1. Why did you choose your url?
i actually came up with the url before i had even thought about having a catfish blog.  i was watching catfish and at some point came up with the phrase “you’ve cat to be fishing me” and decided i needed to snatch up the URL before anyone else did

2. What is your middle name?

3. If you could own a fictional/fairytale pet what would it be?
a dream eater (meow wow or ryu dragon)

4. Favourite colour?

5. Favorite song?
i have a lot, currently obsessed with hey mama by david guetta and my bae nicki minaj

6. What are your top 3 fandoms?
catfish, kingdom hearts, final fantasy vii (see my videogame blog rnuggo

7. Why do you enjoy Tumblr?
i’m kinda popular on it idk it’s a cool website and has more diverse content than say, facebook

8. Tag 8 blogs
mrstammyswanson jarnez fuck it i don’t know, all of my followers are free to do this and say i tagged them lol