meon cosplays


They are not-so-good Webcam quality and I apologize, but I am actually happy. Paint is a water-based jester gold paint and black and white grease paint. If everything goes right, by autumn when I cosplay him for real I will not have to use grease paint anymore (It itches! And wipes away too easily…)

It took about one and a half hour, I guess.

The steam is a steam-from-the-ears gag by my webcam but it fit so well because his vents are on his temples :D

For the actual con, I will get a better cap in black and my hair will be shorter :3


The return of the Scope. This time with silver water based make up and better eye liner. No grease paint but the one around the eyes. Hooray!

I tried to paint a bit of rust in the cheek plates but it comes out so red in the pictures, don’t really know if I like it.

And oh yes the lighting is TERRIBLE! But my mother - as much as I love her - is a terrible and impatient photographer and all the selfies came out crap so for this moment just more webcam stuff.

Oh and I painted my neck this time!

(I didn’t use the cap this time I actually like it with hair…)


I plan on making gloves for Scopes hands, but first I had to draw a concept… on my hand.

The light parts are silver but the light here doesn’t help.

I plan on making the knuckles and maybe the silver finger tips three dimensional on the gloves, so it looks like it’s on top of the metal. Scope’s fingertips are caps which can be removed. He orignally had very sharp fingers, like small dagger tips but he has also these caps to keep himself from accidentally injuring people. 

Everything silver is new, everything brass is “Original”