meow mau

Caleb, stay here for a little while. I need to do something

C:// Understood (you’re not going to question him?)

Pep: mewnya, meow mew

C:// not yet

Goodbye *pepsi has left*

Pep: mewnya

C:// yes, what is it Pep?

Pep: meow mew mew mau

C:// it will be okay, I’ll get your food

Pep: mew…

C:// alright, only the cat can hear. What is it you wanted to say ([REDACTED])

Pep: meow?

Portuguese expressions that sound weird in english

“Bread, bread. Cheese, cheese” (Pão, pão. Queijo, queijo.)

“Bad bad Maria, the cat is meowing” (Mau mau Maria, que o gato já mia)

“Beat the boot” (Bater a bota)

“Lower the little ball” (Baixar a bolinha)

“Swallow a toad” (Engolir um sapo)

“Go back to the cold cow” (Voltar à vaca fria)

“Judas’ ass” (Cu de Judas)

“Not even if the cow coughs” (Nem que a vaca tussa)

Good luck finding what these mean