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After watching this clip about the Kingsman: Secret Service deleted scene that was partially shown in Kingsman: Golden Circle, I rewatched the first film and holy shit did it make me laugh. I’m going to unpack it (but you don’t have to watch it - I transcribed the important bits of that linked interview).

So that sets that up. From this scene on, Kingsman mentors & their nominees get to spend 24 hours with each other - no training exercises or anything else to worry about. It’s evening, as the exercise they’d just completed had started with getting drugged in a nightclub.

Regarding the deleted scene, Taron Egerton shares what Matthew Vaughn said to him about why they deleted it:

Taron Egerton: The reason [Matthew Vaughn] told me was that it falls in a point in the film where dramatically the world is in jeopardy and it felt very odd for us to be sat eating a meal which is completely fair enough but I still have not seen it so I’m hoping someone cuts a version of it together and we see it on the DVD extras.

This is a rather silly explanation if the deleted scene was intended to occur somewhere inside that 24-hour time frame of Kingsman mentors & mentees spending downtime with each other “as tradition allows.”

After all, if we get to see Harry and Eggsy chillin’ & bonding at Harry’s house in his red tabloids room and then the following day in the Kingsman tailor shop, naturally you’d throw the relaxed bonding-over-breakfast scene in between those two. The world wasn’t in jeopardy enough to skip the red room and tailor shop scenes, so why was it in jeopardy for the breakfast scene? It really wasn’t.

Matthew Vaughn is great that he admitted it was an extra suggestive scene, though, and I completely understand why. Because if you look at the two other scenes (red room and tailor shop) that would’ve sandwiched the suggestive breakfast scene, I think perhaps everybody would at the very least suspect some martini-infused sexytimes between Harry and Eggsy had occurred that night. 

So let’s dig into that just a bit:

The very next scene after Merlin’s dismissing them is still evening - Harry’s house.

Harry and Eggsy have a chat in Harry’s red room, walls plastered with front page news celebrity nonsense. Eggsy expresses his doubt he’s Kingsman material. 

Harry: Nonsense. Being a gentleman has nothing to do with the circumstances of one’s birth. Being a gentleman is something one learns.

Eggsy: Yeah, but how?

Harry: All right, first lesson. You should’ve asked me before you took a seat.

(lol love that screencap)

Right after this moment, there’s a ‘break’ scene featuring Valentine complaining about how biometric scans hurt. Immediately after, the deleted breakfast scene would’ve been inserted (as the next scene of Harry & Eggsy happened in the late morning or afternoon).

Matthew Vaughn’s description of the scene: There was one scene we called ‘the floater’ where it literally went in and out - in - out - where… Colin Firth teaches Eggsy how to eat like a gentleman. So how to use all the cutlery and sort of Downton Abbey. But, it had a… pretty bad effect that it also looked like they might’ve slept with each other the night before… Cause he kinda comes down like “you ready for breakfast?” and Colin’s wearing an apron and Taron’s got his… little t-shirt on and y’know what… people might be misunderstanding what the scene’s all about so… we… decided to get rid of it. 

Might? lol Can you just imagine how blatant it would’ve been that Eggsy & Harry had spent the night together? The last scene of the evening is Harry suggesting he’ll teach Eggsy how to make a proper martini, then this little domestic deleted scene where Harry makes breakfast for Eggsy wearing an apron & Eggsy in his undershirt; they ‘resume’ their roles back into mentor-mentee as Harry decides he’ll teach Eggsy how to eat & whatnot.

The (shockingly literal) cherry on top is in the dialogue of the very next scene, where Harry makes a cherry pop innuendo that Eggsy’s thoroughly amused by…

Harry: Now, the first thing every gentleman needs is a good suit. By which I mean, a bespoke suit. Never off-the-peg. And Kingsman suits are always bulletproof. So let’s get you measured, and then, whether you get the job or not you’ll have a lasting and useful memento of your time at Kingsman.

Tailor: I’m so sorry, sir, but a gentleman is completing his fitting. Fitting room two is available.

…and that’s totally ignoring the intimacy involved in Harry wanting to clothe Eggsy in the first place, lol.

One last point that I never registered before watching this rewatching this movie: after Eggsy botches his last exercise and he can’t shoot his dog, he steals Arthur’s car to exact vengeance upon Dean who’d beaten his mother. Before that can happen, he’s driven back to Harry’s house by remote so Harry can yell at him for failing & stealing Arthur’s car. Their argument’s cut short when Merlin beeps Harry’s glasses and Harry’s set to fly to Kentucky.

When Harry arrives in Kentucky and attends the Church, Eggsy is still in Harry’s house (and watches the -fuckin’ awesome - massacre in the church in Harry’s red room), meaning he really did just stay right there and made himself at home the entire time Harry fly to Kentucky from London. It’s not that big of a deal, but it’s slightly suggestive that Eggsy was so comfy in that house to actually stay in it for so long. 

