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Tikki is struck by modern times and learns that sweets can, indeed, make up every meal.

It’s April. The holidays have been over for almost four months. My mind lives unbound by the sands of time. I was hit by this at like 7 in the morning.

Artwork ©: alazic02

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Alrighty– I get questions about this sweater every time I wear it so I hope this helps! Here’s my guide/notes about my Mabel Pines Meow Wow sweater 💜

First off I bought whatever huge purple sweater I could get at goodwill. Unfortunately there was none with a huge collar :( the color was perfect– in the light, it’s a deep, rich purple cable knit sweater. It weighs 4 tons. A big sweater helps to make you look smaller. Mabel wears fluffy sweaters :D

The trick to making the lettering easier is to make a template out of printer paper or whatever paper you have laying around. Use this to cut out felt for your letters. Same deal with the cat. Make a quick pattern from paper and test out the size on your sweater before you paint and sew. You can always trim paper letters slightly, more so since these are block letters.

To get the texture effect as seen in the close-up shot of the show, I painted on the felt with acrylic craft paint. Dry-brushing it helps create that rough texture we see. This helps make the cat look good and also helps mimic a reflective sheen on the letters. Use a synthetic brush like a golden taklon. Bristle starts to kick up and fuss up
The felt.

I hand sewed the cat and letters on with embroidery floss because it will hold the felt better. Thin thread can cut through felt. I wear this as a cosplay a lot– and even out and about on occasion lol. I pinned the shapes before sewing and I wore it to make sure it worked.

To get the sparkle, I sewed on little plastic jems. I tested glitter but it wasn’t shiny enough for what I wanted. I used regular thread since the holes are smaller. I don’t think glue will work. I always try to sew.

Whiskers are also embroidery thread to be visible.

Care: hand wash gently, dry flat. Don’t muss up the sweater too bad. I wear a long sleeve undershirt with it to keep
It cleaner longer.

These painting techniques (on felt) should work for almost any sweater design in Mabel’s collection :)

Feel free to ask me questions! I hope you have a great time making your Mabel sweater!


Mabel’s Sweaters

Pattern available on home decor, apparel, cases, and more~!
Available now on RedBubble~! Stickers of some of the individual sweaters also available with more coming soon and upon request!

I’m open to commission~!
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The time has come, and my last cosplay pieces must find new homes.

I’m asking 25 + shipping for Double - Skullgirls

-stretchy spandex material, size S but could easily fit M 

-roughly 54″ from neck to seam

-zip up back and pullover neckpiece

-comes with paperboard and spandex cowl

20 + shipping for Mabel Pines’ Meow Wow sweater - Gravity Falls

-cotton w/ fabric paint (HAND WASH ONLY)

-size S-M, made to fit loose

-BYOB (bring your own bezazzles)

PM me for shipping estimates, and please share with anyone you think may appreciate these pieces! Both are lightly worn, no stains or tears.


•Kisses on the nose

•Morning hugs

•Making each other coffee to wake up to

•Fighting over who gets to be the big spoon

•Alec always falls asleep in the middle of the afternoon cuddled up with chairmen meow (usually after missions) and Magnus thinks it’s the cutest thing ever

•Their anniversary is a calmer romantic evening. They usually stay in, Alec cooks a meal, and Magnus prepares the apartment.

•When there in public with no glamor, Alec gets really nervous and shy when people stare at them even if there just walking next to each other

•When Alec gets nervous Magnus drops everything and anything to make him feel better

•Magnus and Alec buying Chairmen meow little cute toys for Christmas

•They race chairmen meow against Church (someone please write this)

•Magnus pulls Alec into slow dancing around the apartment on stressful days, no music, just them

•Alec takes an interest to how Magnus does his magic and what kinds he does, and Magnus loves showing and teaching Alec about it even if he’s more or less just showing off

•When Alec comes back from the institute or a mission or a training session he always comes home saying “I’m home”, and Magnus no matter what he’s doing, even if he has a client, he sprints toward the door and pulls Alec into a kiss

•Magnus loves showing Alec off but respects his boundaries

•Magnus giving Alec comic books

•Magnus introducing Alec to Lady gaga
Magnus introducing Alec to cheesy movies

•Magnus showing Alec Legos

•After both of them leave during the day, chairmen meow lays on Alec’s sweaters

•Magnus wearing Alec’s sweaters when he’s on a long mission

•Sometimes when Magnus is on the phone having a frustrating conversation with a client Alec sits behind him on the couch and massages his back and shoulders

•Alec melts when Magnus calls him “darling”

•Alec never walks under umbrellas with Magnus when it rains and refuses to tell Magnus why


I made this to be a poster that I’ll be selling at Comic Con Copenhagen this year. There’s about twenty, give or take, all of them A3 and with lovingly hand applied glitter for the Meow Wow! sweater and silver gelpen for the unicorn blood.

