meow sweatshirt

Imagine Tony smuggling kittens into his dorm by hiding them underneath a huge sweatshirt. 


“Tony, what was that?” Rhodey asked, turning his attention away from his work and towards Tony who had his arms crossed over his stomach. “Nothing.” Tony responded, his voice quick as he glanced around the room. Rhodey eyed him for a moment before shrugging as Tony did have the tendency to be odd sometimes. 

Tony said it was all part of being a genius. 

Rhodey said that he was just odd. 


“There it is again!” Rhodey exclaimed as he looked towards Tony again who had made his way over to his side of the room. “What again?” Tony questioned, eyes narrowed as he gazed at his best friend. “Are you sure you’re not losing it, sugarplum?” 

Rhodey thought about it for a second before shaking his head with a slight frown. “I would know if I would but I wouldn’t be surprised since I live with you.” He replied, grinning when Tony gasped and placed a hand over his heart. “I’m hurt.” Tony stated, trying not to smile but he was slowly failing. 

“Good.” Rhodey said with a slight laugh and was about to go back to his work when he realized something. “Tony…since when did you have a lump on your stomach?” He questioned and Tony stayed quiet for a moment before saying, “Since 6 PM?” 

Rhodey sighed before resting his chin in the palm of his hand. “It’s another kitten, isn’t it?” He said, giving a light smile when Tony nodded happily before lifting up his sweatshirt to reveal a light brown kitten with green eyes. It was completely adorable but from the looks of it, Rhodey could tell it was another abandoned kitten. 

That was the fifth one that Tony had found in two weeks. 

Rhodey didn’t even have to say anything as he stood up from his chair and began to help Tony take care of this little one.

Tony always found them good homes.