Subsonic: Awesome music streaming app. I use this to listen to anything in my iTunes library while I’m on the road. Technically donation-ware, but it must be registered to use the clients. €20 (approximately $28 US) suggested donation, €10 minimum. Worth every cent.
Dropbox: I hate that this icon even needs to be here. I never, ever use Dropbox from the menubar! Free.
MacDroidNotifier: Displays notifications from my phone via Growl. Pretty useful. Free.
Flux: A lot of people seem to use this one. It tweaks your monitor at night to be easier on the eyes. I barely notice it’s running, but I guess that’s the point. Free.
MenuPop: I hate this icon, but I love the utility. This tool let’s you access your menu bar by a keyboard shortcut, opening a context menu under your mouse cursor. I’ve got it set to a shortcut button on my mouse, so accessing menu options is instantaneous. Used to be free, apparently it’s $4.99 now in the App Store. Totally worth it, though.
Orangered: No menubar is complete without letting you know when you’ve got a message on reddit. Free app, made by a redditor (voidref) for redditors (obviously!).
(From lowtolerance)