megatron just bats him away like he’s a fly. He has once or twice been rough with Starscream when the other cat was pushing his buttons and the human has had to step in and break it up. Aside from that though, he doesn’t cause trouble. Megatron cat’s favorite activity is to sit in a window and look out contemplatively, watching the world go by. The only cat he likes (and the only one who can sit with them on the windowsill) is Soundwave kitty. Sometimes they’ll meow quietly at each other and the human gets the distinct feeling that they’re planning something??

  • When he turns back, he is immediately glad to be back in his body and rid of that annoying organic one. He doesn’t miss it all or think back  on the situation. He was not pleased about having to be cared for by a human. However, he does recognize that they did good and rewards them. Though it’s not obvious to anyone but Soundwave, Megatron has developed a soft spot for the human from the experience.


  • Soundwave is just as sneaky of a cat as he was when he was a giant robot. He doesn’t move so much as slink around the ship and has a tendency to wander off for hours on end. But he always comes back and though the human has no idea what he was doing, they’re glad to see him. This is because he never causes any trouble for the human and in fact tries to keep the other cats in line. He’s especially protective of Megatron cat and so when he’s not off wandering, will spend his time with him. He does occasionally like to be petted but only when he chooses, by approaching the human and laying at their feet.


  • Because he’s so quiet and likes to be up at night when everyone else is sleeping, the human has been scared by him more than once. He always apologizes with a purr and a brush against their legs though. He doesn’t like toys much but he does like treats surprisingly. The human kept having to hide them because Soundwave would get into the treats. But he can always find them, no matter where the human hides them?? How does he do that??


  • When he’s turned back, he’s got mixed feelings on the whole matter. In the end he’s glad to be back in his body and of service to Megatron once more but does admit to himself that it was nice while it lasted. Though he doesn’t thank the human out loud, he’s come to think of them fondly. His way of thanking them is to help them out around base when he can and always has Laserbeak following them for company and to make sure they don’t get hurt.



When you respond to bedtime sassily and sir updates your rules immediately 😣

oh!!!! oh!!!! tonight i helped a cat get across the street to her kitten who was afraid to cross the street! and they were meowing so loud at each other! so i stood in the middle of the road and let the cat cross to the lil baby under the car and then i cried oh my god i love cats so much

*thinks about the fact that keyshipping is canon and the two male protagonists of yugioh zexal are in love and love each other deeply and are literally two halves of a whole and that the physical manifestation of their love for each other saved the universe* good shit

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Can you do the tfp autobots as cats too?

Me: I should give my hand a rest. 

Also me: But I wanna write the Autokitties. 

This is in reference to this original post about the Deceptikitties! Thanks for requesting this because it was just as much fun as writing for the Decepticons. :D

So here’s the Autokitties, I’m having trouble sleeping anyway, so this was good to do. :)


  • Even as a cat, Optimus tries to be a leader and help out the other cats when they need him. Mostly spends his time keeping the others out of trouble or calm them down with affectionate head nudges if they’re freaking out when first turned. He’s a little off put by the human petting him at first but soon he gets used to it. In fact he ends up really liking when they pet him and seeks them out throughout the week for cuddles. He purrs a lot and very loudly, the human loves it.


  • He also likes to explore the base because he’s still very protective of the other cats. At night, he’ll prowl around, on guard in case there’s an enemy attack (what he thinks he’ll do as a cat, the human doesn’t know). It takes Ratchet coming to hiss and meow at him for Optimus cat to relax and go to sleep. He usually sleeps with the human or Ratchet or a lot of times, both of them. He’s the only cat that doesn’t put up a fuss when the human brushes him or trims his nails. 


  • When he’s a robot again, he’s relieved. He doesn’t want to be so small and vulnerable ever again, especially while they’re at war. He does a lot of times remember how nice it was to not have all the pressures of being a Prime for a while. He also still thinks about the human petting him and they’ve occasionally caught him staring at them then looking away with a slight blush.


