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A thought: Aizawa mentoring Bakugou as his protege at one point (maybe, probably, hopefully)

So I don’t know, I’ve just been thinking about this for a long time now (thanks @the-soulless-demon and @moriano for indulging me and for fueling my dadzawa needs haha). 

And just please think of Aizawa mentoring Bakugou.

Maybe Bakugou started seeing Aizawa as a role model at some point because Aizawa understands him. Not to mention the fact that Aizawa is completely aware of Bakugou’s mental state - one of the major factors why he knows exactly how to handle Bakugou without making him feel like he’s being babied, like he’s weak.He knows Bakugou’s capabilities and his limits as well as how far he can push him forward. He knows how to nudge Bakugou in the right direction. He always knows what Bakugou’s thinking, the reasons behind his action, and honestly, no one else can mentor Bakugou the way Aizawa can.  

So now imagine Aizawa pulling Bakugou after class one day and tells him to try out something with his quirk, and he kept doing it (sometimes its a new move, other times it’s a new technique, most times it’s a thought provoking question like “And if your quirk can’t be used against your opponent?“) until Bakugou sort of figured out that Aizawa’s personally training him. And you know, Bakugou’s thankful about it; heck, he’s probably secretly happy about it, and starts doing his best.

Aizawa teaching Bakugou how to fight without his quirk- hand-to-hand, both offense and defense. Because he knows there are times when Bakugou wouldn’t be able to use his quirk, times when Bakugou would hit the limit of his quirk. And Bakugou gets it. He understands that, and he listens. He’s become good on hand-to-hand that he only uses his quirk when its absolutely needed.

Aizawa reached out to him as a mentor, and now Bakugou’s reaching back, and even asking Aizawa how he can improve his techniques. Before Bakugou knew it, he was looking up at Aizawa in the same yet completely different way as he did All Might. Suddenly, what he wanted to be like is Aizawa.

And Aizawa?

He’s so fucking proud of Bakugou; every time Bakugou fights and wins, he’s going to be there looking hella proud.

‘Yeah that’s my protege.’

And boy, he will not let anyone treat Bakugou like a villain because Aizawa know first hand that behind that attitude, Bakugou’s core is that of a hero.


 Aizawa motivating Bakugou by patting him on his shoulder or his back.

(Bakugou trying not to fucking smile and ruin his reputation every time Aizawa praises him)

Aizawa ruffling Bakugou’s hair and telling him, “Good job. You did really well. That last move was way too reckless though.”

(Bakugou can’t even argue with that.)

Bakugou learning to do the scarf thing Aizawa does (because that was so cool).

Bakugou’s revamp costume including the same scarf thing.

Just Dadzawa and Bakugou.

Ship Appreciation: Levi & Mikasa

So I’m a multishipper, and one of the many ships I love is the relationship between Mikasa and Levi, whether it be romantic, familial, mentor/protege, etc. Normally I go to @canon-rivamika for everything Levi and Mikasa, but I decided to try something myself! I was pretty down about the anime’s treatment of Mikasa in the episode that aired today, episode 28, so I decided to cheer myself up by publishing early part of a ship appreciation series I’ve been writing.

Here I look at my favorite Levi and Mikasa moment so far: Chapter 30, when they rescue Eren. Originally I was gonna analyze their relationship all the way up to my second favorite rivamika moment, Chapter 84, but I guess I’ll take it in smaller chunks!

Beneath the cut, my EXTREMELY. LONG. rambling about how much I love Mikasa, and how much I love her relationship with Levi. (In that order, eheheh.)

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What are your thoughts on what the personal stuff could be? Or the other shoe to drop?

i think (and have thought for a while) that louis’ team is going to do everything in their power to ensure they never have to face the consequences for their own actions re: babygate. 

i think everything they do in regards to louis’ solo career is going to be focused on painting louis’ public image in a way that ensure that when things do eventually come to light (whether that means it’s just a pat test pure and simple or it goes a level deeper and the truth about bg being fake is revealed), the ‘blame’ will fall on his shoulders rather than theirs.

