If you like any of these bands then we're basically best friends.

Sleeping With Sirens

Bring Me The Horizon


Green Day

A Day To Remember

Of Mice And Men

You Me At Six

One Ok Rock

Neck Deep


My Chemical Romance (Gerard’s new stuff as well.)

Pierce The Veil

This Wild Life


Memphis May Fire

All Time Low

The Amity Affliction

Ghost Town


Panic! At The Disco

Fall Out Boy

Dance Gavin Dance

Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice releases September 8th

For a few months now the only word we’ve gotten on AA6’s release date is “September”, and now September is just around the corner… so it was about time for an update, eh?

Capcom confirmed today that Spirit of Justice will be released September 8th in English, with an eShop demo available on August 25th.  A new trailer was also released showing off the characters’ abilities:

…And to round out the news, we got a few new names! Mimi Nanano is now Bonny de Famme, Mr. Menyou is now Mr. Reus, and while we don’t have a full name yet, Saara Aatam’s got “Beh'leeb” somewhere in there.

it sucks how problack circles are so filled with heteronormativity and the harmful idea that black men and black women can’t support and uplift each other if they aren’t in a romantic relationship or at least sexually attracted to each other

idk how to get this through your skull but black gay men not wanting to date black women is not misogynoir and black lesbians are not “destroying the black family” by refusing to marry black men

you literally can’t be problack if you don’t support black gays

you don’t dress for men

you don’t put on makeup to look good for men

but you’re allowed to make certain fashion choices to impress men 

maybe the men at the club you like to go to

maybe that one man you’d really like to get to know

maybe your boyfriend

there’s nothing wrong about choosing to look good for someone as long as you know you’re not obliged to do so 

For any woman who decided to stop shaving, or wishes to stop, and is afraid of public embarrassment, shaming, being called out, judged, and degraded for it, here’s a list of good comebacks for anyone who makes inappropriate comment!

  • do you tell that to men
  • you should start telling that to men
  • you want to tell me men and women aren’t equal? we have to shave and they don’t? (watch them try to wiggle out of that one lol)
  • i’ll start doing it when all men start doing it, every single one
  • you know what is disgusting, when men do this same thing, leave their hair as it is, I hate it, and yet you don’t see me harassing them
  • why can men walk around like this then?
  • wake up women shaving is capitalistic propaganda
  • women only started shaving in 1915, when razor companies figured they could get more money if they shame women for their leg and armpit hair
  • do you think I’m going to give my money to razor companies? to rich old men?? for what purpose? so they wouldn’t shame me? get out of my face
  • entire population of women was literally bullied into shaving and now you’re trying to bully me into it? good job
  • what would i gain from shaving my legs tho
  • not shaving legs already helped me locate the mysgonist congrats its u
  • did you ever feel the wind blowing through your leg hair ur missing out
  • it’s a new trend its called being good enough as you are
  • it’s a new trend its called who the fuck would i have to shave my legs for
  • it’s a new trend its called protecting your skin from infections
  • you just laugh, but i’m the one saving money
  • I decided to educate men they might not be aware that every single woman grows hair all over her body you’re welcome you’re smarter now
  • it’s special unicorn hair only certain women should grow it u should try it
  • do you really think if you shame me enough you can control me
  • shaving trend ended last week didn’t you hear? this must be embarrassing for you 
  • don’t be jealous, i know my leg hair is pretty but i’m sure yours could be too if you tried harder
  • add more!

Moving to university who would of thought I’d find a person who will be for sure one of my closest friends …we have  some of the most ridiculous conversations … awkward times … some funny moments  that only we can laugh about or know … midnight landing chats … making the perfect future boyfriend (Im sure we will each find him ) sunday night drunken times… amazing sing a longs (especially Taylor Swift  … cinema dates… protection from all thing birds (thank you ) … essay marathons … making me even more of a TV addict than I already I’m … maybe thats not a good thing :P ahaha … allround craziness …

Heres to next 50 years or so (well you know ) 

P.S Swap emails for FB chat 

Export your playlist

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Streaming music service WiMP has released a new tool allowing for WiMP users to import playlists from largest competitor Spotify. According to sources, WiMP wants to create an open standard for playlist sharing between music services. Even if that’s a fine idea, the real reason is of course to kill an obvious obstacle for any Spotify user who has been reluctant to switch to WiMP due to all the time and energy dedicated to the creation of playlists. 

WiMP also announced that their user base has doubled since the beginning of 2011 and currently over 200 000 people use the service. The user base is expected to make a jump again in May, when WiMP will announce a bundle opportunity for Canal Digital subscribers. 

Menyou supports any initiative towards open standards. We believe that locking people in certain systems or certain hardware is in the long run bad for innovation and kills change. 

Your music, your rules- powered by simple ideas of openness, transparency and flexibility.  

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shout out to my bi girls who prefer women over men

shout out to my homoromantic bisexual bi girls

shout out to my biromantic homosexaul bi girls

shout out to my biromantic bisexual bi girls who just prefer women over men

you are completely valid and wonderful and deserve to be protected at all costs.

Track Listing:

4 Page Letter - Aaliyah
I Gotta Be - Jagged Edge
T-Shirt And Panties On - Adina Howard
Seems Like You’re Ready - R. Kelly
On Bended Knee - Boyz II Men
You Don’t Have To Hurt No More - Mint Condition
Nobody - Keith Sweat
Happily Ever After - Case
Comforter - Shai
Beauty Is Her Name - Dru Hill
For You I Will - Monica
I’m Not In Love - Mary J. Blige
Love Takes Time - Mariah Carey
Lifetime - Maxwell
Back At One - Brian McKnight
Again - Janet Jackson
Have You Ever? - Brandy
I Wanna Know - Joe
Someone To Love (RMX) - Jon B Ft. Babyface
Exhale (Shoop Shoop) - Whitney Houston
There U Go - Johnny Gill
Every Time I Close My Eyes - Babyface
Don’t Let Go - En Vogue
Freek N’ You - Jodeci
Brown Sugar - D'Angelo
Ex Factor - Lauryn Hill
On And On - Erykah Badu
When Will I See You Again - Babyface
I Swear - All-4-One 

just listen