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Tikki is struck by modern times and learns that sweets can, indeed, make up every meal.

It’s April. The holidays have been over for almost four months. My mind lives unbound by the sands of time. I was hit by this at like 7 in the morning.

Artwork ©: alazic02

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Alrighty– I get questions about this sweater every time I wear it so I hope this helps! Here’s my guide/notes about my Mabel Pines Meow Wow sweater 💜

First off I bought whatever huge purple sweater I could get at goodwill. Unfortunately there was none with a huge collar :( the color was perfect– in the light, it’s a deep, rich purple cable knit sweater. It weighs 4 tons. A big sweater helps to make you look smaller. Mabel wears fluffy sweaters :D

The trick to making the lettering easier is to make a template out of printer paper or whatever paper you have laying around. Use this to cut out felt for your letters. Same deal with the cat. Make a quick pattern from paper and test out the size on your sweater before you paint and sew. You can always trim paper letters slightly, more so since these are block letters.

To get the texture effect as seen in the close-up shot of the show, I painted on the felt with acrylic craft paint. Dry-brushing it helps create that rough texture we see. This helps make the cat look good and also helps mimic a reflective sheen on the letters. Use a synthetic brush like a golden taklon. Bristle starts to kick up and fuss up
The felt.

I hand sewed the cat and letters on with embroidery floss because it will hold the felt better. Thin thread can cut through felt. I wear this as a cosplay a lot– and even out and about on occasion lol. I pinned the shapes before sewing and I wore it to make sure it worked.

To get the sparkle, I sewed on little plastic jems. I tested glitter but it wasn’t shiny enough for what I wanted. I used regular thread since the holes are smaller. I don’t think glue will work. I always try to sew.

Whiskers are also embroidery thread to be visible.

Care: hand wash gently, dry flat. Don’t muss up the sweater too bad. I wear a long sleeve undershirt with it to keep
It cleaner longer.

These painting techniques (on felt) should work for almost any sweater design in Mabel’s collection :)

Feel free to ask me questions! I hope you have a great time making your Mabel sweater!


Mabel’s Sweaters

Pattern available on home decor, apparel, cases, and more~!
Available now on RedBubble~! Stickers of some of the individual sweaters also available with more coming soon and upon request!

I’m open to commission~!
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Nina ran as fast as her little feet could carry her, her long black and white streaked hair flying behind her. She’d just saved the poor kitty from some real mean adults and was trying to find somewhere to hide. That’s when she saw LT in the hallway and quickly grabbed his hand, pulling him along with her with her amber eyes wide with fear. “LT!! We need to hide from the meanies!! They were hurting the kitty! I don’t want them to give him or us an owie!! We need to go!!”

She tensed as she heard them coming and quickly hopped up onto an alcove, reaching down and pulling him up with her before going silent. A small tabby cat peeked out of her yellow shark sweater and meowed softly, licking at her face and she had to pet him to make him stop as she held in some giggles. Please don’t let the meanies find them…


The time has come, and my last cosplay pieces must find new homes.

I’m asking 25 + shipping for Double - Skullgirls

-stretchy spandex material, size S but could easily fit M 

-roughly 54″ from neck to seam

-zip up back and pullover neckpiece

-comes with paperboard and spandex cowl

20 + shipping for Mabel Pines’ Meow Wow sweater - Gravity Falls

-cotton w/ fabric paint (HAND WASH ONLY)

-size S-M, made to fit loose

-BYOB (bring your own bezazzles)

PM me for shipping estimates, and please share with anyone you think may appreciate these pieces! Both are lightly worn, no stains or tears.


•Kisses on the nose

•Morning hugs

•Making each other coffee to wake up to

•Fighting over who gets to be the big spoon

•Alec always falls asleep in the middle of the afternoon cuddled up with chairmen meow (usually after missions) and Magnus thinks it’s the cutest thing ever

•Their anniversary is a calmer romantic evening. They usually stay in, Alec cooks a meal, and Magnus prepares the apartment.

•When there in public with no glamor, Alec gets really nervous and shy when people stare at them even if there just walking next to each other

•When Alec gets nervous Magnus drops everything and anything to make him feel better

•Magnus and Alec buying Chairmen meow little cute toys for Christmas

•They race chairmen meow against Church (someone please write this)

•Magnus pulls Alec into slow dancing around the apartment on stressful days, no music, just them

•Alec takes an interest to how Magnus does his magic and what kinds he does, and Magnus loves showing and teaching Alec about it even if he’s more or less just showing off

•When Alec comes back from the institute or a mission or a training session he always comes home saying “I’m home”, and Magnus no matter what he’s doing, even if he has a client, he sprints toward the door and pulls Alec into a kiss

•Magnus loves showing Alec off but respects his boundaries

•Magnus giving Alec comic books

•Magnus introducing Alec to Lady gaga
Magnus introducing Alec to cheesy movies

•Magnus showing Alec Legos

•After both of them leave during the day, chairmen meow lays on Alec’s sweaters

•Magnus wearing Alec’s sweaters when he’s on a long mission

•Sometimes when Magnus is on the phone having a frustrating conversation with a client Alec sits behind him on the couch and massages his back and shoulders

•Alec melts when Magnus calls him “darling”

•Alec never walks under umbrellas with Magnus when it rains and refuses to tell Magnus why

like us series aesthetics: jane cobalt.

Always in pastel colors—pinks, blues, yellows, purples and greens—tired-eyed Jane Eleanor Cobalt descends the staircase, brown hair uncombed, frizzy and tangled. Teal sleep mask on her forehead that says meow, a zebra sweater, and knee-high socks with pink fuzzy tassels.
Her outfits never match, but that never prods her to change.