  • Smokescreen honestly has so much fun as a cat. He’s a sweetheart but a big handful for the human and the other cats. He just wants to constantly play and is pretty hyper, so he’s always running around and trying to get the other cats to play with them. This means they swipe at him a lot so he’s gotten some scratches. He’ll go and cry to the human loudly until they take pity and snuggle him.


  • He really loves toys and playing with the human, so they learned quickly to exhaust him that way so he doesn’t annoy the other cats as much. Then he’ll curl up with the human and take a cat nap. He’ll also cry at the human when he feels he’s not getting enough attention and twist around their feet until they trip. He hates getting his nails trimmed or even worse getting baths. He screeches and does everything he can to get out when the human tries to bath him, so they quickly give up on that shit. 


  • Once he’s turned back, he’s bored with being a bot. It’s a weird feeling and takes him a while to get over. He just really loved being a cat and being taken care of by the human. It takes him forever to realize that it wasn’t really about being  a cat and more because he has a huge crush on the human. ;P


  • Ratchet is the ultimate grumpy cat and he does not like being petted. However, he won’t scratch the human ever, he’ll only hiss at them if they’re bothering him. The other cats though he doesn’t care about scratching (except Optimus cat) and will claw at their faces when they’re being annoying. He also bit Wheeljack cat once when he wouldn’t leave Ratchet alone, not that it bothered Wheeljack much.


  • Now that he’s a cat, he takes full advantage of it to sleep All. The. Time. When he can, he is sleeping because he’s such an exhausted kitty. The only person he’s okay with sleeping beside him is the human and/or Optimus. He’s adorable when he sleeps and the human likes watching him because he makes amusing sounds. He only lets Optimus cuddle with him and tends to perch in high places so the other cats will leave him alone.


  • It’s complicated when he’s a bot once more. On the one hand, it’s good because now he can go back to being a medic and helping support the Autobots. But just being able to relax and sleep for a week was so helpful to him and he enjoyed not having so much stress. He also enjoyed seeing Optimus relax too so it’s a bit hard for him to watch his friend having to go back to being a warlord again.


  • Bumblebee is a sweet kitty and he often likes to play with Smokescreen kitty. The two can be found running around chasing each other and getting into trouble. He can’t meow though and it bothers him a lot, so the human picks him up sometimes and cuddle with him to help him feel better. He’s just as affectionate as Smokescreen kitty, but isn’t as pushy and doesn’t mind if they’re not always paying attention to him. He doesn’t want regular cat food so he’s always begging for their food and the human just wants to eat their pizza in peace, yeesh.


  • He likes to crawl up the human’s legs though and sometimes accidentally scratches them. He just wants all the kitties to be happy?? So he’ll sometimes follow Optimus around and hiss at Wheeljack when he tries stuff, but Wheeljack cat isn’t scared of him at all. It’s cute though. When he’s snuggling with the human, he always wants to lay on their chest. ;) He falls off of stuff a lot as a cat too for some reason.


  • Being a bot again doesn’t bother him much. He thought it was fun to be a cat and just get to play and be taken care of by the human but he’s cool with going back to himself again. He makes sure to pick up the human and give them a gentle headbomp as a thank you for their kindess. He’s become a lot closer to them after that and wants to be around them a lot.


  • Wheeljack is the Prankster Kitty™ who lives to fuck with the other cats just because he can. The human can never get their hands on him to stop him if doesn’t want them to. They can’t even trim his nails because he’s always on the move and surprisingly agile. He evades them easily and eats his food whenever he knows they’re not looking. Occasionally he’ll be in the mood for pets and crawl onto the top of their head or lay on their face. The human doesn’t appreciate this but they just let him because wow he’s cute??

  • Speaking of, he’ll purposely jump on the other cats to start a fight. He likes roughhousing with them, him and Smokescreen get really into it sometimes and have pissed off Ratchet. Optimus usually has to break them up. But of course, Wheeljack likes to fuck with Optimus the most. He doesn’t jump on him because Optimus is way bigger than him even as a cat. But he teases Optimus kitty by stealing his treats and toys and swiping at his tail.  The human swears by Primus that Wheeljack has a kitty smirk.