At the end of the day, I don’t think Hartwin is canon. My interpretation of their relationship in Secret Service was very much that of an endearing mentor & protege situation… and Golden Circle was brilliant in developing Eggsy and that relationship. At the same time, I don’t think of Harry & Eggsy’s relationship as a father-son dynamic - it’s surely reminiscent of one, but it’s just not a checkbox I can tick, the way I interpreted it - and so I fully understand why Hartwin exists as a ship: even in real life, many endearing mentor/protege relationships can develop into a mutual respect and love that shifts into romance. I can easily read Hartwin fanfiction, provided it’s got that kind of charming slowburn development of their relationship (fics that feature them hooking up between scenes during Secret Service are a lil less easy to run with for me).

Also, I think any evidence that Hartwin is canon based upon the deleted breakfast scene is thoroughly rejected by this one line of dialogue below (”him” refers to Eggsy’s father):

If Hartwin were canon based on that breakfast scene, that’s probably just about the last thing Harry would ever say to Eggsy if they’d hooked up night prior, eh? Because that’d just be weird (lol).

Still, there’s a lot of understandable and justifiable giggles to be had about how things would’ve come off if they’d kept that deleted scene where it was supposed to be. And that’s all this post is about.

It’s a super cute scene though, and I’m glad they incorporated it into Kingsman: Golden Circle. The way in which they inserted that scene was touching, and lacked any impetus to giggle over any suggestive undertones. Just goes to show how/why editing is so important, really. 

So, that’s pretty much it - thanks for reading!

A thought: Aizawa mentoring Bakugou as his protege at one point (maybe, probably, hopefully)

So I don’t know, I’ve just been thinking about this for a long time now (thanks @the-soulless-demon and @moriano for indulging me and for fueling my dadzawa needs haha). 

And just please think of Aizawa mentoring Bakugou.

Maybe Bakugou started seeing Aizawa as a role model at some point because Aizawa understands him. Not to mention the fact that Aizawa is completely aware of Bakugou’s mental state - one of the major factors why he knows exactly how to handle Bakugou without making him feel like he’s being babied, like he’s weak.He knows Bakugou’s capabilities and his limits as well as how far he can push him forward. He knows how to nudge Bakugou in the right direction. He always knows what Bakugou’s thinking, the reasons behind his action, and honestly, no one else can mentor Bakugou the way Aizawa can.  

So now imagine Aizawa pulling Bakugou after class one day and tells him to try out something with his quirk, and he kept doing it (sometimes its a new move, other times it’s a new technique, most times it’s a thought provoking question like “And if your quirk can’t be used against your opponent?“) until Bakugou sort of figured out that Aizawa’s personally training him. And you know, Bakugou’s thankful about it; heck, he’s probably secretly happy about it, and starts doing his best.

Aizawa teaching Bakugou how to fight without his quirk- hand-to-hand, both offense and defense. Because he knows there are times when Bakugou wouldn’t be able to use his quirk, times when Bakugou would hit the limit of his quirk. And Bakugou gets it. He understands that, and he listens. He’s become good on hand-to-hand that he only uses his quirk when its absolutely needed.

Aizawa reached out to him as a mentor, and now Bakugou’s reaching back, and even asking Aizawa how he can improve his techniques. Before Bakugou knew it, he was looking up at Aizawa in the same yet completely different way as he did All Might. Suddenly, what he wanted to be like is Aizawa.

And Aizawa?

He’s so fucking proud of Bakugou; every time Bakugou fights and wins, he’s going to be there looking hella proud.

‘Yeah that’s my protege.’

And boy, he will not let anyone treat Bakugou like a villain because Aizawa know first hand that behind that attitude, Bakugou’s core is that of a hero.


 Aizawa motivating Bakugou by patting him on his shoulder or his back.

(Bakugou trying not to fucking smile and ruin his reputation every time Aizawa praises him)

Aizawa ruffling Bakugou’s hair and telling him, “Good job. You did really well. That last move was way too reckless though.”

(Bakugou can’t even argue with that.)

Bakugou learning to do the scarf thing Aizawa does (because that was so cool).

Bakugou’s revamp costume including the same scarf thing.

Just Dadzawa and Bakugou.

Day Two: The ‘Dicktionary’ [Dick Grayson x Reader]

Requested by anon: “For the twelve days of Christmas thing: YJ Dick Grayson where you make him a book of all of his unwords plus some you made up and their meanings (a Dicktionary if you will) and give it to him for the teams first Christmas together”

A/n: DAY TWO COMPLETE!! I seriously loved writing this one and I hope you love it!! I had a blast! Loved the pun too!

Getting a Christmas gift for Dick was harder than you thought it would be. The young Robin had a knack for keeping his regular life a big mystery, even if he trusted you to know his real name and only let you ever see him without his sunglasses or mask. But still, you were stumped.