think about the fact they’ve kept louis tied to the same shitty team he’s had for years. think about how they made louis’ solo career announcement about simon cowell rather than louis to further push the ‘mentor and his protege’ angle. think about how the ~houis narrative~ has been pushed so hard over the past year (i.e. the blind gossip thing, richard lawson, etc etc) so that a huge chunk of the people who knew about louis and harry now think that they broke up because louis wants this and is choosing a fake child to closet himself.

the longer it goes on and the longer it appears that louis has voluntarily chosen to stay with his team/to keep associating professionally with the very same people who did their very best to destroy his image and his fanbase, the harder it will be to convince people that he didn’t choose babygate rather than the other way around.

i still do believe it will end. i just think it’s probably going to be a very long road and that when it does end, it will end in a way that places the blame for everything squarely on louis rather than on his team. i no longer think there’s a chance of any kind of expose. i think louis’ going to take the fall for this whenever it does end because (alas) NDAs are a thing. the longer this goes on, the worse the fallout will be for him, for his image and for his career.

so back to your question - i think they’ll either invent personal stuff and use it as an excuse to continue to mould louis’ image in a way that sets him up to take the fall for the stunts at some later date or they end the stunts sooner than i personally am expecting them to but in a way that puts the blame for everything squarely on louis’ shoulders and lets his team walk away spotless.

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Batman Beyond was my first DC show, and when I see all your fanart of Terr-bear I can't stop grinning! (Also an addition to your comment on Bruce and Terry's relationship, I really like it too, they understand each other better then anyone and there is so much banter/sass :D)

It was one of my firsts too! :D I’m so glad you like it <333

UGH I love it
They’re so opposite but so similar, even their sass is affectionate. When Bruce is short with Terry or has to tell him to tough things out, there’s always an unsaid apology or supporting words soon after. He’s a steady guide for Terry, and in return Terry is Bruce’s hope. It’s sweet and one of my all time fav mentor/protege relationships.

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Hello! Can you give me a non-spoilery review of The Alkahest? A brief synopsis (tropes, side pairings, etc.) would be appreciated. How close do you think it is to ending? Should I read it?

I think @shadu-kiam has said before that it’s close to the end, but I’m not sure what her timeline is for completing the story.

The Alkahest is a post-war marriage law story where the Malfoys request Hermione for Draco, but the two are given time to get to know each other before they marry. Side pairings are Harry/Ginny, Ron/Susan Bones, Lucius/Narcissa. There’s a little bit of Ron/Hermione in the beginning. 

The story includes a lot of very witty, funny dialogue and a snarky Draco who gets irked with Hermione at times because she can’t help but try to involve herself in his potions research. The interaction between Draco and Hermione feels very real, and it’s easy to think of them as real people who just happen to be magical, as opposed to characters in a fantasy story. 

The Alkahest also has a really great mentor/protege relationship between Lucius and Hermione that happens slowly and morphs into them becoming more friendly. There’s nothing romantic/sexual about it, but it’s highly entertaining to watch the two of them develop respect for each other.

If you like stories that include a good mix of humor, angst, and smut, you may like The Alkahest. There’s also some post-war emotional trauma/healing stuff, some ministry intrigue, some potions research, and some funny bits where Hermione drags her friends and significant other into the muggle world. The author is very kind to Ron and the rest of the Weasleys, and there’s a great snarky friendship between Draco and Ginny too.

If you’re looking for a heartbreaking story or something like a whole lot of action and suspense, this probably isn’t the story for you. 

Hope that helps!



Yeah Newt x Tina is the endgame and they’re so cute together and have so many things ahead but guys Goldgrave tho! 

Since Grindelwald has to be always in character while he’s around Macusa’s employees I’m certain Original!Graves and auror Goldstein have “friendly but not too much friendly after all we are both professionals” kind of relationship. Or mentor/protege even because Percival Graves is like a perfect example of an auror Tina wants to be, she respects him and she’s eager to show herself in good light in front of him more than in front of Madam President.

Why I’m so sure of it? 

He call’s her “Tina”. Not “Miss Goldstein”, not “Porpentina”, but TINA! 


Now let’s look at the gifs

Gif #1: 

When Graves arrived at the Wand Permit Office, the first thing Tina did is explained why she arrested Newt. But then she remembers that she interrupted a very important meeting minutes ago and now Tina holds her breath, stands still in high alert, ready to hear harsh words from her boss but nothing happens! (I assume she was demoted at least 4-5 days before movie begins and technically he isn’t her boss anymore but who the fuck cares? This man can be outranked only by President Picquery herself)

Gif #2: 

Then Graves encourage her to continue and she feels so relieved and LOOK AT HER SHY SMILE !

