mention of homestuck too


I just need to say this, I’ve seen a ton of headcanons saying that karkat and kanaya are still mortal and will die when then time comes, and I get where that’s coming from, but let me raise you this. The prize of the game is to become the immortal gods of the new universe, a prize which the trolls, NONE OF WHICH WERE GOD TIER EXCEPT VRISKA I MIGHT ADD, were about to receive. So that means that they were about to be the immortal gods of the next universe, meaning that stepping through the prize door grants the winners immortality. So even though they aren’t god tier, kanaya and karkat still went through the door and received their prize, the immortality of a god tier, and god status in the new universe. So this means they’re gonna live for just as long as Dave, rose, and the others, and live a perfectly fine life for all eternity, just without the cool powers and shit.

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sell me warrior cats in a paragraph

cats do cat things in a forest rife with political strife, environmental disaster, and human intervention as magical dead cats fuck around in the afterlife and mess with said forest cats through prophecies and pseudo-religiosity. combines the adorableness that is cats with the savagery embedded within every wild animal and goddamn is its age group misleading as all hell. intense as fuck, hundreds of characters die, but the series itself is apparently immortal because it refuses to ever fucking cease or desist.

2016 still has three months to go and it is an absolute wreck. kyle broflovski might have been gay for eric cartman, there are clowns running amok in the streets, homestuck ended, five nights at freddy’s got another fucking game, creek is canon, donald trump, a literal billionaire who has never had anything to do with politics is running for president alongside a woman who got a rapist out of jail and knew he was guilty and then laughed it off when asked like it was a joke, and after seven years of being strung along we get told dave strider and john egbert are not, in fact, gay for each other. the mayan calendar ended in 2012 but this is the literal end of the world