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Men And Mustangs//Closed RP//

An old mare stood quietly in a large abandoned sand lot, with no food to speak of. She, like the many other horses on the property, had been left alone to starve. Already, many of those horses, all wild Mustangs, were dead. The others were either dying or suffering in confined spaces, sharing their paddocks with horses already dead or dying, which terrified them. And yet, they had no way to cry out for help. They fought one another, biting, kicking, screaming at the top of their lungs just to survive. Yet finally, even the most aggressive horses became frightened and they all huddled together, watching the road for someone, anyone, that might come to help them. Even the old mare, whom had been standing around, pressed herself into the farthest corner possible away from the dead and dying horses, her ears forward and she opened her mouth and let out a loud scream of her own, her screams joining those of the other trapped, emaciated and sick horses that shared her fate. Maybe, if they screamed loud enough, they would find help.

this asshole is calling for the deaths of poc.. this is filthy and disgusting my heart hurts 


This is so disgusting. I don’t even know where to begin.

I think it’s really funny though, that they think blm people are the ones who “love to wave guns” considering police are the ones running around murdering people left and right. But yeah, sure, okay. 

Not to mention blm people and protests are never the ones who go violent????That would be the cops that teargas everyone, and drop blast bombs even though there’s fucking children at said protests. The cops are always the first ones to attack, to pull out their clubs, etc. 

There’s also the added fact that it’s never, under no circumstances ever okay to compare black people, or poc in general, to the kkk. Never. 

Also @whatbigotspost, I thought you’d like to see this too.