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Knoll Appreciation

Knoll has a certain notoriety among The Sacred Stones players. He is the third-to-last character to be recruited, and comes as a level 10 Shaman… with zero luck. A literal big, fat 0 for his Luck stat. For a good number of players, this is enough to give him a nice comfortable spot on the bench, far away from danger. Those who decide to train Knoll up will find him to be a worthwhile unit; as the best-suited main-story unit for the Summoner class, he fills a unique niche in FE8′s gameplay.

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○○○ — L.A. UPDATE

First of all, we’d like to say Happy Easter to all of our L.A. Members! Starting May 5th, we’ll be accepting high school characters until the end of August 2017. They will be attending UCLA College Prep Camp on Campus and will be placed in separate dorms. Characters within the age limit of 15-17 only. This summer camp is full of fun activities all while these students get the full-on college experience. They will be attending a few summer courses during the week to make this camp educational and worthwhile. This is a great opportunity for plots and character connections. These students will be coming from all over the country to attend this prestigious summer camp. We’re also accepting students who are currently attending UCLA to become mentors to these students until their summer comes to an end. We’ll be hosting events for current UCLA students and those who would like to attend UCLA in the future. WE AREN’T ACCEPTING THESE CHARACTERS UNTIL MAY 5TH! But until then, you may use the L.A. resources page to see if any of our current L.A. members would like a younger sibling or cousin. This could be a fun experience for us all if we make it that way! 

anonymous asked:

Eep, I'm so happy to see an update on SSS! It it legit like a dream come true (I didn't know you had a tumblr). Was wondering if you're still taking prompts, and if you are, may an AU where Tsuna was Arthur and Reborn was Merlin? I adore King Arthur and its rare to see a fantasy/medieval/knight AU in KHR~Thank you very much for writing; reading your awesome works always make me happy (or cut my heart to shreds with the angst but y'know, all's good in love and war).

Ahhhhh thank you so much!!! Sorry this is late, anon, I hope you like it!



Summary: Reborn, one of the greatest sorcerers in the world, is hired to kill a country bumpkin. He tries. He really does. Until he finds out Tsuna is apparently the Once and Future King.

Title: Never Believe in Prophecy

The Mark is preoccupied with securing bundles of herbs and bread in his cart. Out in the middle of a dirt road within the woods. No one else in sight. Completely exposed.

Reborn wants to scoff at how easy this kill will be. If his reputation wasn’t at stake, he would leave. The kill should be more interesting, calculated, challenging; but this kill will barely give him a sweat. Next time, he will specify to the Checkered King that he will only take interesting kills.

This time… well. Money is money. Reborn has been eying a rather lovely new hat for his collection of costumes. And the Checkered King, while a distasteful client, pays well.

The Mark’s horse keeps leaning over to nip at the Mark’s fluffy hair but the Mark is too gutless to push his own horse away. The Mark just laughs softly and offers his horse yet another apple. At this rate, that horse will be larger than Leon’s true form.

Enough of this. Might as well kill the boy and be done with it. Only the mother should be in the cottage and no one else will notice when this Mark falls. Such a kill should only take the barest breath of magic.

Reborn raises his hand, index finger pointed straight ahead. Leon shuffles over to his outstretched hand and wraps himself around Reborn’s wrist as Reborn channels out Sun Rays into the tip of his finger.

“Bang,” Reborn whispers.

And the Sun Rays rush together into a ball, into a flash like lightning, into the Mark’s heart and—

The Mark bursts into beautiful, (impossible) orange, Sky Magic, and Reborn almost (almost) stumbles back.

It can’t be. But it is. Reborn sees the proof burning like a daytime star in front of him.

“The Once and Future King,” Reborn whispers, when the flames dissipate and the Mark, no, the true King, falls backwards against his horse in bewilderment, “is a country bumpkin.”

Leon hums. Crafty Shifter-Dragon probably knew this already.

“Well shit,” Reborn grins dangerously, “looks like I won’t be getting that hat after all.”

The Mark/True-King/Bumpkin blubbers as if he’ll fall apart if Reborn even breathes on him. “Y-y-you… just…! Was that…? That was sun magic!

Interesting. Bumpkin can differentiate between different magicks. Sorcerers are few and in-between. Does the Bumpkin have a mentor already? Reborn wonders if he’ll have to take out the competition. If anyone is going to mold this Bumpkin into a great king (a king that will succumb to Reborn’s wishes) it will be him.

So Reborn just smirks instead. Best to keep observing.