What does Dick Grayson like outside of the team? You googled him and all you got was information about Gotham Academy and him being Bruce Wayne’s adopted son. How does that help with gift buying? It doesn’t. I mean does he like sports? Maybe cooking? What about reading? Hell if you knew. Damn boy always kept that stuff secret. AND WHAT DO YOU GET THE SON OF A BILLIONAIRE ANYWAY?!

Groaning you fell back on the couch in the lounge at the cave. Staring up at the stalactites that hung from the ceiling among the lights. You sighed and wracked your brain yet again for a gift idea, but alas, nada. Growling you began to hit yourself in the face with a pillow.

M’gann was the one to find you assaulting yourself with the object. “[F/n]? What are you doing?” She asked curiously and confused. You stopped, letting the pillow stay pushed into your face. “Trying to knock an idea in my brain.” Your voice was a muffled mess but surprisingly M’gann caught what you said. “Still having trouble finding a gift for Robin? Of all people I’d think you’d have this in the bag, with how you like him and all.”

That caused you to chuck the pillow at her, precisely hitting her in the face, making her yelp. “DON’T SPEAK OF THAT!”

“Okay, okay” She laughed, “Sorry.” You sighed and sat back on the couch and she sat beside you. “Can I help at all?” She questioned.

You shrugged, pulling your knees to your chest and watching the green martian girl. “Any ideas? All I can think of are these super underwhelming gifts.” She brought her fingers to her chin as she thought. “Hmm, well, he is kind of a mystery to us. You know the most about him. But, I think something homemade would make him happy. Plus if you make it from the heart, maybe it will give you the courage to talk about your feelings.”

She had a point. You’d had a crush on the young hero since you met him and had grown the closest to him. But you weren’t sure if you’d ever escape the treacherous place that is the friendzone. Nodding you began to think again, this time of something you could make. Maybe a new weapon? No, he has enough and Bats gives him new ones each week. Cookies? Wally would get to the first. What about a poem? Who are you, Robert Frost? No way. You just wanted to get him something that wouldn’t be over or under whelming. Something perfectly ‘whemling’ as he would call it.


“I GOT IT!” You jolted up before springing to your feet. “Thanks M’gann!” Calling before running to your quarters. He’s gonna love this!

The next time you saw Dick and the Team, it was the next day when they were throwing a Christmas party in the cave. It consisted of the Team members and their mentors. There was food, drinks, and M’gann and Wally did an amazing job decorating the cave. It felt like the most joyous and jolly the cave had ever been.

You spent a lot of time talking and just hanging out with your teammates. The gifts all stacked under a Christmas tree that you had all decorated early that week. Even the mentors got each Team member a gift. The tree was overflowing with them.

Though nobody got to opening until Wally finally snapped and was rummaging around under the tree. And among the Team, Artemis smiled triumphantly as we all handed over five bucks. Yes, there was a bet as to how long it would take for Wally to start snooping. She guessed two hours and was right. You knew you had too much faith in him, betting he’d wait until someone else made the first move. “Rookie mistake” Robin teased and patted your shoulder. Suppressing the blush you shoved him a little laughing.

After that everyone began to exchange their gifts. All of them being very thought out and sweet. Especially the ones from the mentors. M’gann got a new set of mixing bowls from her uncle. Artemis got a new quiver from Green Arrow. Zatanna got a new spell book from Zatara/Doctor Fate. Aqualad received a special kind of Coral that grew in Atlantis from Aquaman, nobody really understood what it was but it made him smile widely. Superboy got a new ‘S’ t-shirt from Superman. Robin got a set of eskirma sticks that would become the ones he used as Nightwing from Batman. Finally you were given a new book from your favorite author from [your mentor].

After the gifts from the mentors were opened you received and gave your gifts for your teammates. Though you held onto the one for Robin to make sure you could watch him open it. Once he opened his last one that was from Conner you went and sat next to him handing over the neatly wrapped gift with a red bow on top. “Thanks [F/n]” He smiled before taking it from you. Taking off the bow before smirking and sticking it to your head.

“Seriously?” You cocked an eyebrow at him. He simply laughed before going to tear off the paper. Revealing a nice notebook that resembled a dictionary. Not reading the cover he opened it to find all of the ‘un’-words he came up with and even a few that were new. They all were in alphabetical order and written beautifully in your handwriting with short definitions of each one. For the ones he came up with you even added what was happening the first time he said it.

“Wow” he continued to flip through it. “Do you like it?” Asking with a soft smile. He eagerly nodded before closing the book and reading the front. Laughing loudly when he read the title, it being a pun of his name. ‘Dicktionary.’

“Nice pun” He chuckled. “This is seriously amazing [F/n] thank you so much. And you made it yourself?”

You nodded and smiled. “Yeah, I wrote them all out. I wanted to give you something special.” His smile widened ear to ear. “This must’ve taken you ages, you’re so incredible.” That made you blush and smile a bit sheepishly. Tucking your hair out of your face.

