meow princess

signs as bojack horseman characters

aries - bojack
taurus - charlotte
gemini - sarah lynn
cancer - emily
leo - sextina aquafina
virgo - princess carolyn
libra - rutabaga rabbitowitz
scorpio - officer meow meow fuzzyface
sagittarius - mr. peanutbutter
capricorn - juda
aquarius - diane
pisces - todd

taylor on olivia:

  • hello
  • are you a saber tooth tiger cub?
  • are you my baby wolverine?
  • are you the princess of meow town?
  • are you just a melting snowman?
  • are you just a sloth?
  • cause you’re a little unicorn kitty cat!
  • are you my magical pegasus?
  • *crawling on floor* do you wanna write some songs?
  • taylor swift: oh your sweet disposition and my wide-eyed gaze, we're singing in the car getting lost upstate; autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place, and I can picture it after all these days.
  • also taylor: you're my precious angel kitty cat, princess of meow town, you're just a little baby jelly bean, just a little slow snow badger, just a small chubby ferret, a little baby melty snowman raccoon hybrid squirrel