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❤️💛💚💙💜 merlahad drabble?

Harry’s first gunshot wound came in 1986, and he played the martyr about it with every last ounce of his injured pride.

“I’ll lose the arm, I expect,” he said mournfully. Sitting on the infirmary bed in his vest and pants, he looked like a boy sulking because he’d forgotten his PE kit and his teacher was making him do it in his underwear.

But Merlin - not quite Merlin yet in 1986 - kissed him on the shoulder just above the ragged wound, and Harry’s breathless laughter tumbled out of him and sliced like a scalpel through the bleached hospital air.


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“Thanks for patching me up Merlin” you said smiling weakly. Merlin however seemed a bit too upset you accept your gratitude.

“Arthur should have been looking out for you” he muttered cleaning the last of your wounds “he can be so irresponsible. He should-”.

“Merlin don’t be angry with him. Arthur isn’t my babysitter. I chose to go out with him, I knew it would be dangerous. This is on me”.

Merlin sighed.
“Just try to be more careful next time I suppose”.


Quotes I've Said While Reading Fics PT. 4

*thinking to myself* Oh god, how do I respond? How does one respond when your mother asks what you’re reading. I’m reading smut, mom.
*Out loud* Oh, just an online story.

“She seems too nice. This won’t end well…”

“I can’t even focus on the words, it’s 2 am, the screen is swimming. I need to go to bed.”

“Oh! I know the perfect song to go with this chapter!”

“Did you make a fucking Frozen reference? Followed by a Mean Girls reference? No.”

“That’s inaccurate.”

“What is punctuation? This person doesn’t know.”

“This is just words. Where are the paragraphs?”

“This isn’t proper grammar or spelling. Stop it. Get some help.”

“Wow, what a sick burn!” *Ironically dabs*

“In the words of Daniel James Howell: back thE FUCK UP.”

“Don’t these characters know that death is bad for someone’s health?”

“Oh my god! Clean and sharpen your knife! If you keep using it without proper care, it won’t kill people as easily!” *Whispers* “I’m sane, I promise.”

“I swear if he does what I think he will, I’m throwing my phone.”

“I’m talking to myself, shit.”