So according to my brother’s girlfriend I had about 6 jagerbombs (not including the ones my drunk friend couldn’t finish so i had to chug them for her) last night and didn’t even feel a thing when I woke up today. Family was impressed. 

  Story time with Ly!

  I was a freshman in school, I didn’t know anyone and I was eager to make friends. I guess I was too eager, because a lot of people distanced me. Every morning I would sit in the girls changing room (it’s a common thing in my school to socialize and hangout in the changing room) and wait till the assembly time. Every day I would see this pale scrawny girl also sitting till assembly time, so of course I tried and befriend her out of loneliness. We started talking and in weeks we became friends, then good friends, then we started calling each other wife and husband. Every morning we would sit together and chat until assembly time, but we wouldn’t see each other during recess or lunch. 

  One morning we had an argument of some sort, I couldn’t remember what we were arguing about, and I stormed out of the changing room. I didn’t go to the changing room in the morning for days. Some time during recess she found me and handed me a box and apologized. I was surprised to see that she gave me a keychain and asked where did she get the money from because I knew she didn’t have a job and that she was living in a government dorm (her family were broke). She starved herself and saved up her lunch money to buy it. I felt really bad afterwards and made her promise not to starve herself ever again. 

  We said our last goodbyes on the last day of school and that was the last time I ever saw her. She dropped out of school the following year. It’s been 4 years and I never once took the key chain out of the box for more than 5 minutes. 

  I miss that girl.