Oh God I love Newtina… and I’m on board with Goldgrave at the same time

Rise Up My Friend (And Live Again)

A.N - Sooo… about that sickly!Reborn fic I mentioned…

“I was prepared to die a dog’s death, Tsuna,” Reborn croaks as more blood pours from his mouth. His lungs ache, and the muscles in his body are screaming in pain. Yet he doesn’t allow the pain show on his face. Not in front of this boy, who has become Reborn’s shining beacon of hope for months now. “It’s okay–”

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Having the All might protection squad ship Toshinori/Inko is really cute but.. what about Izuku? Would he know about it, would everyone leave him in the dark? Would he know, how would he feel about it, isn't he apart of the squad?

I imagine that, at first, the rest of them would be a bit hesitant to tell Izuku - that is his MOM after all, and it seems kinda, idk, rude? to try and get their friend’s mom with someone. And when they finally tell him, his reaction is hard to judge. He is silent, but wide-eyed, and asks for some time alone to think. (they worry™)

… And then the next day he comes to school in COMPLETE SUPPORT OF IT

they are all Super Confused because they had been prepared for him to quietly ask for them to stop (and they had decided that, if he did, they WOULD), but… No?? He didn’t??? He’s really supportive and happy and seems to like the idea and “OKAY WELL I GUESS EVERYTHING IS GOOD AND WE CAN JUST KEEP DOING WHAT WE WERE DOING, RECOMMENCE THE CAMPAIGN”

But Izuku’s thought process is a little something like this: He is conflicted at first, because this is his mom and his teacher/idol/mentor. He really cares for both of them, sure, but his mom… Well, she’s his mom, she knows pretty much everything about him and took care of him since he was born. And then there’s All Might, who is his idol, who he wants to do his best for/be the best in front of, who he wants to excel for and make Proud.

anyway, he also thinks about what is happening to his mother’s life now. How, with him leaving, she is left at home alone, and how (for both of them) a lot of their time was spent together. He thinks about his mother grocery shopping by herself, and eating alone in her quiet apartment. He thinks about how happy she is whenever he comes to visit.

He thinks about how she practically glows, now, whenever All Might comes with him. (he’d have to be blind not to notice that, though he doesn’t really know when that happened)

He decides that this would actually… This would work. It would be nice. They are happy, and there isn’t much that Izuku can do for his mother now, as it is. This would be a very positive and happy outcome.


*cue mental (and maybe outward) screeching and flailing for a bit*

But then he realizes that he hasn’t had a father figure before. He doesn’t know what it’s like to have a father figure. And he wonders if, maybe, he kind of already sees AM like that…?

*cue more embarrassment* (probably buries his face into his hands)

but it makes sense to him, a bit, b/c their relationship is less teacher and student (amongst many) and more mentor & protege and they spend a lot of time together? he unwillingly equates their training a bit to the AMERICAN!! idea of father/son baseball/sport bonding, eating AMERICAN!!! burgers together and doing that manly father-son bonding thing. [stereotyped u.s. habits to the max b/c you know izuku probably did some research on all might’s connection to his highly AMERIKA!!! U!!! S!!!! A!!!!!! theme]

Anyway, several more mental debates and non-sequiturs later leads him to his final decision. The fact that so many people at school already support/spearhead the operation helps, and he is just as (if not more) enthusiastic about it.

He still feels like it may be a little, well, selfish? or something, doing this. That doesn’t make much sense even to him because he knows his reasons for supporting this, but it’s probably because he feels so happy about it. Because he really does care for both of them, and…

It would be really, really cool/nice/awesome for All Might to be his dad

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... Shootie->Adeku

The in-depth serious answer is below! But here’s the quick, kinda rude summary:

My bluntly honest verdict is: some kinda Freudian unresolved daddy issues, but like, unsurprising with PokeAni’s dreadful dead/distant/deadbeat dad track record. Touching mentor-and-protege dynamic  once the breaking-and-rebuilding-of-pedestal ordeal’s through. Gently resolved with redirecting him to focusing on learning to make friends and enjoying the time he has now instead of rushing to meet some intangible ideal of strength; very wise and sweet.