  • Once he’s not a cat anymore, he’s very amused with the whole experience. It’s good to be a giant robot again though because he missed leaving the base to explore and kicking ‘Con ass. He teases Ratchet and Optimus a lot about how much he got to them while they were all cats. He also flirts with the human by reminding them of when he’d sleep near their head at night. :P

This took me forever to write, but it was worth it.


Finding Gilbert 2.0 // Qian Kun

Pt. 1

the prompt: the Kun scenario was so cute i love it,,,, i think we would all love a part 2

words: 1797

category: soulmate!au + fluff

author note: I’m so glad you guys wanted a part two for this bless up!! I want kun and hansol to debut so badly :(

- destinee

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Fred Weasley and Reader Headcanons:

  • “I understand that you know every corner in Hogwarts, but we could really use that map to see if someone was coming” you whispered harshly at Fred, it was 2 am and he was currently hexing the portraits to shout profanities.
  • “It’s fine (Y/N). We’ll be able to hear if anyone is coming,” Fred replied back. You gave him an eye roll. 
  • “He’s not that smart,” George whispered to you. “Hush you two,” Fred said back to you and George who were giggling. 
  • Just as you said that you heard footsteps coming from around the corner, and a meowing cat. All three of you looked at each other in a state of panic. You all shoved your wands into your pockets and started running. 
  • Filch turned the corner to see all of you running down the hall, he began to chase after you. 
  • You burst into laughter and soon the boys joined in. Your laughter echoed throughout the halls  
  • It was just before your forth year, and their sixth year when Fred told you he liked you.
  • You had been at the Burrow for just about the whole summer. You remembered that you hadn’t gotten a full night of asleep while you were there. You had a problem of staying up to late, and getting up too early. The twins didn’t help. 
  • All summer you spent the day playing Quidditch with the Weasleys, including Bill and Charlie. You helped clean and cook, you also went exploring around the house to see if you could find anything cool. 
  • You and Ginny probably got the most scars and bruises out of everyone that summer. 
  • You and Ron got along very well, sometimes even more than Fred and George. You were the same age, and had a lot of the same experiences, you knew each other perfectly. 
  • Of course you and Fred and George pulled pranks and got involved in far too many water fights. 
  • You tried to make time with Percy, but then ended up getting a little bored when listening to him go on and on, you would always apologize a bunch and tell him to keep going. 
  • Of course you asked Charlie about dragons, you were extremely jealous. And you were also so excited to see Bill, whom besides Ron was the most like a brother to you. He would tell you about Egypt and you guys would just chill together. 
  • Fred and George were arguing in hushed voices outside one of the bathrooms about you at 1 am. George was getting annoyed about Fred not telling you how he felt about you. 
  • “Fred! You have to tell her. You’ve been obsessed with her since her first year! If you don’t tell her you like her than someone else will get her, like Ron. Or worse Bill! Or Charlie! I wouldn’t even be surprised if Ginny got there before you did. Everyone likes her, maybe not Percy,” George scolded at Fred. 
  • “Okay okay I got it. And quit saying everyone in this family is gonna date her before me, you’re freaking me out,” Fred was rubbing his head. 
  • “Well it’s true.” 
  • They continued to argue and didn’t even notice you who was half asleep walking towards them to use the restroom. They fell silent starring at you. 
  • You barely acknowledged them as you yawned and said hi and walked past them to use the restroom. The door shut in front of them. Fred thought that your hair that’s normally extremely messy, and now was even messier was the cutest thing ever.
  • “Tell her!” “No” “Tell her” “No” “Tell her” “No” Tell her” “No” 
  • Fred and George began to hit each other and fell to the ground, still wrestling when you opened the door. 
  • Your were now wide awake, wondering what they were fighting about. In the ruckus George gasped out that Fred needed to tell you something. To which he told him to promptly shut up. You ignored them and started to walk back up to Ginny’s room. You heard a wait from Fred, and the fighting had stopped. 
  • Fred stood up and straighten himself up and said, “(Y/N), I should have told you this a long time ago, or maybe like last year. But, I just want you to know that I like you. Like a lot. Like, like like. Do you like me back?”
  • You smiled and replied, “Yeah I know. And of course I do. You can take me out to Diagon Alley or something.” With that you went back to sleep and left an almost dead Fred and a very happy George. 
  • The next morning (as if Fred went back to sleep, he was too excited) Fred was so excited when he saw you. You looked the same as you always did, perfect. 
  • You were wearing tatted jeans, an old big t-shirt with some muggle band Fred didn’t know, and your beat up white converse. Your hair, which was recently cut and just past your ears was all over the place. 
  • Fred couldn’t wait to take you to Diagon Alley, to probably just chill and window shop, and then go to the Quidditch World Cup with. 
A Small Sweater (Yoosung x MC)

