meow the cat's whiskers


tableful of kitties yawning and stretching their paws😻🐾 | Credit here

Signs as rare cats from Neko Atsume
  • Aries: Bengal Jack
  • Taurus: Tubbs
  • Gemini: Conductor Whiskers
  • Cancer: Chairman Meow
  • Leo: Lady Meow-Meow
  • Virgo: Kathmandu
  • Libra: Sapphire
  • Scorpio: Billy the Kitten
  • Sagittarius: Bob the Cat
  • Capricorn: Jeeves
  • Aquarius: Joe DiMeowgio
  • Pisces: Frosty

My cat Ryder is at the vet. When I visited him, he meowed and hissed at me. I guess he doesn’t want to stay in the cage. He has to stay there for 2 days more according to the vet (he has been there for a night and a day already). This makes me sad and worried. The boy is my best friend; he is my therapy. I don’t know what to do without this badass cat. I wish he get better soon. My life is much worse without black and white fur sticking on my clothes.