I absolutely do not want to see this become requited in canon, I feel like it’d defeat the purpose, there’s no way to make it work and creeeeeeeepyyyyy.

It is amusingly bizarre how much the fandom overlooks this, because it explains a LOT about Shootie/Trip’s weird little obsession and explains his… honestly, very apparent jealousy and possessiveness about Adeku (which Adeku highlighted in his first ep with that “a woman’s heart” barb), the weird borderline stalkery behaviour, and even the dub hardly covered it up so much as awkwardly danced around it: “By any chance, do you love/like me?” to “Do you have any admiration for a man such as myself?”

SMOOTH, real smooth.

I’m gonna have to say right off the bat I do not wish to see it requited in any stretch of the imagination, oh my God. That is no mere age gap, that is an AGE CANYON. Adeku is old. SO old. He was an old man when they met and Trip was, what, six? Seven??? How old was that kid, where as his parents?!

I liked the way Adeku handled it, it was very wise! Minus maybe asking the question in the stadium, place and time?????? But, I suppose it’d be much creepier/weirder to ask it in a place that isn’t public, aha… the whole ordeal was gonna be Awkward no matter how he went about it.

 I do wish more fans stuck around instead of writing Adeku off for the careless, sleep-deprived, and messy way he behaved in his first appearance, he is powerful, both how amazingly powerful he was in his battle with Shootie (acknowledging the kid’s strategy as being excellent, that another opponent would have surely been defeated, “CHIKASHI washi ga CHAMPION!”/”However I am the Champion! was an absolutely epic line, alright?! Iwane’s animation REALLY sold it too, “Come at me full force, I’ll neither run nor hide!” too, aaaaaah) and incredibly wise  and kind in his reassuring Shootie when he thought his loss was because he was missing something or doing something wrong…

Very gentle and reassuring there, no, you didn’t do anything wrong, so what if you lost? It’s alright, isn’t it? It’s not all about that. Stressing the importance of trust over winning. And redirecting him to focus on making friends and enjoying his journey instead of focusing solely on relentlessly pursuing power and letting everything pass him by, look, your partner loves you, are you living up to those feelings? It’s a really nice contrast to the advice he (supposedly?) gave Shootie as a small child, that it’s all about winning battles and to grow up quickly. ^^;;

Lambie, did you just paraphrase nearly all their interactions, YES, BUT I can’t help it, favourite scenes, favourite episode, so good, and such an important conversation and it really helped take Shootie out of that mindset where he has to seal himself off from any kind of feelings or connecting with anyone else, even his Pokemon, and you can see the profound effect it has on him because he changes for the better almost immediately after it. No coldly rejecting Satoshi, no more insults, they’re starting to become friendly, “Don’t lose before you battle me!” and it’s just really sweet…

I think he’s definitely had a very good effect on him, but yeah, strictly as a mentor.

Shootie’s feelings… the fact that he stated his goal was just Adeku, but later elucidated as being to prove his strength to him and earn his acknowledgement… but, Serena’s persistence is rewarded and there might be a possibility for her feelings to be requited, it’s age-appropriate, etc., for Shootie… well, no such possibility, so he had to be put down. (Gently.) 

It’s important to note Shootie doesn’t really talk about his goals or dreams like the other kids do. He keeps to himself, but even when things come to light, he almost never says he wants to be a Champion and that’s it, except as a small child. He talks about wanting to be strong, considers this a part of proving himself to be that, yes, but otherwise… if he talks about becoming Champion, as I recall, he mostly talks about it in terms of that promised battle. When he does talk about ending Adeku’s reign as Champion, it’s solely to prove his methods as being superior, to prove he’s right, Adeku’s wrong, etc.

It always, always revolves around Adeku! It’s very circular. “Becoming a Champion” isn’t the end goal. Which is why I could see him, honestly, later taking his journeys more casually. He’d train diligently, certainly, he wants to be strong, but content just to drift from place to place, not tied down by any sort of position or career. His little game appearance even labels him as “wanderer,” he’d probably follow Adeku’s footsteps in that respect. 