You come home and find Yoosung and Lisa in a peculiar situation.

Word Count: 585

IDK why but like this prompt has been in my head since I started the blog but I just never had any motivation? This was mainly inspired by when we tried to walk my cat and he just collapsed or stared at dragonflies for 2 hours. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy and have a fantastic day! Thank you!


You stepped inside your comfortable home, calling out to your husband.

“Yoosung? I’m home!” You called, narrowing your eyes curiously as he didn’t respond right away.


You heard a loud thumping of feet against the wooden floor as he barreled in, stifling his laughter as he pulled you into his arms, embracing you. 

“MC, I’m so glad to see you!” He laughed brightly, grabbing your shoulders tightly. “I need you to see Lisa.” 

“I-Is something wrong?” You scrunched up your nose. “Is she sick? S-Shouldn’t she be at the vet? You’re a veterinarian-”

“She’s fine it’s just…come see.” 

He took your hand, leading down towards the bedroom where your cat was.

You found her collapsed on the floor, a sweater fit upon her as she looked up to you, mewing helplessly. 

“Oh my goodness,” You looked to Yoosung, trying to hide the amused grin tugging at your lips. “D-Did you do this?”

“I thought it would be cute since it’s spring and all!” He lifted her up, showing the flowers sewn along the sides. “See, it’s got little tulips!” 

“She looks very upset.” You tipped your head curiously. “Can she even stand?”

“Not really…?” He set her down, your cat wobbling a few steps before giving up and falling. 

It was a bit amusing if you were to be honest. 

Yet as she meowed again you both looked to each other, Yoosung sighing with defeat. “I feel bad…” He laughed feebly. “Will you help me take it off of her?”

You sniggered, nodding as you both knelt down before you. “It is pretty cute.” 

Yoosung’s eyes widened to the size of saucers. “Right? I thought it’d make good card photos.” 

“Our cat lying on the floor in a sweater?” You thought for a moment. “That would be cute…”

“But she clearly doesn’t like it. We’ll just put her in a little collar!” 

You both slipped the sweater off of Lisa, a purr of delight escaping her as she scrambled to her paws. 

“That’s very considerate of you,” You said, watching as he simply gave her a small spring-colored collar, a small bell ringing with her every step.

But she seemed to enjoy it, hopping about to let the bell chime throughout the house more and more.

“You think so?” He smiled softly. “I’m glad.” 

“What do you mean?”

“Well I know I’m doing something right then,” He sighed, a hint of sadness wafting in his expression. “I know I wasn’t always the best to you, so it makes me happy to see I’m being better to those that matter the most to me. Like you.” 

You cupped his face in your hands, pressing a kiss to his knows. “You’re so sweet you know that right?”

He laughed weakly, tipping his forehead against your own as he spoke fondly to you.

“I must have had a good influence.” 

And you both knew.

For the answer was clear within your smiles.