Just then someone cleared their voice and you both looked at your team members, noticing them mentors having left the room. Artemis smirked mischievously before pulling a small box from behind her back that was wrapped in red paper and tied with a green bow. “This is for you two from the rest of us.”

Robin took the gift and you both exchanged a look of confusion before he untied the ribbon and pulled the lid off. Blushing in unison when you saw a mistletoe lying inside.

Just then a rush of wind went past you and the mistletoe was taken from the box and held above you two. Wally sending a smirk at you both. “Wally!” You yelped in embarrassment before hiding your blush in your hands. But gently you felt someone remove your hands and you opened your eyes in time to see Dick’s shaded eyes before he pressed his lips to yours in a soft kiss.

Your teammates cheered as you softly kissed him back. Both pulling away with a blush tinging your cheeks, more yours than his. “Uh” you chuckled. Dick smiled, finding your blushing adorable. “Merry Christmas [F/n]. I think that was the best gift I’ve ever gotten.”

You blushed deeper before shoving his shoulder “Shut up and just kiss me again.” He chuckled before happily doing as you ordered. Earning a couple cheers from your team again.

Though you were all unaware of the menors watching from the other room over the security cameras. Them all handing Batman ten bucks in defeat. Yes, they had a bet of when you and Robin would finally get together. Who knew the mentors and proteges were so so similar?

Post-Cw Peter+Tony centered recs? Bc I live for mentordad!Tony🌺            

Sorry it took so log to get to this one.  I actually haven’t read a whole lot of post-CACW fics, but here are a few that I think you might like!


And in the Silence That Follows by lazywriter7: “But as a guy who’s never been good at anything but killing- lemme tell you this. Wars can come to us, and we can fight to end them.”“But nothing’s ever worth starting one. Nothing at all.”As the dust of Civil War starts to settle- Steve begins to see a couple of things.

The Future (series) by InesStarkDowney: After the whole Germany thing, Peter is quick to spend a lot of time with his mentor, Tony Stark. And despite feeling and acting like a fanboy over his mentor, Peter is quick to find several things that he wasn’t aware about Tony, simply because it’s not public knowledge, like: Tony Stark is a very sad man. Peter wants to change that.

Melodrama by InesStarkDowney: Tony Stark can’t sleep most nights. Nightmares filled with bad memories haunt him every night. His bed is a bad place, but so is the rest of the compound where random memories (happy or not so happy) lie to get to him. So Tony tries to stick to the sweat soaking mattress, until he can’t. He was right. He should have never left his bed, but out now, he can’t get back, not when it’s like the team is back. Happily, there’s always Peter to help him get back to the real world.

What Moving On Feels LIke Even When It Still Hurts by InesStarkDowney: It’s been 8 months, 17 days, 3 hours, approximately 45 seconds since the end. But it’s not over for Peter nor for Tony and Steve. But they just need a little push from each other, and maybe… maybe they can move on, even if it’s not easy. (this is actually post-IW, just FYI)

Feels Like Dejavu by Fangirlingmanaged: Happy knows that he screwed up with the kid, okay. He knows that. So it’s probably best if he just— he should probably just keep his distance. So he doesn’t screw up again. Tony has some objections to that, obviously.

Keeping Secrets Isn’t Healthy by slightly_salty_ace: Tony Stark adopts Peter after his aunt is killed in an accident. Only, he doesn’t tell any of the Avengers about the adoption. Two years later, and the team is starting to figure it out. Or so they think. More and more secrets are revealed as they dig deeper, and the Avengers are finding it just a bit more difficult to trust one another. New villains are on the rise, pushing the team ever closer to their limits. It isn’t long after the team starts to fall apart that Peter goes missing.

So, I finally got to watch Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle (spoilers)

Look, let’s get it right out of the way; Kingsman 2 isn’t as good as the first movie. As of writing this post, it’s sitting at 50% critics approval on Rotten Tomatoes; I think it probably more deserves it’s 71% audience approval rating. Not great, but good, enjoyable.

As such, things I liked/thought were good;

1. Eggsy and Harry’s relationship and how it still stays a massive part of the heart of the movie. In the second movie it’s Eggsy that has to believe in Harry, a good twist on their relationship in the first movie. It’s down right heart warming to see them hug when Harry finally gets his memory back, and watching them fight together like a well oiled machine was terribly satisfying after the first movie denied it to us.

2. Merlin’s death. Now wait, let me explain. Absolutely, I’d have preferred if Merlin survived (and if there is a sequel and he’s shows up with prosthetics then I’m all for it), but Merlin’s death was movie death done right. It was a meaningful sacrifice that impacted the characters, the plot, and was true to Merlin’s character. It was an active decision, and having him sing Country Roads was brilliant and sad and inspired.

