meow fest

Thank you, everyone!

Bryce and gang were able to raise 500 dollars from Meow Fest last night for the Heaven on Earth Society for Animals , making it the most successful one she’s put on to date. We’re really proud to have been apart it and to have been able to perform for everyone who came. It was a really great first outing for us and we hope that for everyone who came, they enjoyed our set, as well as the bands who were on before us (Maggie Moon and Your Imaginary Friends respectively).

We currently don’t have any shows lined up after last night. If there are any bands or event planners that would like to have us on their bill, we’d be more than welcome to be a part of it.

Also, if you were unable to make it last night, there was filming during our set and we expect to get the videos really soon. We currently don’t have much recorded other than our rough demo from a few months ago, so we hope videos of our live performance will suffice for not having anything recorded.

We will begin planning all our future moves very soon. Stay tuned!