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Here are some close-up shots of my collateral for my restaurant rebranding project with the photoshop mock-up on top! 

This is one of my favorite projects from last semester and I’ll be submitting it to DSVC for the Dallas National Student Show and Conference in April!

rachaelthesylph  asked:

What other promotions has the café had in the past? And which ones were your favourites?

Allura: To make things more lively at the cafe every member of our staff gets to introduce different events! It would be such a shame to share them all at once. So here’s Pidge’s Magic event!

Lance: The tech nerd has a soft spot for Harry Potter and magic. Who knew?

Pidge: I can appreciate good world building. Also, the rides at USJ are a blast.

Lance: Fair enough.

Pidge: I also more or less assigned the rolls/ houses. Coran was Dumbledore, but he also acted as the sorting hat when you entered. Allura was McGonagall. Shiro was lupin. Then I took Slytherin the best house.

Lance: Yeah no. Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure. Ravenclaw all the way.

Keith: I figured you would be Gryffindor.

Pidge: Disappointed Keith?

Keith:  >_>

Hunk: Lastly I’m Hufflepuff! I also designed the menu with all the fun candies and pumpkin flavored treats!

A.N. So I got a few questions asking about other events or past events. I’m gonna share them one by one. Mostly because I’m trying to answer at least one ask a day, and today I just don’t have time to do more than one. But I got more fun stuff on the way! I’m nearly through this first batch of asks so the box will reopen soon. Along with a possible chapter update!


Commissions are open! (PayPal only)

Hi everyone! I’m starting to take commissions to save up some
money for school and to put some of my drawing skills to work!
Will draw anything!

Sketches:  $10 - $20
(Depends on Head Shot / Waist / Full Body / Digital or Traditional)

Line Art:  $25 - $35
(Depends on Head Shot / Waist / Full Body / Difficulty)

Colored: $40 - $55
(Depends on Head Shot / Waist / Full Body / Difficulty)

Illustration: $60 - $80
(Depends on Head Shot / Waist / Full Body / Difficulty)

Please be sure to have references and/ or details about what it is you are wanting to commission me so that I am able to make exactly what you want.
I will also send you work in progress of your commission while I work on it to make sure things look right along the way! 

If you are interested in a commission or have questions, feel free to direct message me here on Tumblr or send an email to:

Thank you for taking a look and feel free to explore more of my art on my blog to see more content! 


Sweeper & Funnel - By Menu

A unique-looking sweeper and dustpan design created in collaboration between Polish designer Jan Kochański and famous Scandinavian brand of designer furniture and accessories Menu, Sweeper & Funnel is a simplistic, refined and highly functional dustpan with a stylish brush and a convenient handle that doubles as a funnel to make your dirt and dust disposal routines as straightforward and as clean as possible.


Меню для кафе клуба Берлога. Сначала думала над лифлетом таким и сяким, но душа легла к такому варианту. В результате три листа отпечатанные с двух сторон. Первый лист - закуски и салаты, второй - основные блюда и третий - десерты и напитки.


MENU Baggy Wine Coat

If you’re bored with the traditional wine-in-a-box design and want to give your tabletop a slightly classier look on that odd special night, we have just the right thing for you today: with Baggy Wine Coat by Jakob Wagner, your dinner table will never look dull again – plus you also get a sophisticated transport mode for your most loved alcoholic beverage.


Sweeper & Funnel - By Menu

Let’s face it – all those sweeping and dusting chores around the house can be boring, dreary and dull, and they can sometimes take up more time than we’re willing to spare for such a tedious activity. But did you know that it doesn’t have to be that way all the time? Simply grab the right dustpan and brush, and voila – your house upkeep routines will become at least a bit more fun and considerably less stressful.

The Blackhawk, Chicago, 1933.

The Blackhawk opened its doors for the first time in Chicago on December 27, 1920, and generations of Americans eagerly gathered around their radios on Saturday nights to listen to its syndicated show “Live! From the Blackhawk!”

Carlton Coon-Joe Sanders and the Kansas City Nighthawks were the first house band and the actor and jazz singer Mel Torme, nicknamed the Velvet Fog because of the quality of his voice, debuted there in 1929, at the tender age of four. Other celebrated musicians who played at the Blackhawk included Benny Goodman and Glenn Miller as well as a young crooner called Perry Como. Louis Prima and Chico Marx were regular band leaders on the Blackhawk stage.

La Jounrnée Sarah Bernhardt / Menu. 1896. Alphonse Mucha.

8 ½ x 11 ¾ in./21.7 x 30.3 cm

On December 9, 1896, a feast was prepared a the Grand Hotel in Paris in honor of Sarah Bernhardt. This is the menu from the event, showcasing a host of delectable treats, including a cake named after the actress.