meow draws

D –> Nepeta I command you to desist before you embarrass me in front of Horuss

its been a while since i got one of these! sorry its a little late, anon

30 days animal crossing challenge

Day 17 : Villager who was taken out of new leaf

Meow and Bow

It’s strange how these two cyborgs were taken out after the first game ? I thought of them as two robots that would be thrown away because they were becoming old and rusty, not pleasing and desired anymore, but they would still have each other.

Happy Birthday, Pidge pie! 
Someone take them out to Disneyland because they deserve all the happiness in this world. This include their dreams too! 

I couldn’t resist inserting KH references because I wanted to combine 2 things that makes me happy //Gross Sobs


✶David And His Gremlin Son Max✶

Please Max, you’re killing him,,, you’re killing you’re father.


(and another extra in read more!)

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