Cats Day 9

Summary: You and your son, Frerin II, accidentally turn Thorin, Kili, Fili, Dwalin, Balin and Gandalf into cats and this is the result (Spin off of The Elf and The Dwarf)

Chapter Summary: Frerin comes under scrutiny and Bilbo returns to Erebor

A/n: This is the new chapter that I came up with when I was writing the tags

Master List - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 10

The next day, you find yourself still wondering what Thorin bought and why he brought it. When you came home last night, it was completely gone. It was like it never existed in the first place. You had asked Frerin where the two packages went and he just shrugged. You knew he was lying because he could never look you in the eyes when he did. You just sighed and let Thorin do what he wanted to do. He was such a weird cat.

When you’re finished with duties, you head back to your home wanting to speak to Frerin as soon as possible. A guard had said that he saw Frerin walking back to your home and he looked like he had been crying. You wanted to know who dared hurt your baby.

You open the door and you find Fili and Kili on your dining table. Again. You loved them, but Dwalin, Thorin, Fili, and Kili, together was a basically a ticking time bomb. You’ve had to replace multiple dishes and the bedside table. Twice. You really had no idea why they had to fight in your bedroom anyway. It has only been 9 days.

You look around, but you don’t see any damages. You let out a sigh of relief. You close the door behind and you turn around only to get a handful of Thorin. You smile as he licks your cheek.

“Can you just imagine if you guys were turned into dogs instead? I think I’d kick you out and let you wander around as strays,” you say and he stops licking your face to glare at you.

“Don’t give me that look,” you say, placing him on the floor. You go to Frerin’s room and knock.

“Frerin, one of the guards said you didn’t look happy today. Do you want to talk?” You ask.

“Come in,” you hear and you open the door to find him sitting on the floor and leaning on the bed. He was just staring at nothing.

“I don’t want to live here anymore,” he mutters and that shocks you. “What do mean love?” You ask, taking a seat on the floor next to him. Thorin jumps over you and onto Frerin’s lap.

“They hate me amad. All of the children hate me and even some of the older dwarrow. Why do I have to be so different?” He asks and you can see his eyes watering. You sigh and pull him into a one armed hug.

You did this to him. It was your fault that he couldn’t fit in anywhere. He was part dwarf, part human, and part elf and because of it, he was judged by the others.

“Love. Don’t listen to what anyone says. I went through the same thing you did when I was engaged to your father,” you tell him. “Really?” he asks, looking at you and you wipe his tears away. “I did. One of the seamstresses that your aunt Dis and I went to for my dress called me an elf whore who had no business marrying Thorin and Here I am 16 years later with my husband as a cat,” you say and Frerin laughs as Thorin hisses. You see the other cats slowly making their way into the room except for Gandalf. Gandalf was such a lazy being.

“Everyone one of these cats- ow, dwarves here have helped settle into the mountain and they didn’t take anyone’s insults lightly and they will do the same for you because they love you and so do we,” you say, pushing Dwalin away as he swipes at you.

Fili and Kili purr and rub themselves against Frerin. Balin perches on your thighs, looking at Frerin and Dwalin takes a seat next to Thorin. Well, more like ontop of Thorin. Frerin laughs and pets Dwalin on his head.

“If you ever have problems with anyone just sick Dwalin on them. He could probably claw their eyes out,” you say and Dwalin nods, making you smile.

“Now about that gift,” you start and the four of them run out in a hurry making Frerin laugh. Balin just looks confused before lying down and shutting his eyes. It must be very tiring for him. He was getting older so it must be a nice break from everything.

“Amad. You’re never going to get it out of them. At least not until adad is back to his normal self,” Frerin says and you pout before pulling him into another one armed hug.

“If you ever feel self-doubt just remember that you have people that love you. Whether it be the elves of Rivendell or the elves of Mirkwood we all love you and we will continue to love you no matter what,” you tell him and he smiles before pressing a kiss to your cheek.