3. Eggsy and Tilde’s relationship. I was never really in the crowd of people who found the anal sex joke too outrageous in the first (I kind of found it strangely sex positive for her, and also I was pretty okay with the church massacre so I felt like the line was already probably crossed?) but when I heard that she was going to continue to be part of the sequel, I was a little wary. But honestly, her relationship with Eggsy was sweet and understated. Tilde - and Eggsy’s relationship with her - end up serving the important purpose of showing that Eggsy is still different from the Kingsman of old, something that since he’s now a suited gentleman, was going to be hard to portray. The fact that he has someone he does love and how that impacts his character is a nice contrast between someone like Harry, who had no one and had died with that regret, and it was good to have in the movie.

4. Julianne Moore’s Poppy. No, she wasn’t as good as Samuel Jackson’s Valentine but jeez that wouldn’t be fair to hold against her. Jackson’s character was a tour de force and although Moore never reaches that level, her villain was fun and engaging. Her “legalize drugs” was a decent follow up to the first movie’s “save the environment” villain scheme, and although it wasn’t quite as fun of a plot, the story was fine, with enough mystery to be interesting.

5. Soundtrack was still amazing. Those fights in Poppy Land to Word Up and Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting weren’t the church scene, but they were still pretty damn good.

6. Harry’s handicap. I’m not sure if they specifically meant it this way, but it was kind of great to watch Harry’s troubles after he’s regained his memory, not just because they were hilarious, but also because if he’d lost an eye he would have lost his depth perception, and that’s the problems he was having. Also, watching Whiskey fuck up that bar while Merlin and Eggsy totally ignore him in favour of counselling Harry was great.

7. Elton “fuck you!” John. Look, Elton John was absolutely the best part of this movie, something I did not expect to be saying. If you’d told me I needed to watch Sir Elton John kill a guy with a piano dressed in rainbow feathers and glittery go-go boots I’d have wondered what drugs you were on. But he was hands down the most fun part of the movie, and his rescuing Harry (and more subtle anal joke) were absolutely fantastic.

That said, there were certainly some things that could have used some improvement.

And thus, in no particular order, the things I wasn’t that crazy about/needed some work;

1. Roxy’s death. Unlike Merlin’s death, Roxy’s death was pretty disappointing. Roxy was a secondary character, true, but she was, in many ways our tertiary protagonist (after Eggsy and Harry) and as a character, she deserved a death better than what she got. Her death was passive, in that it happened to her and she had no agency in it, it was the same death as all the other Kingsman we’d never met, and although it had an emotional impact on Eggsy, it really just served to let the story of “Eggsy and Merlin are all that’s left” happen, which is disappointing. Absolutely nothing would have been lost if Eggsy, Merlin and Roxy had been the ones to go the the USA and it’s too bad we couldn’t have had that happen.

2. The portrayal of America, in general? Look, I’m not American I’m Canadian, but I honestly felt a little uncomfortable with the portrayal of Americans in this movie. Apparently all American’s are southern cowboys and rednecks in this universe, which was kind of unnecessary. It worked in the first movie because we all understood that the church was a clear stand in for the West Borough Baptist Church and fuck those guys. But in this movie other than Halle Berry we didn’t get a single American character who wasn’t a huge “redneck” joke, and that joke got pretty tiring pretty fast.

3. Introducing the Statesman. Look, I get that the movie had a lot of plot to cram into its run time but seriously, I’d like to have had some of that time devoted to actually developing the new characters. The first movie had great secondary characters; Tilde, Michelle, Dean, Charlie, Roxy, Chester King and Gazelle all felt like they had personalities and real character. The Statesmen were at best, one note, and at worst, embarrassingly blank. Ginger Ale wants to be an agent. Champagne is an honourable guy who doesn’t drink (and is also 100% just Jeff Bridges). Tequila is a newer agent “bad boy” who does drugs (and spends most of the movie frozen). And Whiskey. Whiskey has a tragic back story that gets shoved in at the last second and that’s about it. These characters could have been so much more, but the movie never takes the time to develop them, and so you’re never really invested in what happens to them.

4. Whiskey and Eggsy’s dynamic. They mostly didn’t have one, and that’s the problem. The movie really misses a grand opportunity to have a contrast between how Harry and Eggsy’s mentoring relationship contests with Whiskey and Eggsy’s…mostly because they don’t have one. Sure, they complete a couple of missions together but even they don’t don’t really work together at the festival or the lab; they’ve got no real banter, no relationship. Instead of having Eggsy and Whiskey build a relationship of trust that goes against Harry’s style - maybe have them both be risk takers that go against Harry’s more traditional style - the movie forces conflict by having Harry shoot Whiskey, which Eggsy naturally responds with appropriate anger. That said, they don’t even do anything with that because Eggsy immediately forgives Harry and it doesn’t really impact his trust of Harry at all. That in turns makes Whiskey’s betrayal fall pretty flat at the end, and it’s a real shame because it wouldn’t have taken much to add a real emotional dynamic to that.