It’s strange how singularly obsessed he is with him and gaining his approval or attention, whether he adores or resents him, and makes me think the kid has got no other significant adults in his life, because seriously, not one mention of anyone else, it’s just Adeku-san, Adeku-san, Adeku-san, prove my strength to Adeku-san… and the curious absence of parental figures in his flashback, how’d this kid get here???

Why is Yuri!!! On Ice so much like Hannibal?

There’s a question I’ve been meaning to ask myself, I have been a Fannibal since mid 2013, I have seen many shows since but none I’ve felt as strongly as Hannibal. And then as the third episode of Yuri!!! on Ice was aired, I watched it and was instantly hooked. Why did I jump so quickly from one fandom to another? What do they have in common? And why a no small number of Fannibals are watching Yuri on Ice now?

For starters, they look like complete polar opposites, one is full of life and hope and brightness, and the other darkness, gore and murder. But dig a little deeper and the fundamentals of the shows themselves are not dissimilar. Let me explain:

Yuri on ice plot: A Japanese figure skater named Yuuri Katsuki loses the Grand Prix Final, the most important competition in the world of figure scating, which makes him reevaluate his career and ambitions for the future. Meanwhile a seemingly perfect figure skater and winner of 5 Grand Frix Finals Viktor Nikiforov is done with postponing his life for skating, so decides to train Yuuri to win his first gold medal. They embark in a skater-coach relationship, thus helping Yuuri reach his full potencial as an ice skater.

Hannibal plot: An american criminal profiler and professor named Will Graham kills a murderer in the line of action which makes him reevaluate his feelings on taking a life and his work in general, he is directed to Dr Lecter’s office - a Renaissance man of outstanding intellect and abilities, but still leading a lonely life with no friends or people to relate to - where they have philosophical conversations of the nature of life and taking life, and as the three seasons advance they develop a mentor-protege relationship where Hannibal actively tries to let Will’s real capacity for violence shine through, hence making him a killer.

They are both stories about reaching your full potential, for good or bad, nice or evil -though in Hannibal all these concepts are open to debate-

Both main characters Yuuri Katsuki and Will Graham start their story ark at their lowest points, Yuuri defeated and out of shape and Will ill and haunted by the ghosts of murderers, later introduced to their saviors in order to achieve greatness.

There is also the matter of how both relationships evolve and step over the so called “fanservice” which leads us very often to Queerbating, taking their time in making the development of the pairs natural and in no way forced and treating different sexualities as a normal thing and not to be discussed or debated.

TD;LR:It is remarkable how stories that look so opposite from each other have almost identical narratives and views, and how fans from one extreme can pass to the other, at least until -if- the older show is -ever- renewed…

If you have any other ideas to add to this post, all are welcome!

What about when nobody knows?

So many fic have everyone knowing about Eggsy and Harry and the pining long before they do, so what if it was the other way around? 

What if Eggsy and Harry have been low-key falling for each other and getting together over a few months? Like they got Harry back and they start spending time together and they realise they could be something, and it’s all really slow and sweet and occasionally really hot and driven, but it works for them. They’re both just really private, Eggsy loves having a loving ‘normal’ relationship which is just his and Harry has never seen the need to air all the details of his life especially since he’s usually being monitored by someone.

Meanwhile, everyone else just thinks it’s so sweet that they’re close, the mentor and protege. Rox swears it’s the cutest thing that Eggsy and Harry have these movie nights where they watch those silly old movies no one else likes. Gawain sees them at the store bickering over produce and thinks Harry’s just trying to get the boy to eat better. Them spending time together, going to dinner/lunch, even Eggsy spending nights at Harry’s is just brushed off as friendship.

And then something happens, there’s a sweet kiss that’s too easy to come out of nowhere and at the confused/shocked looks the pair laugh it off, Eggsy rolling his eyes “I am allowed to snog my boyfriend!” Harry snorting as they leave “After the last few months I certainly hope so.”  

Everyone just stares at Merlin wanting to know how the fuck they- HE- missed Harry and Eggsy being in a relationship for months!  Merlin retreats to his monitors and has a little breakdown, going through old footage and mumbling “How! How did I miss it?”

mimichuu  asked:

Hmmm what about advanceshipping?

Verdict: cute, but baffling.