“I love you too amad,” he says and you smile. The moment is ruined by a knock on the door. You sigh and Balin gets off of your lap so you could answer the door.

You go to the living area and you narrow your eyes at the four cats currently sitting on the dining table and meowing at each other. They look at you and narrow their eyes as well. You shake your head and go to open the door. Imagine your surprise when you find Bilbo.

“Bilbo Baggins! It’s so good to see you!” you say, pulling him into a hug. He returns it before pulling away. “If I knew you were coming, I would’ve made tea. Why don’t you come on in?” you ask, stepping aside. He smile up at you before coming in.

“I sent word to Thorin about two weeks ago that I was in Mirkwood and that I should be arriving, well, now actually. Speaking of, where is Thorin? I haven’t seen him in the throne room and when did you guys get cats?” Bilbo asks, taking a seat on the kitchen table as you get a kettle to make tea.

“Well, you see, those are actually Kili, Fili, Dwalin, and Thorin. The one you’re petting right now is Dwalin,” you say and Bilbo’s eyes widen. They slowly look at each other and Dwalin hisses making Bilbo fall back in shock. You roll your eyes and flick Dwalin on his nose. He sneezes as you put the kettle on the fire.

“They pretend to be mean, but they’re actually really nice. Although, they’re the cause for all of my broken furniture,” you say, helping the hobbit up.

“How?” He asks and it seems he’s at loss for words. 

“Uh Gandalf’s staff. Twice. Gandalf is somewhere around here,” you say as Frerin comes out of the room carrying Balin. Balin is the only cat you carry everywhere. He deserves it. 

“Hello Uncle Bilbo,” Frerin says and Bilbo sends him a smile.

“Hello my boy. How are you?” Bilbo asks as Frerin takes a seat across from him. “I’ve been better,” Frerin says as the cats gather around to sit in front of him. “Oh?” You shake your head. “Some kids have been treating him differently because of his heritage,” you explain and that causes Bilbo to laugh. You forgot. Of all people that experienced racism it was him.

“I understand that. It was like that for your mother and I until we saved Thorin’s life,” Bilbo says and you smile as Thorin comes over to you. He reaches out for your sleeves and snags them and brings it to the table. You smile and he looks at you and looks back at your other arm and then back to you. You just smile at him and he hisses before bringing your other am to the table, resting on your right. You smile and pet his head. 

“Really?” Frerin asks, surprised. You never really got into the little details. Only the major ones like the hobbit hole, the trolls, rivendell, goblin town, etc. You never told him the stories of how you were treated. You weren’t ready to tell him.

“Yes, but we’re not going to get into that right now, alright?” you ask and Frerin nods. 

“What are they like as cats? I feel like Thorin and Dwalin are rascals,” Bilbo says as Fili comes up to him meowing to be pet. Bilbo obliges as Dwalin glares at him. Bilbo huffs. “Don’t look at me and pretend like you’re the most innocent cat here. I’m pretty sure you’re hiding all of your silliness behind that exterior,” Bilbo says and Dwalin huffs before lying down on the table.

 “It’s like having four Kilis. Energetic little shits that have you worn out only one hour into the day,” you say, rolling your eyes. Thorin nips at you and you flick his ear. He licks it and Bilbo laughs.

 “As long as they’re not bringing you dead birds. I heard that cats bring dead things to their owner as a show of affection,” Bilbo says making you laugh as the kettle rings. You grab out two cups and make the tea. “Thorin has bought two gifts so far. The first one he made Bofur buy and the second he made my father buy. If he keeps that up, he’s going to be in so much debt by the time he returns to his normal self,” you say, pouring the hot water into a cup.

 “What does cat Thorin need?” Bilbo asks. “No idea and I will continue to have no idea until the end of the month. Thorin has hidden it from me,” you say and Bilbo snorts. “Typical,” he says and Thorin narrows his eyes at him. Bilbo just rolls his eyes again. “You’re not intimidating Thorin and I doubt you will be intimidating when you’re back to normal. Not when I’ve seen you as a cat,” Bilbo retorts and Thorin hops off the table, making you confused. Suddenly, Bilbo lets out a yelp and clutches his leg as Thorin goes running away.