It’s too big to fit in my scanner so I had to photograph it and adjust the colours, but it matches quite well with the real deal.

like us series aesthetics: jane cobalt.

Always in pastel colors—pinks, blues, yellows, purples and greens—tired-eyed Jane Eleanor Cobalt descends the staircase, brown hair uncombed, frizzy and tangled. Teal sleep mask on her forehead that says meow, a zebra sweater, and knee-high socks with pink fuzzy tassels.
Her outfits never match, but that never prods her to change.

welcome to the family | fluff

“Jiminnie… Why did you sweater just meow?”

Jimin almost looks guilty. Almost.

He cradles the pocket of his hoodie, biting at his lip, a grin threatening to take over his face.

“Don’t be mad please.”

Hoseok raises a brow, shaking his head. “Sweetheart, I could never be upset with you. Now please tell me why your clothes are making cat noises…”

Jimin nearly bounces, reaching into his pocket carefully, and pulls out a little ball of black fluff, holding it up to his chest for his boyfriend to see. “I was on my way home when I heard it crying from behind the dumpster… I couldn’t just leave it there alone. It’s cold outside and it’s so tiny.. it could have died and it’s probably starving. Hoseokkie… can we please keep it?”

Hoseok’s heart melts at the sight of the kitten in the younger boy’s hands. They had been talking about possibly getting a pet anyway, so really, this kitten was a blessing in the form of soft and extremely adorable. Much like his boyfriend. The older moves forward, stroking the kitten behind it’s ear. “What should we name him?”

Jimin beams, actually bouncing this time, holding the small animal closer to him and looking down at its sweet face. “It kinda looks like you.” He comments, lifting his arms to hold it up to Hoseok’s face. “He definitely does!!”

Hoseok’s chuckles, the kittens whiskers tickling his cheek. “You think so? What if we name it Hobi?”

“Hobi…” Jimin repeats. “Hobi..!! Yes, its perfect!” He brings the kitten back down to chest level, cradling the little fluffball in his arms as he taps gently at its pink nose, earning a lick in return. “Hobi~ That’s your new name, and your daddy’s are gonna take good care of you from now on. You’ll be feed well and so spoiled and you’ll sleep between us every single night~”

“Yah–” Hoseok whines slightly, his jealousy showing over not being able to properly cuddle with his boyfriend when they slept, but then the kitten’s gaze shifts to him and it gives another tiny mew, making Hoseok coo at it and pets its head. “I love you already, little Hobi.” He glances up at Jimin then, leaning it to peck his lips. “And I love you, too. Thank you for bringing our first baby home.”

Jimin blushes, grinning so brightly that Hoseok swears be might just be the sun for a moment. “The beginning of our own little family~”


A year later, Jimin is laying in bed with Hobi curled up on his chest, purring loudly as he waits for Hoseok to come back from the store and when he hears his boyfriend come through the front door, his lips pull up in excitement, eager to see the other boy.

Hoseok comes in their bedroom, a bulge in his shirt and Jimin thinks he knows what it might be…

Except his suspicions are proven wrong when a little whimper that definitely doesn’t sound like a cat, or Hoseok himself– comes from him.

“Ah, so.. I passed this pet shop on the way back home…”

That’s when a little white head with brown ears pokes out of Hoseok’s neck hole of his shirt and lets out a quiet yipp, licking at the boy’s chin. “I thought we could name him Chim Chim?” He grins, pulling the puppy out of his clothing.

Jimin picks Hobi up and stands to join his boyfriend, kissing the puppy on the head. “Welcome to our family Chim Chim~”

- admin ji


Always in pastel colors—pinks, blues, yellows, purples and greens—tired-eyed Jane Eleanor Cobalt descends the staircase, brown hair uncombed, frizzy and tangled. Teal sleep mask on her forehead that says meow, a zebra sweater, and knee-high socks with pink fuzzy tassels.
Her outfits never match, but that never prods her to change.


Okie! Here it is! Here’s my guide to making your own unofficial Mabel Birthday Cake ‘sweater’ from Dipper and Mabel vs The Future!

