meow the meows

letting go is something i’ve never been good at.
whether it’s a person or a grudge against someone.
but letting go of you is the hardest thing i’ve had to let go of.
the problem is i don’t want to let you go.
but i have to.
i have to let go of you.
i have to let go of your jacket that is still sitting in my chair.
i have to let go of how it felt to hold your hand.
i have to let go of the taste of your lips.
i have to let go of how it felt to have your arms around me, how you felt like home.
i have to let go of you.
but i don’t know if i can.
letting go is something i’ve never been good at.
—  c.r.p.

Aradia, in a voice that sounds like she could fall asleep any minute out of pure exhaustion: Today we’re going to rehash - yet again - why this popular history factoid is actually immensely, unbelievably wrong and was only popularized because [historical figure A] broke up with [historical figure B] way back in [era] because she decided she wasn’t going to take his shit anymore.

20 Questions!

I’ve been tagged by @koffeecake, @simmsimi, @thefoxiesimmer! Thaaaaank you and sorry if I’m late! ❤

Name: Francesca now you know all of my secrets daaaaaaaamn

Nicknames: Fra, Francis, Francy, Chicca (EW.), Panda and probably some others depending on who am I with.

Zodiac sign: Capricorn!

Height: 1.57 m? Yeah, I’m a dwarf. 

Orientation: Straight?

Ethnicity: Ehm… I have no idea? Caucasian? White? Human?

Favorite fruit: Loquats! Yeah, I know wtf is that. You can find these only like three weeks in the whole year but it’s so worth it, I’m just addicted. And you’d be too.

Favorite season: Probably spring? I don’t know, I don’t really care as long as it doesn’t rain lol

Favorite book series: Potter is love, Potter is life even if Potter himself is an idiot.

Favorite flower: Lilies I’d say…

Favorite scent: Freshly baked bread? Or frying bacon. Cause I love fat food.

Favorite color: Pale green or lilac.

Favorite animal: Awkward animals! Otters, platypus, fat cats, pandas, penguins…

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: HOT COCOA. GIMMECHOCOLATE.

Average sleep hours: AHAHAHAHAH funny question. I don’t know, it can go from 4 to 13, I’m a very flexible girl lol

Cat or dog person? Just give me fur and love and I’ll be happy.

Favorite fictional characters: I have absolutely way too many characters that I love, so choosing one is basically impossible to me.

Number of blankets you sleep with: 1 that is as warm as 4.

Dream trip: India, Canada (I didn’t see enough of it), Peru.

Blog created: late February 2016 if I remember correctly.

Number of followers: Still not enough to conquer the world. Getting closer to a proper army though. Nah not really but hey still doing my best over here.

I’ve no idea who to tag since I haven’t been much online this weekend so I haven’t seen who already did this or not! So I’ll go with a classic: I’m tagging everyone that still didn’t do this!