5. Would it have killed them to have had a scene with Eggsy’s mom and baby sister? Yes, Michelle was there for 1 second at his wedding but seriously, his mother and his sister were major parts of his character and his arc in the first movie. I’m not saying she had to be a part of the plot or anything, but it would have been nice to have them there and continue that motive of how important family is to Eggsy.

Honestly, Kingsman 2 was probably never going to be better than the first, for the same reason Men in Black 2 wasn’t better than its first movie, or really any other movie that hinges on the mentor/protege relationship. By the end of the first movie Eggsy was a Kingsman and so that dynamic with Harry that was so core to the heart of the movie was gone. That said, Kingsman 2: the Golden Circle tried admirably to capture a new twist on that relationship while still staying true to its original’s themes and while it’s certainly not flawless I think it succeeds more than it fails. I’d definitely recommend it for a watch if you enjoyed the first one.

anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on what the personal stuff could be? Or the other shoe to drop?

i think (and have thought for a while) that louis’ team is going to do everything in their power to ensure they never have to face the consequences for their own actions re: babygate. 

i think everything they do in regards to louis’ solo career is going to be focused on painting louis’ public image in a way that ensures that when things do eventually come to light (whether that means it’s just a pat test pure and simple or it goes a level deeper and the truth about bg being fake is revealed), the ‘blame’ will fall on his shoulders rather than theirs.

think about the fact they’ve kept louis tied to the same shitty team he’s had for years. think about how they made louis’ solo career announcement about simon cowell rather than louis to further push the ‘mentor and his protege’ angle. think about how the ~houis narrative~ has been pushed so hard over the past year (i.e. the blind gossip thing, richard lawson, etc etc) so that a huge chunk of the people who knew about louis and harry now think that they broke up because louis wants this and is choosing a fake child to closet himself.

the longer it goes on and the longer it appears that louis has voluntarily chosen to stay with his team/to keep associating professionally with the very same people who did their very best to destroy his image and his fanbase, the harder it will be to convince people that he didn’t choose babygate rather than the other way around.

i still do believe it will end. i just think it’s probably going to be a very long road and that when it does end, it will end in a way that places the blame for everything squarely on louis rather than on his team. i no longer think there’s a chance of any kind of expose. i think louis’ going to take the fall for this whenever it does end because (alas) NDAs are a thing. the longer this goes on, the worse the fallout will be for him, for his image and for his career.

so back to your question - i think they’ll either invent personal stuff and use it as an excuse to continue to mould louis’ image in a way that sets him up to take the fall for the stunts at some later date or they end the stunts sooner than i personally am expecting them to but in a way that puts the blame for everything squarely on louis’ shoulders and lets his team walk away spotless.

butterscotchxstrings3709  asked:

Having the All might protection squad ship Toshinori/Inko is really cute but.. what about Izuku? Would he know about it, would everyone leave him in the dark? Would he know, how would he feel about it, isn't he apart of the squad?

I imagine that, at first, the rest of them would be a bit hesitant to tell Izuku - that is his MOM after all, and it seems kinda, idk, rude? to try and get their friend’s mom with someone. And when they finally tell him, his reaction is hard to judge. He is silent, but wide-eyed, and asks for some time alone to think. (they worry™)

… And then the next day he comes to school in COMPLETE SUPPORT OF IT

they are all Super Confused because they had been prepared for him to quietly ask for them to stop (and they had decided that, if he did, they WOULD), but… No?? He didn’t??? He’s really supportive and happy and seems to like the idea and “OKAY WELL I GUESS EVERYTHING IS GOOD AND WE CAN JUST KEEP DOING WHAT WE WERE DOING, RECOMMENCE THE CAMPAIGN”

But Izuku’s thought process is a little something like this: He is conflicted at first, because this is his mom and his teacher/idol/mentor. He really cares for both of them, sure, but his mom… Well, she’s his mom, she knows pretty much everything about him and took care of him since he was born. And then there’s All Might, who is his idol, who he wants to do his best for/be the best in front of, who he wants to excel for and make Proud.

anyway, he also thinks about what is happening to his mother’s life now. How, with him leaving, she is left at home alone, and how (for both of them) a lot of their time was spent together. He thinks about his mother grocery shopping by herself, and eating alone in her quiet apartment. He thinks about how happy she is whenever he comes to visit.

He thinks about how she practically glows, now, whenever All Might comes with him. (he’d have to be blind not to notice that, though he doesn’t really know when that happened)

He decides that this would actually… This would work. It would be nice. They are happy, and there isn’t much that Izuku can do for his mother now, as it is. This would be a very positive and happy outcome.


*cue mental (and maybe outward) screeching and flailing for a bit*

But then he realizes that he hasn’t had a father figure before. He doesn’t know what it’s like to have a father figure. And he wonders if, maybe, he kind of already sees AM like that…?