Bumpkin, surprisingly, narrows his eyes. “Let me guess… you’re the Sun Sorcerer? The greatest one and probably the only one left in Namimori?”

Hm. Reborn doesn’t frown. “Thank you for the compliment. Since you know who your superior is already, I won’t have to beat that lesson into you.”

Bumpkin turns red. “You…! I…! Argh!!” He throws his arms up in the air. “No, I don’t want you here. I won’t have another sorcerer eating me and my mother out of house and home. Just go back to your… your cave or your castle or your library or wherever you come from, I already have five sorcerers trying to teach me nonsense, I don’t need you too!”

This time Reborn does frown.


But before Bumpkin can answer, the door to the cottage bursts open and fucking Colonello fires Rain Magic at him, Verde throws up a barrier, Skull latches onto Bumpkin with a hug while Fon stands in front of Bumpkin protectively, and even Viper is there, glaring from the doorway.

“Don’t touch our King, kora!”

“I told you I’m not going to be king!”

“Shut up and let us protect you, your majesty,” Viper scowls.

At this point, Reborn feels justified in attacking them all rather than talking first. It’s not every day he runs into his missing-for-seven-years former colleagues after all.


OR that AU where The Checkered King keeps hiring people to kill Tsuna but then they figure out Tsuna has Sky Magic and decide to train him for their own agendas. While Tsuna keeps protesting the title of King, he keeps accidentally gathering knights and sorcerers by his side. By the time Reborn finds Tsuna, he’s 17 and just wants to be a healer and help people in the village. Reborn, of course, tries to mold Tsuna to his wishes but ends up kind of falling for him instead (much to the displeasure of many overprotective sorcerers that Tsuna has by his side now.)

If you missed Stake Land II’s premiere as part of Syfy’s 31 Days of Halloween, you’ll be happy to learn that the film is being digitally released on February 7, followed by Blu-ray and DVD on February 14 via Dark Sky Films.

Subtitled The Stakelander, the sequel to 2010’s hit vampire apocalypse thriller is co-directed by Dan Berk and Robert Olsen (Body). Original director Jim Mickle serves as executive producer.

Nick Damici and Connor Paolo reprise their roles, with Damici also serving as screenwriter. Laura Abramsen, A.C. Peterson, Bonnie Dennison, Kristina Hughes, and Steven Williams round out the cast.

A trailer should be dropping in the near future. Until then, here’s the synopsis:

Stake Land II is a new adventure set several years after the events in Stake Land, in which mankind must struggle to survive in the wake of a vampire apocalypse. When his home in New Eden is destroyed by a revitalized Brotherhood and its new Vamp leader, Martin finds himself alone in the badlands of America with only the distant memory of his mentor, the legendary vampire hunter Mister, to guide him. Roaming the wilderness of a steadily decaying country, Martin searches for the one man who can help him exact revenge.

ღ 67 Things Stevie has taught me ღ

1. Always follow your dreams because magic is real if you believe in it. 

2. Sometimes, you have to choose between your great love and your career. You might choose your career, and that’s OK.

3. Never let a man tell you what to do. Switch tenses like it’s gone out of style. After all, you’re practically Bob Dylan.

4. Never let anyone know every single thing about you. Keep some ‘you’ for yourself. 

5. Mysteriousness is sexy. You don’t need to wear a bikini to prove this to anyone.

6. You should wear a bikini, though, because it’s your right to wear whatever the hell you want. 

7. You may not ever become a mother, but that’s okay. You may inspire more young girls than you can even imagine.

8. There’s no such thing as too many selfies and don’t let anyone tell you other wise and this is coming from the woman who invented the selfie. Excuse me, *self portrait. 

9. Wash your make-up off every night.

10. Players only love you when they’re playing. 

11. Your ex will move on, but it’s important to remain soft. Bitterness isn’t attractive. 

12. If you ever feel alone in the world, adopt a yorkie. Problem solved.

13. Be kind to women. The world is hard enough on us already. Support each other.

14. Keep your best friend’s pianos. In other words, never give up on your friends even when they’re going through something. 

15. NEVER do drugs. Self explanatory.

16. If your doctor tells you you need klonopin, run the other direction.

17. The world won’t end if you gain 50 pounds. Shed the weight and start again. 

18. A black dress is a wardrobe essential. 

19. You may have been born 5 feet tall, but there’s always platform shoes.

20. Joe Walsh is a jackass.

21. If you film a movie in your house, find one outfit you look good in and buy 5 of them. Wear nothing but this outfit and you won’t be upset with the way you look in any of the scenes when you see the final cut.