You and Frerin laugh.

“He likes to attack things even if he’s very small. Trust me, I would know,” you say, pointing to your healing scratches.

“If I were a cat, I’d probably drown him first,” Bilbo mutters, wiping his cut his handkerchief. You smile at him. Having Bilbo around will sure be interesting.

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Maybe someone asked you this once already but! Does your cat still recognize you after starting T? It seems like she does but. Im paranoid and don't want to start T only to have my kitties react negatively to me. My baby boys are my whole world and I'd be devastated if they didn't recognize me ;~; again sorry if this has been asked before!

Oh absolutely. She never once seemed upset at all about my changes, and I’ve had her the entire time I’ve been on T

Fun fact: when my voice first started changing/dropping, it got really scratchy and rough for a period of time. During that time period, Khaleesi started meowing rough and lower in return since we talk to each other so often. The timing was so spot-on I just can’t believe it’s coincidence–she was imitating me and it was so cute and precious and I love her
Just Us - SociallyAwkwardFox (Maze_Runner_Fae) - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
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Series← Previous Work Part 4 of the Otayuri Week 2017series

Summary:  “Intimacy is the capacity to be rather weird with someone-and finding that’s okay with them.” Alain de Botton; Yuri and Otabek being weird and domestic with each other.




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Cats Day 6

Summary: You and your son, Frerin II, accidentally turn Thorin, Kili, Fili, Dwalin, Balin and Gandalf into cats and this is the result (Spin off of The Elf and The Dwarf)
Chapter Summary: Fili gets salty

Master List - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 7

You stop your fussing in the kitchen as a knock sounds at your door. You put the rag down and look at Dwalin and Thorin as you walk to door. They were currently in front of the fire, laying down and meowing at each other quietly. Those two were definitely up to something.

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Best situation since ages

I was walking home and passed this cute little fellow over there… (He even walked on the right side of the sidewalk! Clever little guy)

And we were acting just like normal passersby meeting each other. We looked at each other and the following happened.

The cat: *meow*

Me: *meow*

*We both continue our ways back home*

I know why I like animals more than some people.

Imagine: Cat Joke Revelation

So one night, it’s pretty quiet for Ladybug and Chat Noir’s patrol so Chat just unleashes a barrage of cat-themed jokes on Ladybug who just groans good-naturedly and laughs while calling him a dork.

The next day, Alya is down about something, her head buried in her arms on the desk. Nino and Adrien are worried about her when Marinette takes a seat and can’t get anything out of her.

Marinette takes a deep breath, looks at Alya and says, “I about to say something and I hope you understand just how painful it will be for me.”

Alya peeks out from her arms.

“What do you call a big pile of cats?” Shrug. “A meow-tain.”

Alya snorts and Marinette lets the cats out of the bag.

“What did the stray say when it saw a dog about to chase it? You’ve cat to be kitten me right meow!”

What did the cat do when he got a call during a movie? He put it on Paws.”

What’s a cat’s favourite Disney song? Mew‘ve got a friend in me!”

Alya starts giggling and Marinette starts grinning.

“I know a cat who tried to sing.” Alya shakes her head. “He was claw-ful.”

“What is a cat’s favorite motto when attempting something? Purr-actice makes Purr-fect!”

“What do you call a religious feline? A Cat-tholic!”

Alya just looses it when Marinette goes in for the kill, grin wide and eyes bright.

“How do cats greet each other?”

Alya manages to squeak out an ‘I don’t know’ when Marinette leans in close.


Nino and Alya have just lost any semblance of sanity and Marinette is smug while Adrien has recognised all of the jokes.

Adrien asks Marinette where she got all those cat jokes. 

“Oh, a friend of mine told me all of them last night. He’s such a dork!”

Adrien’s mind goes blank ‘cause there is no way…