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Full Summary:  There is a story that is told by travelers.  It is rarely told, only beneath the comforting light of a full moon with a brightly lit fire as an offering to the demon they speak of.  It is said to be a sacred tale that no man wishes to whisper unless it is done freely, beneath a blanket of stars that help to remind the demon of vows long since lost.   A tale in which a demon breaks beneath the weight of redemption.

Author’s Note: It’s finally here, @ravendaydream​!  It’s finally done!  It turned out to not exactly circle around Nalu so much as Natsu himself, but I hope you like it anyways. :)  It’s the longest one-shot/chapter/etc. I’ve ever written.

It’s really…different.  I’ve never written something like this.  I went with an idea like I did with my Cross My Heart, but…more.  It’s written in an almost snapshot sort of way.  Natsu himself jumps around without warning.  But I love it.  

Words: 16,648

Warnings: Violence through death and fighting.

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where you belong

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author’s note: ok because episode 44 was too sad I wrote fluff to lessen the sadness around us, it’s bad to be sad ok, we still have thursday, so hang on be strong!!!!!!!

It’s been a month since they defeated the dean. Laura hasn’t been sleeping or eating well, heck, she hasn’t been doing anything well actually. Her grades are slipping further and she rarely gets out of her room now.

And there she was again, on a Saturday at 4pm, curled up in a fetal position on Carmilla’s bed, hugging Carmilla’s shirt pillowcase tightly to her chest.

A faint scratching sound at the door caught her attention, her eyes restlessly flicker over to the source of the sound. Laura pushed herself up and huffed at the amount of energy it took to do such a small action. She stumbled over to the door and swung it open slowly and warily, you can’t be too careful in a place like Silas.

A cat slipped in through the small gap left between the huge door and the doorframe. Laura furrowed her eyebrows at the creature that brushed past her.

Hey!” Laura indignantly protested at the intruder. She shut the door and followed the cat further into their room. It’s a black cat, just like Carmilla was. Laura held back her tears as she sat on her bed, pulling the cat to her lap.

“You can’t be here, Perry’s going to kill me if she sees you, no pets allowed you know.” Laura felt her throat constricting and her heart clenching as the cat bumped its head against Laura’s chin.

A small part of Laura wanted it to be Carmilla. She wanted the cat to be her annoying roommate, whom she loved so, so much. But the more logical part chided herself. Carmilla’s dead, she saw her die. Laura’s never going to forget how the blade of hastur consumed Carmilla as she gained victory for them, for her.

She saw Carmilla die.

The cat meowed loudly and Laura snapped back into reality. She rubbed the cat’s head and put it down on the floor, nudging it towards the door.

“Go, go back to where you belong.” Laura softly spoke as a single tear sped down her hollowed cheek. Laura turned around and fell face first into Carmilla’s bed, her tears wetting the leopard print blankets once again.

“I still own half the room, cutie.”

Laura froze. She shut her eyes tightly as tear tracks found their way down her cheeks.

“Carmilla?” Laura timidly spoke, her eyes squeezed shut.

“I think I belong here.” Carmilla’s sultry voice brought Laura to tears again. Hot tears seeped through her shut eyelids and travelled down her face as she pressed her mouth into a thin line. “Laura?”

Laura choked at the sound of her name rolling off Carmilla’s tongue. “I don’t want to turn around and realize this is all a dream, it’s all my imagination.” Laura whimpered more to herself than to the voice behind her.

Laura started trembling, and she felt someone’s palm at the dip of her back. She stopped trembling, the warm hand started rubbing slow circles into her lower back.

“You’re not dreaming, cupcake.” Carmilla’s voice reverberated through the room, she sounded tired and worn out, and Laura whipped her head around.

“You stupid vampire!” Laura choked, and before Carmilla had a chance to reply, Laura’s lips were on hers. They both stood up, their arms wrapped tightly around the other and their lips locked. Carmilla could feel Laura’s tears on her cheeks, they might be her own, who knows. She pulled back slightly and leaned her forehead against Laura’s.

“I thought you were dead.” Laura gave Carmilla the smallest voice ever and Carmilla’s heart broke.

“I thought I was dead too.” The vampire sincerely spoke. Laura broke down as she clenched her fists around Carmilla’s t-shirt.

“I was so scared.” Laura whimpered, her tears never stopping even as Carmilla pressed a feather light kiss to her nose.

“Shh, I’m here now.” Carmilla cooed, pulling them both onto her bed. “And I don’t plan on going anywhere else, well—unless you move somewhere else, then I’ll probably follow you.”

“I’ll hold you against your words, Karnstein.” Laura laughed breathlessly, her hands still clenched around the fabric of Carmilla’s shirt, afraid that if she loosened her grip, the vampire would disappear again.

Because they were meant for each other, Aries and Scorpio, they couldn’t live apart, they wouldn’t be separated so easily. And because they’re both stubborn and headstrong, Laura knew one of them would find a way, Laura knew.