Happy Birthday, Pidge pie! 
Someone take them out to Disneyland because they deserve all the happiness in this world. This include their dreams too! 

I couldn’t resist inserting KH references because I wanted to combine 2 things that makes me happy //Gross Sobs

  • Elizabeth The 3rd: *meows*
  • Jumin: Oh wow really?
  • Elizabeth The 3rd: *meows*
  • Jumin: And then what?
  • Elizabeth The 3rd: *meows*
  • Jumin: He did that?
  • Elizabeth The 3rd: *meows*
  • Jumin: Damn it, Seven!

I’m late for day twoooo whoop 🙃👌

I doubt this tardy trend is gonna end any time soon :T

It took all my creative juices to come up with a concept that I would really enjoy playing with. I scrapped so many other possible combinations of characters for this and I almost did the sleeping dream bubble thing, but I felt like we needed a lighter version of day two’s theme: divided.