Baekhyun - 150902 ‘KBS King of Masked Singers’ panelist and music producer Kim Hyeongseok’s Instagram update: “빈말이 아니다.EXO 백현 이친구는 왜 또 노래를 이렇게 잘해?두번 부르고 녹음 끝냈음.허허… ”

Translation: “I’m not simply saying this for no reason. Why is this Baekhyun friend from EXO so talented at singing? He only sang twice and the recording was complete. Huhu…”

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Ok i can't really find much about splitting but a lot of things say that how your own view of your self can split and alternate between 2 ideas but is it possible 2 split on someone and constantly switch them?? (Particularly if they r an abuser?)

I just sent an ask about splitting know yourself & other people I’m sorry it’s rlly poorly worded I don’t understand splitting much and I’m scared about the effects it’s having in my relationships (also how can I stop from splitting In the 1st place?

Hey there anon,

There’s lots of good advice and posts about splitting on ShitBorderlinesDo :



I’ll add these to our helpful resources soon :)

Hope these help explain splitting and how to cope with it better.




Lay - 150901 Tencent Video’s weibo update: “他是新晋国民男友、时尚达人、综艺新苗;同时也是霸气主舞,更弹得一手好吉他和钢琴,有着天生赋予的气质和才华。往日的小鲜肉已今非昔比,如今的他更是才华横溢、歌舞俱佳的超级偶像。9月15日,@腾讯视频 #带你去见TA# 第十二期,带你约见最好的张艺兴@努力努力再努力x ,#915艺起追兴# ,约吗?”

Translation: “He is a boyfriend from the Jin Dynasty, a Fashionista, a variety show emerging star; and at the same time he is also a domineering dancer, has a skilled hand at piano and guitar, and has an innate temperament and talent. The "little fresh meat” of the past has already gone; today, he is a brilliant and superb singer-dancer super idol. On September 15, @TencentVideo #Bringing You to See Him#’s 12th episode, will bring you to see the best Zhang Yixing #915ZhangChasingXing#, how about it?“

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EXO - 150901 Choreographer Shim Jaewon’s Instagram update: “중독짤이 되어라. #중독짤 #anation #쒼나는 #Rehearsal”

Translation: “Become an addictive image. #Addictive image #anation #Exciting #Rehearsal”

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matt talks abt 1rst time he met jensen… jensenated

Chanyeol - 150901 SPAO Instagram update: “LIVE YOUR LIFE 스파오 FW 엑소 촬영장 비하인드컷 ♥ . 우리 같이 행복합시다 . . #스파오 #SPAO #EXO #엑소 #찬열 #CHANYEOL #스파오 #LIVEYOURLIFE #MYCORE”

Translation: “LIVE YOUR LIFE SPAO FW EXO filming behind cut ♥ . Let’s be happy together . . #SPAO #SPAO #EXO #EXO #Chanyeol #CHANYEOL #SPAO #LIVEYOURLIFE #MYCORE”

Credit: SPAO.