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If you may, I'd like to request a human trans woman Meulin posing for a photo, with a big smile and holding up both hands with peace signs. She's wearing her usual skirt, but is wearing a white, baggy t-shirt that says, in big black letters "ONE YEAR ON HRT" that Nepeta probably got printed for her. She is Inuit/Black mixed and has long, black hair. She's also chubby. Thank you very much, everyone.

im so proud of her nd i lov her

+ tiny bonus

So we have a new DND session where every character belonged to the monster guide and all have amnesia. We had no idea what they look like nor what their role is. At the end of the first session, I found out my character is this Kenku named Meow! They’re a crime boy with a partner in crime named cat friend who both ended up taking an entire bag of powdered powerful crystals before they got their memories wiped.

It’s really funny how this bird and a cat stole a very powerful item even though Meow’s personality consist of an energetic fool.



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signs as bojack horseman characters

aries - bojack
taurus - charlotte
gemini - sarah lynn
cancer - emily
leo - sextina aquafina
virgo - princess carolyn
libra - rutabaga rabbitowitz
scorpio - officer meow meow fuzzyface
sagittarius - mr. peanutbutter
capricorn - juda
aquarius - diane
pisces - todd