22. If you have questions, find the answers while you can. Life is short.

23. Respect your colleagues. They’re not your competition, they’re your allies.

24. Never let a man put his hands on you.

25. Sleeping with band members creates more problems than it fixes. Apply this to your own situation. 

26. It’s okay to be an introvert. And even if you’re not, spend time with yourself. Write poems. Be creative. 

27. Never forget the work of past feminists. They worked hard to create a world where you can be an unmarried 67 year old woman. Don’t let the world tell you who to be. 

28. You have the right to an abortion. But make sure it’s what you want.

29. Sometimes, people are meant to fall in love, but they’re not meant to be together. It’s a terrible concept, but it’s life. 

30. If you don’t make a good scaredy-cat, you might as well be brave. 

31. Don’t date rockstars. They’re the ultimate fuckboys. 

32. Fight menopause to the death, because it won’t mix well with your career.

33. Botox is a TOXIN. Do you really want that stuff in your skin? You don’t.

34. One day, you might see your ex with his new wife and children and think that you made a mistake. So, if you want kids, have them. Just remember that it’s very difficult, if not impossible, to be both a great mother and a great career woman. One will end up suffering.

35. Don’t be a stupid girl singer, or a stupid girl lawyer, or a stupid girl doctor. Don’t be a stupid girl anything. Be more than that.

36. If you’re ever lost, look to the moon. It seems to connect us all. Wear a necklace in case you forget.

37. You have your own life and you are stronger than you know. Don’t surround yourself with people who make you feel otherwise.

38. Say thank you to veterans and remember that your freedom doesn’t exactly come free. 

39. Beyonce’s not skanky. Be Sasha Fierce every chance you get. 

40. Twirling around a room with a shawl is perfectly acceptable at any age. It’s also a great form of exercise.

41. Stay away from older men who are only interested in 25 year old girls. It’s a losing battle and it’s not one you want to fight.

42. If your best friend dies and I pray they don’t, marrying their spouse is not the best idea. 

43. You may find your self 67 years old and single, and that’s OK. Here’s to hoping for a better love life at 75.

44. Adorn your entire life with lace, velvet, and chiffon. 

45. Do not air your dirty laundry on Myspace and Facebook. That’s for little girls. You’re a big girl.

46. You may build your entire life around someone, but things change. It’s something you have to accept. 

47. If Stevie can make it through the hamburger helper phase, you can make it through this day.

48. Rod Stewart is very particular about wine getting on his carpet. Important to know if you ever go to one of his parties.

49. In the midst of sewing crescent moons on your boyfriend’s jeans, never forget who you are. Maybe you don’t mind waitressing, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you should be the one to give up your gift.

50. Of course you can wear sunglasses everywhere you go. Your future is so bright you’d go blind without them. 

51. When you’re old and wise, find your Lily Rabe and mentor the fuck out of her. 

52. Knowing all of the words to “Country Grammar” by Nelly doesn’t make you any less of lady.

53. Decide how much having bigger boobs is important to you before you get implants. No surgery is without risk.

54. Releasing a live dove on stage is not as easy as one might think.

55. Top hats are not just for Abraham Lincoln. 

56. Animal crackers can be addictive. Not quite as addictive as klonopin, but they make the list. Try swapping these out for some yoghurt. 

57. Sleeping with another man’s husband won’t make you the woman, it’ll make you the home wrecker. That’s not what you want to be.

58. Keep your rings on a chain, that way you won’t lose them.

59. You don’t need art lessons to be an artist. Just start drawing. 

60. Don’t trade your witches of the canyon for a love, even a great one. 

61. Have no fear. Have only love.

62. If you dress like a hooker, people will treat you like one. Likewise, if you’re not a feminist, you’re already being taken advantage of.

63. You may be a rat and the love of your life may be a boa constrictor. That doesn’t mean he’s not the love of your life, but it does mean you’re going to have some tough choices to make.

64. Relationships end. Exs move onto 3rd wives. You’ll want to get revenge, but you cannot throw people under the bus in the process. But you can write a song. Whatever you do, make sure it’s tasteful. Unless they’re 90 and they don’t care. Then, yes, go the vengeful memoir route. 

65. Don’t skip out on a vacation because you think you’re fat. In 20 years, you’ll look back on old pictures and think you look great.

66. Watch soap operas before they become extinct and get replaced with more shitty reality TV. 

67. Above all, be gracious. If nothing else.