meow so loud

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If the monocats act like regular cats but also clean, does that mean they pace the halls at 4am and meow so loud that the students have to wake up

rip the students in DR Doubt.

Went to an art gallery and made a cat friend on my way.

I woke up like 5ish minutes ago to my cat meowing really loud so I turned on my light to see what her deal was… she had a spider on my floor and it was trying to get away from her. She didn’t know what to do with it so I jumped out of bed and took care of it. SHE SAVED ME 😩

Baby It’s Cold Outside

For: anonyomous
Pairing: destiel
Prompt: hypothermia (h/c)
Rating: M
(implied HS AU)

disclosure: I know very little about the treatment of hypothermia

“Jesus, Cas,” Dean grunts as he drags Castiel into the living room, “What the fuck were you thinking?”

“I just wanted to get Jimmy back,” Cas says under shattering teeth tears spilling over his face as it scrunches in pain, “I didn’t mean forf the icesh to breakf from underneaf me.”

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“We’re always chasing after wonder.
An earnest dream racing through the universe.
We start walking towards the future
in search of the selves we’ll become,
embracing the ceaseless pounding of our hearts.
Exiting the pipeline in a shower of stardust,
I watched as countless vistas spread out.
The sadness entangling me,
which I can’t quite carry will go away.
At the end of the infinite journey,
the present joins up with tomorrow.”


Hello, this is our (adorable) cat Star and we’re not sure what’s wrong with her, but she is in dire need of a vet visit. Unfortunately, we don’t have the money to take her because of bills and other emergencies that have popped up.

Star was a stray that we saved about a few years ago during winter. She would meow so loud that we could hear her through our door and we didn’t want her to freeze so we decided to let her in. Her and my Mother are very attached to each other and it breaks my heart to see her cry (I rarely see my Mom cry). Star is basically her emotional support so it would be devastating to lose her.

We only need $100 so PLEASE if you can donate anything the paypal is Even if you can’t donate, it would really help if you reblogged this so others can see! 

ever since the first day of school this popular kid in my math class who sits behind me had been quietly whispering swag and gucci under his breath whenever he got a problem right and today he figured out this hard problem so he started meowing

cabbage used to b really clingy and cuddle with us in bed and sleep on my tummy and greet us at the door by meowing so loud it was ridiculous but ever since we brought kimchi home i’ve been giving him the same amount of love but he’s been doing none of those things at all and he’s ignoring me and won’t play with me or cuddle with me and barely lets me pick him up and i’m sad i feel rejected by my own son

==>You peek in on Sollux and give him a hug before making your way back to the cave below. You suppose you’d stay over at his hive for a day or two, just to make up for the fact that you’d waited so long to show up. You grab the sweaters and a few other things before heading out to his bubble, though you’re cautious as you enter his hive and cup your hands to your mouth in a loud meow so he’d know you are there.

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I think I followed you when you were a Harry Potter blog? Or maybe Doctor Who? I could be completely wrong but I don't even watch OUAT and still <3 your blog

I’ve been a DW blog lol but yeah I kinda post a lot of HP… once upon a time haha lol thank you <3 (and bless your soul for still supporting me without even watching OUAT lol)

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am deaf cat but when mummah gets the treat bag out must meow!!! get so excited!!! except can't hear meows, so they're v loud and scratchy



we were sitting down and then we hear some loud meowing 

so we open the door and this guy is stuck is between our fence and some wooden thing our neighbour laid on his fence

and we brought him cheese and water and he finished four cheese triangles! he was so hungry ; u ; 

then he left ;’( poor bby