meow sweatshirt

Imagine Tony smuggling kittens into his dorm by hiding them underneath a huge sweatshirt. 


“Tony, what was that?” Rhodey asked, turning his attention away from his work and towards Tony who had his arms crossed over his stomach. “Nothing.” Tony responded, his voice quick as he glanced around the room. Rhodey eyed him for a moment before shrugging as Tony did have the tendency to be odd sometimes. 

Tony said it was all part of being a genius. 

Rhodey said that he was just odd. 


“There it is again!” Rhodey exclaimed as he looked towards Tony again who had made his way over to his side of the room. “What again?” Tony questioned, eyes narrowed as he gazed at his best friend. “Are you sure you’re not losing it, sugarplum?” 

Rhodey thought about it for a second before shaking his head with a slight frown. “I would know if I would but I wouldn’t be surprised since I live with you.” He replied, grinning when Tony gasped and placed a hand over his heart. “I’m hurt.” Tony stated, trying not to smile but he was slowly failing. 

“Good.” Rhodey said with a slight laugh and was about to go back to his work when he realized something. “Tony…since when did you have a lump on your stomach?” He questioned and Tony stayed quiet for a moment before saying, “Since 6 PM?” 

Rhodey sighed before resting his chin in the palm of his hand. “It’s another kitten, isn’t it?” He said, giving a light smile when Tony nodded happily before lifting up his sweatshirt to reveal a light brown kitten with green eyes. It was completely adorable but from the looks of it, Rhodey could tell it was another abandoned kitten. 

That was the fifth one that Tony had found in two weeks. 

Rhodey didn’t even have to say anything as he stood up from his chair and began to help Tony take care of this little one.

Tony always found them good homes.

Getting high | Bangtan Boys

Well *cracks knuckles* this is gonna be fun

- I am in no way promoting marijuana cultivation, distribution and/or smoking

- This is based on my opinion. I do not know if the members smoke marijuana(and I honestly doubt it) so this is and will remain - fanfiction. 

If you have further questions, please contact us.

Jin - Jin is the type that would talk about the deep and the dumb stuff.

“You know man, I find it weird we drink goat or cow milk instead of human milk. Like, you don’t see a calf drinking goat’s milk. It’s fucked up man.”
“How high are you?”
-“ Yes.”
He would be spacing out a lot and just stare at one point thinking about how beautiful life is with occasional laughter attacks out of nowhere. He would hug every member reminding them how much they all mean to him with tears forming in the corner of his eyes. In the end he would just fall asleep high like a baby, dreaming that he’s laying on a cloud.

Suga - Yoongi is that one member of the squad with the munchies syndrome. Will. Always. Get. Munchies but struggles to eat since his mouth always gets dry. I see Suga as the type who becomes aware of the smallest things. Like how your tongue is never comfortable in your mouth or how your clothes are touching your body and he would be absolutely fascinated that we would start writing a 10 page thesis on those things. I’m kinda getting the “I’d rather blaze alone” vibe from him, meaning he’d rather stay in watching his favorite movies or even making music(I feel u)

J-Hope - Hobi is the guy that gets the weed done and brings the extras - the blunts, the scale, herb grinders, lighters, eye-drops, has a bong collection in his bedroom and 420 tattooed on his left buttcheek. Always blazing. Contrary to a popular belief, I don’t think Hoseok would be the loud one that can’t stop laughing, but rather the one that chills on the couch and smokes two blunts at the same time. If someone were to check up on them, the members would send Hobi out since he can act completely normal and no one would suspect a thing.

RapMon - Namjoon. Hm.. I’m torn between the absolute tripping chaos and chilled conversations, so why not both? He would be tripping conversations with Hendrix at one second, and talking about politics and war in the next. Just like Yoongi, I think he would use that time to make beats and would consider himself the new Mozart. Probably would be a self-praise song(if he ever releases a full song like that, I’ll know what he did)

Jimin - Jimin is the panic-tripping guy. “What if we get caught?” “Did my mom just call me? Oh my shit she knows.” He would constantly turn and look around him, biting his nails, not being able to focus on anything else. The kind of guy that when he gets high he can’t wait for it to pass but keeps getting high anyway. Gets high with 2 puffs. Nobody likes him in da blazin-squad.

V - TaeTae puts his heart and soul in when he’s smoking. Wears a rasta hat and listens to Bob Marley. Is the one that thinks anything is possible and tries to jump from the window to see if he could fly. Would talk to pigeons, scream out of laughter to his hyungs’ ears and roll on the floor. Would have really weird trips like “dude your sweatshirt just meowed at me” Eventually he would just fall asleep on the most random places, like a chair or under a table.

Jungkook - Would be fascinated by it. How colorful and bright the world looks. He would be looking around, but unlike Jimin, he wouldn’t panic but just let the new experience soak in. He would have that dumb smile and sparkle in his eyes. Easiest to spot because his pupils would get huge and he couldn’t stop smiling if his life depended on it.


- JokoMato 

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