This will hopefully be a quick and easy project for you, especially if you are in dire need of a costume for Halloween! I made this similarly to the Meow Wow sweater I made for a costume a few years ago. It’s a speedy craft project especially if you have friends/guardians helping you out. If you’re a bit too young to be sewing/cutting/pinning things, ask an adult to help you out! My mum helped cut things out with me since I was pressed for time :3

Supplies suggested:

  • Sweater: Pink or Coral in color, and turtle-neck style if possible! If you don’t have a sweater or can’t find one in stores or at a thrift store, you can also use a regular turtle-neck or other collared shirt (I’ve seen turtle-neck fleeces used too!).
  • Felt: Colors needed: brown/beige for the cake, pink for the frosting, and assorted other colors including but not limited to: blue, purple, yellow, and white. See the reference picture of Mabel– I had to cheat on colors a little bit but it still works! For extra fun, I bought bright pink glitter felt at the craft store. Felt in general is pretty inexpensive so this also helps keep your costs down!
  • Sewing supplies, thread/embroidery floss, scissors, pins
  • The sweet pattern I just gave you :D Print the two pages out on 8.5″x11″ or larger paper if you can!
  • acrylic paint OR a sharpie marker (paint is recommended) so you can detail the candle.

How I did it: First off, I drew a pattern on paper and cut it out. You can copy my pattern or just print it out. Once printed, cut it out and arrange on the sweater. This helps you test it out for size/placement. NOTE: I found once I had put the blank sweater on and held up the pattern, I was originally putting it way too high up for my chest. The candle flame was covered by the collar, so I moved it down.

Once you are happy with placement, pin the pattern pieces to your felt and carefully cut each part out. For the icing in the middle of the cake, I just used a scrap, but I left it illustrated on there to show you about where it should go.

Arrange the felt cake and once you are happy with how it looks, you can sew the big frosting and the thin strip of frosting to the cake part. I found this was easiest with a machine if you have that, but you can hand-sew it too. Make sure the parts are sewed together well since they will be sewn onto the sweater/shirt as one piece.

I took some acrylic paint and detailed the wax blob on the candle. This was my choice because it was a personal preference. I drew the lines to show you how I detailed it.

Once I sewed the cake parts together, I pinned it carefully onto the sweater and took a look at it to make sure I was happy. Once you’re ready, sew that cake down! Make sure the edges are on there good! I found just brushing against my sleeves while wearing the Meow Wow sweater, the edges can lift easily and get a little wonky. You MIGHT be able to sew the main cake part by machine– but that’s up to how your machine works with knits if you are using a real sweater. I did mine by hand.

After that, take a bunch of ‘confetti’ you have cut out of the blue, purple, pink, and yellow felt, and pin them down, sewing as you go. I found it was helpful to do it one at a time because my hands have not been steady lately and I had to maneuver the sleeves around to sew the confetti down. More than one pinned at a time started to cause me to poke myself with pins LOL. Also be careful not to sew both sides of the sleeves or torso together (front/back). I did this and was super mad at myself for not paying attention, lol.

You can refer to the reference image for confetti placement or go wild with it. UP TO YOU SINCE THIS IS YOUR RAD SWEATER, you mighty Mabel, you!

Once you have the confetti sewn to your liking, you can add details like a wick for the candle. I used felt, but paint or sewing with embroidery floss will also work!

After you are done, triple check to make sure you removed all pins, and put your amazing creation on! TOTALLY CHECK IT OUT. YOU JUST MADE A RAD MABEL COSTUME FOR YOURSELF!

Other things you might want to add to your costume:

  • Glitter headband: I painted mine yellow and glued fine yellow glitter to it. Any Mabel-approved color will also work. Mabel is MABEL.
  • Skirt: I made a yellow one to use, but I could also have used my old teal one from the other costume. Up to you! Screen accurate or not, it’s your choice. Any skirt will do.
  • Knee-socks/black shoes: I got my socks at Target. I wear them over nylons for warmth and less sock-slippage. You can also pair these with cute ankle socks, anything really. Mabel is all about cuteness.
  • Braces: I made mine from a tutorial posted by some kids on youtube. My braces hurt like hell. If you can find costume braces go for those. I’m pretty sure I screwed up my teeth by jamming a bobby pin in there. Owwww.
  • Makeup: Pink cheeks for Mabel!
  • Earrings: I tried my old star earrings, but they snagged on the sweater collar, so I opted for basic round plastic ones. Your choice if you want earrings or not.
  • Accessory: A toy pig to be waddles if you wish, or if you have one of those cool Plasma ball things– that’s rad too! I carried around a small bag of Doritos and drew Bill Cipher on one of the chips on the front of the bag.

I hope this helps! Again, if you’re a younger fan, you should ask for help with things like pinning and sewing. Safety first! Did you make a super rad Mabel Sweater? Do tell me! I’d love to see what you made! If I missed anything, feel free to ask me a question and I’ll try to answer it as best as I can here on tumblr :D I will try to post answers to any questions with the tag “MabelCakeSweater” here. Thank you for being so awesome!!