Produced by Dean Reid, Kieron Menzies, Rick Nowels, and Lana Del Rey, and composed by Abel Tesfaye, Lana Del Rey, Max Matin, and Rick Nowels, the title track off of Lana Del Rey’s upcomg studio album, Lust For Life, has been officially released.

Been obsessing over Outlander for the last few weeks; I binged both seasons in one week.  More like 6 days but… who’s counting? ;)

Here’s some Black Jack Randall, the villain of the series.  He intrigues me as an actor because he pulls off Jack and Frank so well.  I both love him and loathe him.  He’s a deep character as Jack, and I hope to learn more about him when I start to read the books.  

I’d love to do a series of portraits for all of the main characters…