*cue more embarrassment* (probably buries his face into his hands)

but it makes sense to him, a bit, b/c their relationship is less teacher and student (amongst many) and more mentor & protege and they spend a lot of time together? he unwillingly equates their training a bit to the AMERICAN!! idea of father/son baseball/sport bonding, eating AMERICAN!!! burgers together and doing that manly father-son bonding thing. [stereotyped u.s. habits to the max b/c you know izuku probably did some research on all might’s connection to his highly AMERIKA!!! U!!! S!!!! A!!!!!! theme]

Anyway, several more mental debates and non-sequiturs later leads him to his final decision. The fact that so many people at school already support/spearhead the operation helps, and he is just as (if not more) enthusiastic about it.

He still feels like it may be a little, well, selfish? or something, doing this. That doesn’t make much sense even to him because he knows his reasons for supporting this, but it’s probably because he feels so happy about it. Because he really does care for both of them, and…

It would be really, really cool/nice/awesome for All Might to be his dad

To quote Daisy Ridley, “What could all of this mean?”

Adam Driver is a method actor. That is why he kept his distance from Mark Hamill. It was to strengthen the animosity between nephew and uncle.

Daisy Ridley asked Adam Driver for advice while filming The Orient Express.

Adam Driver is interviewing Daisy Ridely for a magazine article.

My theory? It’s to not only show the Rey and Kylo relationship (if not romatic Reylo, than at least mentor and protege) but a brilliant move to prevent any spoilers if both actors are doing delivering the questions and answers.

Also, I’m sure Daisy Ridley is tired of the same questions of Rey’s parents.

Rise Up My Friend (And Live Again)

A.N - Sooo… about that sickly!Reborn fic I mentioned…

“I was prepared to die a dog’s death, Tsuna,” Reborn croaks as more blood pours from his mouth. His lungs ache, and the muscles in his body are screaming in pain. Yet he doesn’t allow the pain show on his face. Not in front of this boy, who has become Reborn’s shining beacon of hope for months now. “It’s okay–”

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boggarts  asked:

Hello! Can you give me a non-spoilery review of The Alkahest? A brief synopsis (tropes, side pairings, etc.) would be appreciated. How close do you think it is to ending? Should I read it?

I think @shadu-kiam has said before that it’s close to the end, but I’m not sure what her timeline is for completing the story.

The Alkahest is a post-war marriage law story where the Malfoys request Hermione for Draco, but the two are given time to get to know each other before they marry. Side pairings are Harry/Ginny, Ron/Susan Bones, Lucius/Narcissa. There’s a little bit of Ron/Hermione in the beginning. 

The story includes a lot of very witty, funny dialogue and a snarky Draco who gets irked with Hermione at times because she can’t help but try to involve herself in his potions research. The interaction between Draco and Hermione feels very real, and it’s easy to think of them as real people who just happen to be magical, as opposed to characters in a fantasy story. 

The Alkahest also has a really great mentor/protege relationship between Lucius and Hermione that happens slowly and morphs into them becoming more friendly. There’s nothing romantic/sexual about it, but it’s highly entertaining to watch the two of them develop respect for each other.

If you like stories that include a good mix of humor, angst, and smut, you may like The Alkahest. There’s also some post-war emotional trauma/healing stuff, some ministry intrigue, some potions research, and some funny bits where Hermione drags her friends and significant other into the muggle world. The author is very kind to Ron and the rest of the Weasleys, and there’s a great snarky friendship between Draco and Ginny too.

If you’re looking for a heartbreaking story or something like a whole lot of action and suspense, this probably isn’t the story for you. 

Hope that helps!



Yeah Newt x Tina is the endgame and they’re so cute together and have so many things ahead but guys Goldgrave tho! 

Since Grindelwald has to be always in character while he’s around Macusa’s employees I’m certain Original!Graves and auror Goldstein have “friendly but not too much friendly after all we are both professionals” kind of relationship. Or mentor/protege even because Percival Graves is like a perfect example of an auror Tina wants to be, she respects him and she’s eager to show herself in good light in front of him more than in front of Madam President.

Why I’m so sure of it? 

He call’s her “Tina”. Not “Miss Goldstein”, not “Porpentina”, but TINA! 


Now let’s look at the gifs

Gif #1: 

When Graves arrived at the Wand Permit Office, the first thing Tina did is explained why she arrested Newt. But then she remembers that she interrupted a very important meeting minutes ago and now Tina holds her breath, stands still in high alert, ready to hear harsh words from her boss but nothing happens! (I assume she was demoted at least 4-5 days before movie begins and technically he isn’t her boss anymore but who the fuck cares? This man can be outranked only by President Picquery herself)

Gif #2: 

Then Graves encourage her to continue and she feels so relieved and LOOK AT HER SHY SMILE !

Oh God I love Newtina… and I’m on board with Goldgrave at the same time

anonymous asked:

Do you know how Anakin and Padmé met in anabasis verse? Can you tell us? Is it too spoiler-y? (Sorry, I'm just really excited about anabasis and also all of your aus in general.)