I… maybe it’s just because I’m not big on mentor/protege ships, but like… it’s cute to see Satoshi/Ash as the mentor to a rookie trainer for the first time,  they have some cute moments rarely (Manaphy movie + the bickering episode with Oscar and Andrei-inspired-name-but-looks-like-Marie-Antoinette Oscar and Andi), but aside from super-rare teases, like, once Shuu’s in the picture…

It’s too clear to me what the intended outcome is, so for me, I just don’t see the point? ^^;;;

Like I said, primarily, the issue is with me only shipping what feels obvious or likely, for the most part.

They are cute, though.

elletromil ha dicho: The Lee-James training fic would be super interesting to read! And the Victorian Era fic with a protege-mentor relationship would be awesome too 😍 And thank you so much for the amazing comment darling 💕

Oh dear, thanks to you for taking the time to write a few lines for this messy writer/plotter.
I love the idea of the Lee-James training days. I have some conversations between the two of them written since months ago (they are so good talking to each other. James being appalled when discovering Lee has a family waiting for him. I might have also some silly drabble of James meeting Eggsy by chance, not really it’s James after all, during his teenage years). 

The Victorian one is taking form faster than I expected. I just rewatched the first episode of Ripper Street to get the flavour of it and heck there are lots of useful material to make it work. Good thing I’m not in the Kingsman Reel because I can’t write under pressure. I don’t know how to make work the mentor-protégé thing yet (I do have a really strong idea), but Eggsy will be certainly a bobbie, if you know what I mean. Maybe some side romance (coughpercilotcough) and play a little with it to see how it might work (why do I picture a sexy American with a name similar to a drink, ah?).

And the comment was a complete MUST. You work was amazing. Again, thanks to you both. 

insanereddragon ha dicho: ooooh, I’d totally be interested in Lee-James training! (and thank you so much for the comment on our fic &lt;3)

Lee-James training days are coming! Sooner than later, I’m afraid to say. Those two, especially James, are whispering things in my ear to write their adventures down and prove the world that they really loved and annoyed their chief trainer: Merlin.

And the comment was totally deserved. I know how difficult it is to get a detailed comment on a fic or just someone to tell more than the obvious stuff, so I took the opportunity to express my gratitude for the amazing story you two wrote and to highlight some technicalities. I hope you didn’t mind my silly writer-on-training opinions.

Hugs to both of you.

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Okay but, tell me moar about the kinds of things Sephiroth and Cloud got up to as mentor and protege. *chinhands*

The first few weeks were the death of what remained of Cloud’s self-esteem. Sephiroth gave orders and that was all Sephiroth ever said. With no praise or and few corrections Cloud just assumed he was doing terrible, but just kept going until Sephiroth would tell him to stop coming. Instead, Sephiroth decided Cloud was “ready” to start sparring. When Cloud asked Sephiroth simply told him, “if you’re terrible, then that would be my fault, no?”

Cloud began speaking up more and more during their time together. If it wasn’t a question Sephiroth usually didn’t deem it with a response, but he didn’t tell Cloud to stop and to be honest Cloud felt better when there was more talking. At first, it was mindless chatter. After meeting Zack Fair and realizing the other two were actually pretty heavy handed with praise. He got a little bitter. Sephiroth simply raised his immaculate eyebrows at being called an asshole. 

Sephiroth takes Cloud on “recon missions” around ShinRa. His only goal is not to be caught, by anyone else and to report on the movements of a “target” of Cloud’s choice. Cloud couldn’t believe the expression on Sephiroth’s face when Tseng of the Turks dragged him to his office, saying sending a SOLDIER over to spy on them was not a practical prank. Sephiroth just beamed at him and let him have the rest of the day off. Reno always was a little scared of Cloud after that. 

The most famous incident was when Zack and Kunsel convinced Cloud to talk Sephiroth into joining them for drinks. Sephiroth arrived in a bad mood and a hoodie. Zack and Kunsel were dead silent as Cloud and Sephiroth had a very one-sided argument where Cloud used a variety of insults. Sephiroth, seemed to find them endlessly amusing…and loosened up. Most people refuse to believe that Sephiroth was out drinking beer and polished off an entire basket of chicken wings by himself…but yes, it did happen.