Thank you, kind anon! :D

So their back story is basically a spy thriller that I will never write in its entirety, but quite a bit of it will appear in flashes and glimpses in the main story.

The basics are these:

Senator Amidala was the Naboo representative to the Imperial Senate. She was also, as everyone knew, formerly the Emperor’s political protege, the brave child queen whose world had been invaded at the start of the Separatist Crisis. Officially, she was actually something of a figurehead of the Empire: a piece of living history, the representative of a world nearly destroyed by the flawed bureaucracy of the old Republic, and saved by the strong, resolute Empire that took it’s place.

That was the official story.

Senator Amidala and Emperor Palpatine maintained the illusion of being friendly former mentor and protege, because it suited both of their purposes (though for very different reasons). But in fact Padme was a Rebel spy, and while the Emperor didn’t know this, he certainly didn’t trust her, and liked to keep a close eye on her. For the time being, though, she was more useful to him as the Naboo Senator and figurehead than she would have been dead, so he left things as they were.

Senator Amidala and Darth Vader were peripherally aware of each other, if only because they both had fairly regular contact with the Emperor. But for the most part they ran in different circles, and that might have remained the case, if not for Vader’s new assignment.

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Here’s why I think the pain in the 100. episode is about Coulson:

-the title: The Real Deal  (Coulson’s deal with Ghostrider)
-there’s a big Coulson fight scene
-Coulson is the heart of the show and the 100. episode should be about him
-the mentor/protege relationship between Coulson and Daisy was build up from the pilot, they are the two main characters and if Coulson has to be somewhere else Daisy will be pushed more into the leadership role.
-the character promo pictures  (it looks like Coulson has to walk away and May watches him go)
-it will create a lot of Philinda angst and it could lead into a very emotional heartbreaking scene (their love confession is another thing they’ve been building up from the start)
-the cockpit scene between Coulson and May in episode 5x3 seamed to be foreshadowing
-it looks like Clark is still wearing his space outfit while everyone else is wearing more Shield-like clothes


All Things Gone Wrong

“We are 27 miles away from the next town. You were so kind to leave the trailer door open for the wild beasts to feast on our food. And you burned the trunk with our only clothes in it ‘cause you THOUGHT you saw a greensnake slither in. On top of all of that, you have now gone and used all the reserve gas to light up a freaking bonfire big enough for an entire cult to dance around?! Do tell, boy, what other exciting ideas do you have in mind to make this trip more adventurous? Let’s just hope to god we survive this.”

*under breath* “Let’s just hope I survive a semi-naked you.”

“What was that?”


Why is Yuri!!! On Ice so much like Hannibal?

There’s a question I’ve been meaning to ask myself, I have been a Fannibal since mid 2013, I have seen many shows since but none I’ve felt as strongly as Hannibal. And then as the third episode of Yuri!!! on Ice was aired, I watched it and was instantly hooked. Why did I jump so quickly from one fandom to another? What do they have in common? And why a no small number of Fannibals are watching Yuri on Ice now?

For starters, they look like complete polar opposites, one is full of life and hope and brightness, and the other darkness, gore and murder. But dig a little deeper and the fundamentals of the shows themselves are not dissimilar. Let me explain:

Yuri on ice plot: A Japanese figure skater named Yuuri Katsuki loses the Grand Prix Final, the most important competition in the world of figure scating, which makes him reevaluate his career and ambitions for the future. Meanwhile a seemingly perfect figure skater and winner of 5 Grand Frix Finals Viktor Nikiforov is done with postponing his life for skating, so decides to train Yuuri to win his first gold medal. They embark in a skater-coach relationship, thus helping Yuuri reach his full potencial as an ice skater.

Hannibal plot: An american criminal profiler and professor named Will Graham kills a murderer in the line of action which makes him reevaluate his feelings on taking a life and his work in general, he is directed to Dr Lecter’s office - a Renaissance man of outstanding intellect and abilities, but still leading a lonely life with no friends or people to relate to - where they have philosophical conversations of the nature of life and taking life, and as the three seasons advance they develop a mentor-protege relationship where Hannibal actively tries to let Will’s real capacity for violence shine through, hence making him a killer.

They are both stories about reaching your full potential, for good or bad, nice or evil -though in Hannibal all these concepts are open to debate-

Both main characters Yuuri Katsuki and Will Graham start their story ark at their lowest points, Yuuri defeated and out of shape and Will ill and haunted by the ghosts of murderers, later introduced to their saviors in order to achieve greatness.

There is also the matter of how both relationships evolve and step over the so called “fanservice” which leads us very often to Queerbating, taking their time in making the development of the pairs natural and in no way forced and treating different sexualities as a normal thing and not to be discussed or debated.

TD;LR:It is remarkable how stories that look so opposite from each other have almost identical narratives and views, and how fans from one extreme can pass to the other, at least until -if- the older show is -ever- renewed…

If you have any other ideas to add to this post, all are welcome!